How Online Couples Therapy Can Help If Your Marriage Is Failing

By Patrick Banks

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How Online Couples Therapy Can Help If Your Marriage Is Failling

Speaking for my gender; two qualities define a man: we rarely talk about our feelings and hate asking for help. Combining the two –asking for assistance about our feelings- is an affront to our masculinity.

We love to think of ourselves as active, and problem solvers. But when it comes to mental and emotional issues, men need to quit bottling up their feelings and talk it out. Your mental health is as essential as your physical health. Failure to address negative emotions can have negative impacts on your life.

When to See a Therapist

Depression is the main reason why men should seek help from a professional. We go through a lot in our lives-jobs and relations- which may trigger trademark symptoms like lack of energy, sadness and a constant feeling of stress. For older men, it can result from financial anxiety surrounding your retirement, death of a friend or loss of independence like losing the ability to drive. If left unchecked, these feelings can result in other health problems like rapid weight loss, declining libido, and insomnia. It may even lead to destructive habits like dependence on opioid or alcohol.

 If you check carefully, failing marriage is among the leading cause of stress in most young men. Sailing through the hardships of marriage isn’t easy. It’s even worse considering no one learns to be good at marriage. To most people, it’s always a trial and error until you identify what does or doesn’t work. Well, your partner may be great, but there’s still the chance that you may screw up.

But in falling and facing your marital problems heads on, you’ll grow stronger by day. But what happens if the situation is beyond your comprehension? Do you initially look to divorce or work through your problems?

Couples’ therapists help young men and women make sound decisions regarding their future. You’ll learn how to improve communication, seek forgiveness and repentance to save the relationship. Even better, you have the option nowadays to see a therapist online, which offers support via instant messaging, video conferencing, or telephone conversations. Even if you’re not sure how to fit traditional therapy into your schedule, you no longer have an excuse as the online route significantly improves efficiency. There are many large companies that offer this type of therapy, some of whom are listed by E-counseling. Here’s how online therapy helps save your marriage.

  • Improves your sex life

When are you likely to get busy? When you’re tense and stressed, or when you’re happy and relaxed? Exactly.

Studies show that depression and anxiety can make men limp in the bedroom. According to research in Switzerland, erectile dysfunction meds seems to beuseful when you combine them with therapy.

Even better, if these problems arise from sexual anxiety, counselling helps empathise and communicate with your partner. Such a simple gesture can help relieve some performance pressure.

For instance, connecting behaviour, such as emotional vulnerability and listening can do wonders for women. It’s the greatest foreplay of all for any woman. So, you’ll get credit without lifting a finger.

  • Accessibility

Online marital therapy is highly accessible. As a couple, you can get assistance at any time of day or night. Currently, different experts and companies offer these services. All you need is to register an account and enjoy the services it provides.

Some couples live in a remote area where there’s no family therapist in the neighbourhood. The lack of an expert in your field shouldn’t be the reason you call it to quit. Invest in online marriage therapy and address any challenge or issue you may be having together. These services are available at the touch of a button.

  • Affordability

Financial constraints are one of the leading causes of marital disagreements and divorce. If you don’t have enough money to meet your needs, how will you afford the services of a general therapist?

Well, you don’t need to worry. The cost of online marriage counselling is cheaper than in-person marriage counselling. Some companies will provide these services for free.

In addition to saving money on rates payable, e-counselling gives you other options to save money, for instance, you don’t need to travel to a therapist’s office. Also, you don’t need to take time off from work to make to your appointment.

  • Privacy

Privacy is a cause for concern when seeking professional care, include marital therapy. Intimate couples don’t like it when others know that they’re having challenges in their relationship.

E-counselling offers extreme levels of privacy. All counselling sessions and records are kept secure and confidential. Remember, since you’ll be doing the exercise from home, you’ll be storing these records at home. Plus, there’s no risk of meeting friends, acquaintances, workmates or family members at a therapists house.

Does Your Online Therapists Gender Matter?

If possible, try not to focus on their gender. Research says that the therapist’s gender doesn’t affect the success or failure of your treatment plan. So, check online and look for an online therapist with a fantastic working experience.

However, some young men may be comfortable with women. There are situations where a woman can have an edge.

For instance, if you’re going through a tough fight or challenges understanding your woman, a female therapist would be better poised to address your problems.

But if you prefer to work with a therapist who specialises in treating men, do your research till you get the right therapist.  

How Do You Communicate in Online Therapy?

With online counselling, you can lie on your bed or couch, and have a chat with your therapist. There are a few ways in which you can speak your mind: audio, text, or video.

  1. Text Based Messaging

Talking to your online therapist via text isn’t the same as chatting with your friends on WhatsApp or Messenger. However, it’s the most common method of communicating in online counselling.

Here, the texts are asynchronous meaning you send a bunch of texts and your therapists responds later in the day. In most cases, they’ll give their replies at least two times a day.

Online therapy allows you the flexibility to share any problem. You can text the therapist on your bus ride home, in between your classes or during your tea break. Don’t wait till the weekend to have a chat with your therapist.

  • Audio Messaging  

Using audio messages gives some benefits than text-based messaging. It allows you to deliberate or discuss a specific problem in detail.

Maybe you’re feeling nervous on your first date. Record a message and share with your therapists who will read and hear the nervousness in your voice. Also, you can record what’s in your mind when doing other tasks like shopping or preparing dinner for your family.

  • Video Conferencing

Are you new to online therapy? Video messaging and sessions make it easier to shift from face to face discussions to online treatment. They are highly affordable and convenient.

Video messaging entails two options: record a video and share with your therapist or have a face-to-face conference online. With the latter, the only difference is that you don’t visit the therapist in their office probably because your couch is more comfortable than the one in your therapist’s office.

Again, depending on your therapy plan, and your preferences, the choice on how to have a chat with a therapist is entirely yours. Remember, therapy is about communicating in any method you’re comfortable.

Starting Online Therapy

Starting online therapy isn’t as difficult as you think. Many facets of online therapy are simple and convenient than traditional therapy. All you need is to get the right therapist for your case.

With online therapy, you can easily switch therapists. You don’t have to ask friends for a recommendation or go hunting on google or look for a list of providers in your insurance. It’s simple, switch and try again.

Even better, your current therapist can share your recovery details with the new therapist. Of course, if you consent to the process.

With this, you’ll not be starting anew with your new therapist. It’ll be a continuation from where you left. The seamless switch allows you to continue with the progress making it easier to meet your personal therapy goals.

Since you’ll be sharing your results daily, you’re able to speed up the recovery process. The more weight you shed daily, the easier it becomes for you to address the challenges you’re having with your wife.

According to scientific research, 67 percent of people who remain in therapy can get quality results. So, be sure to follow these therapy sessions for at least three months. That’s the only way to ensure you get value from these sessions.


As a couple, you must nurture, defend and strengthen your emotional bonds if you want the marriage to last. Like any other relationship, turbulence is common. But if you can’t solve these issues on your own, use e-counselling. Here, you’ll get a licensed and competent therapist to assist you. Since you’ll be keeping records and documents for these sessions, you can evaluate them from time to time to see whether there’s any progress or not. 

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