5 “Weird” Facial Exercises That Will Make You Look More Masculine and Attractive

By Ian Pearson

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Can you imagine living in a world where no expensive anti-aging crèmes are needed, and everybody still manages to maintain their youth? Maybe this idea is not as far-fetched as it sounds, as according to the McMaster University research, younger looking skin can be easily achieved with regular exercises.

The thing is, we so easily overlook the fact that human face has a complex muscular structure, containing on average 43 muscles. Unlike the rest of your body where muscles “slide” under the skin to ensure it works like clockwork, the skin on your face is actually attached to the facial muscles which are connected by a network of veins, capillaries and skins. With this in mind, it doesn’t sound as bizarre that there are specific exercises that target specific facial areas in order to tighten them.

Sensitivity to aging skin and sagging of facial muscles is not something that only women worry about. Men tend to self-consciously contemplate these things as well. In the following article we will provide you with several effective exercises that are bound to benefit your skin and ultimately help you slow down the process of aging.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Proper nutrition, too, contributes to a healthier and younger looking skin, so ensure that, aside from exercising, you follow expert advice on what to incorporate into your diet. Bear in mind that the two major accelerants of the skin aging process are insulin and leptin, and keeping their levels low is of primary importance if you wish to maintain a fresh look. The best way to achieve this is to reduce, or if possible, completely eliminate sugar from your diet, especially fructose.

In many cases, men opt for cosmetic surgery as they believe it represents a quick fix to their aging problem. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to understand that going under the knife is not the final stage of rejuvenating your looks. After the healing period is over, all plastic surgery experts advise their patients to start with the regular facial exercises in order to keep those muscles strong.  

Furthermore, a good night sleep is of essence, as well as addressing emotional stress as it can, more often than not, lead to insomnia. Focusing on all aspects we have mentioned, you will be creating a strong foundation of health, and once you finally incorporate facial exercises into your (almost) everyday routine, they will make a world of difference.

Facial Fitness

Before you begin: ensure you put on a thin layer of moisturizer on your face and fingertips, as this way you will not tear the surface of the skin or pull it too hard.


When it comes to preventing wrinkles from appearing on your forehead, there are several simple exercises which proved to be the most effective ones:

  1. Begin by placing the fingers on the eyelids in order to keep them in place, and start raising your eyebrows. Repeat this movement at least 10 times.
  2. Look straight ahead of you and pull the forehead tight, like you are attempting to bring it back over the top of your head. Stay this position for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.
  3. Pull the forehead back just like in the previous exercise and try to lift your eyebrows separately, 10 times each. This could be a bit more challenging exercise for some, still, it can be mastered with regular repetition.


Some of the first, as well as the most apparent wrinkles appear in the eye area and can be prevented with the following exercises:

  1. Shut your eyes and raise your eyebrows as much as possible. This particular movement helps muscles to contract, ultimately getting stronger. It is quite effective for those who battle with dark under-eye circles.
  2. Look in the mirror and pull the under-eye muscles up as far as you can. While doing this, your first reflex will be to squint, but try to keep the eyes wide open, as squinting is precisely what causes deep wrinkles around the eyes.


Although lines on our cheeks are a result of frequent smiling, we still want to maintain the smoothness of the area.

  1. Smile as much as you can, then put the fingers at the top of your cheekbones and push down while holding the grin.
  2. Face the mirror for the following exercise; grin as hard as you can using only one side of your face while pulling up the cheek muscle on that same side. Hold this position for around 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times before turning to the other side.


As men get older, muscles around their mouth sag rather quickly, so regular exercise is a must.

  1. Open your mouth wide and, without closing them, create the shape of the letter O. After holding this position for 3 seconds, repeat the movement. Repeat this movement 10 times until it becomes completely comfortable – then you can do the exercise as many times as possible.
  2. Again, open your mouth wide and pull the muscles sideways on your top lip; hold this position for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Place your thumbs underneath your top lip, pull outwards gently while pulling back with your jaw muscles. Simply put – pull the chin as if you are attempting to stretch the chin line and repeat the movement 10 times at least.


In order to escape that “baby face”, you also need to exercise your jaw so that you keep it prominent. With this exercise, you will be pulling up the muscle that is underneath the jawline.

  1. Tighten your face, pucker your lips, and then move them to the side. Keep your jaw tense and say “EW Charles” with force, igniting your muscle faster this way. Make sure not to grind your teeth.
  2. Do three sets of 10 and then take a rest. After that, do another three sets of 10.

Here is a useful video explaining how to massage your face to maintaining a fresh and healthy look.

Key Takeaways

The above-mentioned exercises will not take more than 10 minutes of your day, however, they will take 10 years off your face. As time goes by, your muscles will become tighter and you will notice a significant improvement when it comes to smoothness of your skin. Keep in mind that results of these exercises are different from man to man, so you might want to consider talking to a doctor about your concerns as well.

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