Hair Loss & Available Drug Treatments, Do They Really Work?

By Patrick Banks

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Unfortunate as it may be, hair loss is perfectly normal. To such an extent that every single human being without exception loses hair on a pretty constant basis throughout life. Of course, there’s a big difference between this kind of gradual hair loss and that which is suffered by those with more extreme cases.

Whereas some lose small amounts of hair gradually, others lose some or all of their hair all at once.

In terms of what it is the cause of hair loss, most cases can be attributed to the ageing process. Suffice to say, it’s not as if there’s a great deal anyone can do to influence the ageing process, hence the same being true for the onset of hair loss. In addition, many cases of hair loss are attributed to a wide variety of genetic factors. Your family history can and often will determine when and to what extent you will lose your hair, not to mention any diseases or health conditions that affect you during your lifetime.

Miracle Products?

As everyone knows, where there’s a common problem affecting millions of people worldwide, unscrupulous types will attempt to capitalise on it for their benefit. Which is precisely why the market for miracle hair-loss treatments and remedies has never been bigger or more lucrative. From overpriced shampoos to chemical-based conditioners to vitamin supplements and so on, so many businesses have their own unique ‘solutions’ to the hair loss problem.

The sad thing being that in at least 99% of instances, the promises they make cannot be fulfilled.

In truth, pretty much every product available without prescription as a treatment for hair loss isn’t going to have much of an effect. If any effect whatsoever.  The reason being that while scientific research has shown that many conventional products are great for strengthening hair on a daily basis, there’s little to nothing they can do to reverse hair loss. Or to put it another way, they can strengthen hair to help minimise the likelihood of loss, but do absolutely nothing when it comes to preventing loss outright or spurring regrowth.

So instead of looking for miracle solutions on the shelves of pharmacies, anyone affected by hair loss would be wiser to book a consultation with a professional. Prescription medications like a course of propecia are available and have proved highly effective for some people – it’s just a case of getting hold of them in the first place.

Cause and Effect

In many cases, it’s important to think carefully about what it is that has caused the hair loss in the first place. The reason being that in some instances, it could be that some kind of underlying disease or medical condition is responsible for the problem. In others, the individual in question may have spent far too long aggressively styling their hair to such an extent that it has led to hair loss. And then there’s the relatively common occurrence of hormonal imbalance accelerating hair loss. In all such instances, there may be a solution available which targets the cause of hair loss.

For obvious reasons, you cannot expect to effectively treat a problem without first considering what it is that has caused it in the first place. Which is again why it simply makes sense to consult with a doctor or medical professional in order to both investigate the problem and explore the available options.

Lifestyle changes can also have an impact – particularly when it comes to hair and scalp health. The way we live our lives in terms of dietary choices, activity levels and our own unique stress and anxiety levels have a direct impact on our health and wellbeing from head to toe. It is impossible for an unhealthy body to grow and maintain immaculately healthy hair. In turn, direct links can be drawn between overall health and the likelihood of suffering hair loss.

The Surgical Option

In any instance where hair loss is proving to be problematic and no conventional treatment options are viable, there’s always the surgical option to consider. From laser treatments to physical hair transplantation processes, there are various ways and means by which an incredible difference can be made in even the most severe of cases. Once again, the best advice being to consult with the professionals, in order to find out which options are available.

The key to both preventing and tackling hair loss in every case lies in simple proactivity. Rather than simply accepting the problem for what it is, it makes so much more sense to investigate it and work towards some kind of resolution.

Even if a miracle transformation is out of the question, it’s not to say that significant improvements cannot be made.

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