How to deal with sexual frustration in marriage

By Patrick Banks

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When you’re single, dealing with sexual frustration seems easier – after all, if we have nobody to have sex with, it’s perfectly understandable. There’s also plenty of options and advice for singles dealing with sexual frustration, from dating apps to friends with benefits. But what if you are in a sexless marriage?

Unfortunately, dealing with sexual frustration becomes more difficult when you’re in a marriage. If your significant other isn’t willing to have sex, for any reason, you can’t simply download a dating app and find someone else to have some fun with (unless you’re in that kind of relationship).

So, how to deal with sexual frustration in marriage?

Rethink your sexual expectations

While it’s easy to start looking for problems in the other person, you should probably start by taking a good look at yourself – are your sexual expectations really fair?

If your significant other is busy for most of the day, having a physically taxing job or taking care of the kids day and night, they might not be in the mood for sex very often. While pleasurable, sex also needs enough energy to be enjoyable.

Think about your expectations – maybe they’re unrealistic for your partner, leading to further issues? Sometimes taking a step back to take two steps forward is a good thing.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your issues

When relationships become marriage, we somehow seem to lose at least a bit of our ability to communicate. We take each other for granted and think we already know everything about the lives of our significant others. Instead of assuming you know what’s the issue – simply ask.

Seeing a counselor is also a great idea, especially if you’re having trouble communicating alone. Don’t be afraid of seeing a therapist – there’s nothing wrong in seeking help, and it will definitely be worth it if it helps even a little bit.

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Instead of masturbating, try something new

Sometimes, there are issues preventing sex in marriage that won’t be possible to change. It can be distance, it can be trauma – some hurdles are too tall to jump over. Sacrificing sex for love is noble, but can still cause issues like depression, tension, anxiety, anger issues, and many others.

To avoid that, consider spicing up your masturbation sessions with something new. If youre spouse isn’t okay with you having other sex partners, you might try Real Dolls – extremely realistic sex dolls that’ll help relieve tension.

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