How to Make a Long Term Relationship Work When Your Partner is Studying Abroad

By Sarah Williams

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Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity rarely passed up. However, it can be tough if one is in a long-term relationship; dating or marriage.

Other than distance, you’ll also be in different time zones. All these will make it hard for you to communicate regularly. Making this relationship work as a millenial will be a challenge. So, should you give up and call it to quit? Of course not!

If you are determined to keep it, then it could work. Here are a few tips to consider maintaining the spark.

1. Have a Plan before Leaving

In the weeks leading to their departure, have a chat on how to make the relationship work. Some of the issues to address include how to keep in touch with each other. What are your expectations for each other or how often will you call or face time with each other?  

Have an intimate conversation about your hopes, fears, and worries. Be truthful and genuine with each other on these issues.

2. Plan a Visit or Two

Can you afford a visit or two? If yes, this should be your priority. It goes a long way in sustaining a long-distance relationship.

Visiting allows you to experience physical intimacy with the person you love. It also allows you to contextualize their experience abroad. For instance, if you meet their friends, you’ll make better sense of their stories.

In your routine conversations, you’ll be talking about your daily experiences. Being there gives you a better picture of their happenings.

So, what does planning a visit entail? Yes, you need a visa to get into the country. So, what happens if you fall sick or sustain injuries while in the country? For instance, the cost of treatment in the USA is quite high. Enquire from your partner whether their international student health insurance USA will foot your medical costs or not.

3. Trust Each Other

Trust can make or destroy your long-distance relationship. Remember, trust can be a challenge even when you are in the same town. Imagine what happens when you are halfway across the world.

For a long-distance relationship to blossom, you must have a stable foundation of trust. Keep the honesty going on and don’t hide anything.

Don’t entertain any flirtation with someone else. If you suspect your partner is doing it, bring it to their attention. Discuss the issue together and resolve that commitment to your relationship is better than temptation.

Cheating is painful but common. There are multiple reasons why women cheat in a relationship. Surely, the stronger your love and communication is, less likely something like that will happen. Even if so, forgiveness and love are more important than temporary flings!

4. Communicate Regularly

Communication keeps your love growing. It makes your partner feel as though they are a part of your life.

However, this doesn’t mean that you spend your entire day talking to each other. Allow your partner enough time to discover new hobbies, make new friends, and pursue their interests. Be sure to also do the same.

When you communicate, keep it light and playful to maintain the fire between you two! Talking dirty with her like you used to before she left is a great idea to keep the sexual tension alive. Eventually, you are going to have her in your arms! How sexy this idea is!

5. Be patient and Understanding

Yes, you are in love and fond of each other. But despite this, there is a chance you’ll disagree over some things. At times, the disagreement can degenerate into a full-blown fight.

While disagreements are common – healthy even – you need to be cautious about how you approach them. Take your time to identify the cause of this agreement. Sometimes, it may be a simple disagreement or frustration from your separation.

Yes, you’ll feel angry, but don’t hang up or disconnect the call. Be fair and avoid being mean or resorting to name-calling. Express yourself carefully and articulately when resolving the disagreement. If you do this, you’ll recognize that distance is your actual problem. Rather than blaming your partner, explain in clear terms what may be upsetting you.

Resolving a fight when you cannot hold a person or kiss them is quite hard. Therefore, seek alternate ways to show forgiveness from either party. Such may include ordering a flower or sending a cute and lovely text.


Studying abroad offers your partner an opportunity to learn new ideas and develop new hobbies. While you want your relationship to blossom, don’t consume all their time. Remember, a healthy relationship encourages people to pursue their passions and interests. If you pull it through during this period, you’ll survive any adversity that comes your way.  

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