How to Increase Stamina by Food: 5 Eating Habits For Better Endurance And Stamina

By David Gomes

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A lot of things that are said about sex and food may have some truth. However, not everything is entirely true. Some are just myths whereas some as some none proven assumptions. Regardless of what other people say, the stamina is vital for sex. The body as well as the brain needs proper nourishment to perform exceptionally well.

Maintaining stamina and endurance could be simple ranging from the food we eat and the lifestyle choices we make. A lot of connection has been made between sex and food. Apparently, some foods can destroy or ruin your stamina whereas others can destroy or kill the sex drives. It is thus critical to be careful about the food choices we make. Foods that are detrimental to your stamina need to be eliminated from the diets forever.

Dieting and Exercising for Stamina

Poor diet and failure to workout could be the major causes of the ruined or destroyed stamina. When this is the case, one’s sex life may be destroyed as it is no longer fun. One can also not satisfy his partner. The frustrations and disappointments that come with reduced stamina and endurance are preventable using both exercises and healthy eating.

Poor diet may cause the lack of control during intimate moments. To perform, one has to be focused and maintain positive thoughts about sex. At the same time, one has to clear the mind of other thoughts to avoid the failure to concentrate and control oneself. The two are natural ways to increase stamina.

Foods and Effects on Stamina

Some foods will ruin your sex adventures and experiences. They are capable of causing both anxiety and fear during sex. They can cause reduced stamina, accidental erection and sometimes one can lose an erection.  The foods may also cause mental disturbances, preventing individuals from focusing fully on sex.

However, despite every effort to have your focus and concentration on sex, foods can ruin your stamina as well as the sex drive. Apart from these, the foods work in impeding the blood flow to the sexual organs. They may have caused inflammation.  You can thus randomly suffer from hardness loss as well as the inability to time orgasms.

1. Quit Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

These foods can cause you to crash while having sex.  Things look messy for you if this occurs. Embarrassment and disappointments  for yourself and your partner is capable of causing a loss of the sex drive.  Some juices may have the mark ‘natural’ on them.  The sugars in the juices may be thus harmful. All artificial sweeteners contain chemicals.  It is critical that you consider this to improve stamina. If you keep taking sugary foods and sweet fizzy drinks, you may suffer sexually.

2. Avoid Foods with Preservatives

Most of these preservatives have harmful and detrimental effects on the body. You have heard how they cause cancer and other illnesses. These are foods one needs to seriously avoid. If one keeps using them, stamina issues will continue getting worse.  They have direct harmful effects on your abilities to sexually perform. Most people who have had their stamina ruined through foods may go for male enhancement supplements.  These supplements could help but one still needs, making healthier food choices.

3. Stop Eating  Wheat

Wheat has similar effects as those caused by sugar. In fact, scientists indicate that eating a lot of wheat may have the same effects as injecting oneself with sugars.

It may cause a spike in the levels of the insulin in the blood. However, it causes a crash very quickly.  While this is the case, it may result to digestive issues. If it occurs, the brain may be sluggish, blood flow reduces and consequently stamina and endurance is negatively affected.

4. Be Careful With Cheese and Yoghurt

These foods may have the effects of ruining your stamina and reduce endurance. They may also cause low blood flow to sexual organs. Above all, they cause a decline in the testosterone levels in the body. The effect causes negative implications for sex.

Getting used to using these products may ruin stamina completely. You have to deal with the embarrassments and frustrations if you cannot keep your diet in check.  It is therefore critical and crucial to ensuring that the levels of the hormone remain right for better sexual performance.

5. Drink Less Alcohol

Another cause of ruined stamina and reduced endurance is too much alcohol. While a glass may not have any detrimental effects, too much drinking ruins everything for you. It is vital to limit the amount one drinks. It will help in boosting stamina and endurance.

The foods we eat may have effects on most life aspects. As mentioned a connection or link between diet and sex life is apparent. Make proper choices for foods. Include the foods that boost libido and stamina while you avoid the intake and the use of foods that ruin sexual drive and stamina.

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David Gomes completed his M.S as a Professional degree in California institute of Technology. He is Health and Wellness Expert. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and online publications sites, also loves latest technology, gadgets fashion and style. You can connect with his on Facebook and Twitter.

One thought on “How to Increase Stamina by Food: 5 Eating Habits For Better Endurance And Stamina

  1. I agree to your points 1, 2, 3, and 5. About 4, one part I don’t agree is YOGHURT. In India, yoghurt is a part of our diet–used in cooking, taken as dessert, used in festivals, taken as buttermilk daily in summer. And personally speaking, my endurance and stamina gets boosted when I have yoghurt (at least once a day). So, yoghurt killing endurance and stamina is not always applicable. May be, people who are endomorphs feel sluggish after eating yoghurt.

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