How to Use the Technology of 2021 to Learn Faster?

By Lauren Bradshaw

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Technology is all around us and it helps us a lot. Today, the humankind enjoys different products of science, technology, and engineering that can be called miracles. They sufficiently ease our routine and allow fulfilling different tasks faster and more effectively. It goes beyond all doubts that technical progress positively reflects on the process of learning.
how to use technology of 2019 to learn faster

Educators actively use new devices and smart applications to help their students comprehend new material quicker and easier. However, one should know how to use technological inventions correctly. This guide sheds some light on how to learn faster with the help of technology in 2019.

Consider the following tips:

  • Know what to use.
  • Understand how it works.
  • Know when to use it.

These three points should be pictured in your memory. We’ll clarify them.

1. Understand your own needs

Whether it is watching, reading, listening, or feeling how do you determine which method is best for you?  How do you find the learning resources most suitable for different learning needs? Does any of these seems more ‘your type’ than the others?

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Not all applications work properly for you. One may come across marvelous descriptions of different brands and great promises that this particular application will help to learn Japanese in a month or another program will turn you into professional web designer in a couple of weeks. The best way to be totally sure that a certain app would work properly is to use it and test its main features.

One should understand his/her needs and find a program that can fulfill them. If you want to learn how to type faster, you may use TypeFaster. If you want to enlarge your vocabulary, it’s advised using Every task can be performed thanks to certain programs and your objective is to identify the most effective ones.

2. Devices help, but you are the one who does the work

If you don’t understand how to use an application, you’re doomed to fail no matter how good it is. Some people are too naive and think that smart devices will do everything on their own. The truth is that you should make it work. Learn all the features of an application you wish to use and define how to reach greater productivity and speed. So, watch and learn.

3. You are the best computer out there

You should not be fully dependent on various inventions. The educational system is not dependent on smart computers and devices. Technological inventions are recommended to use because they help to cover more material in shorter periods of time.

If you use those applications every time you’re assigned a task, you’ll get addicted to them. Consequently, you’ll be totally unable to solve the simplest tasks on your own. Use helpful devices and programs only when there is a real need.

Useful Applications to Learn Faster

Now, you understand when and how to use technology to get faster results. So, we would like to offer you a list of useful applications. This is a collection of different apps that fulfill various academic functions.

Consider the next variants :

  • TypeFaster. This is a great tool, which teaches how to type faster. It supports various keyboard layouts to bring more comfort for the users. It easily identifies what fingers to use on the touch screen and you begin to type really faster. This is important for quick essay writing.
  • iTunes U. This is a helpful app for students who are focused on academics. It contains multiple lectures and courses selected out the best educational institutions on the globe. Thus, you can figure out the main differences between American and British systems of education, compare all the pros and cons and learn something more effective and dependable.
  • Cite This For Me. Every academic paper should be original. Of course, you will surely use somebody’s words and ideas and they must be inserted correctly. It’s needed to escape plagiarism. Thanks to this smart program, all the citations and bibliographies will be written in accordance with an assigned writing format.
  • Duolingo. This is a helpful tool for students who wish to learn a new language. It’s remarkable that it contains tutorials and lessons in many languages. Therefore, you can learn even unique languages. Mind that lessons are offered in a form of pretty funny manner to make learning more pleasant and interesting.
  • Wunderlist. If you have some problems with time management, you should use this application. You can set reminders, to-do lists, and fix important dates. Thus, you won’t forget about important tasks and will finish them on time.
  • iStudiez Lite. This is another program that helps to schedule time effectively and reasonably. However, it differs from the rest apps. It allows covering the entire semester. You can set important assignments, classes and even holiday periods. Accordingly, you will know for sure what event is coming and what to expect from a new week.
  • If you put to use this application, you will learn new words much faster. It contains over 2,000,000 words. You’ll learn their definitions, synonyms, and antonyms, etc.
  • In the case, you wish to enlarge your knowledge and become wittier, you should use this program. This is an educational platform that provides a connection to the most famous colleges and universities throughout the globe. Thus, you can fill in gaps in knowledge if necessary. You will learn the latest news and innovations to improve your academic progress and skills.
    Want to develop your skills for your career? Nowadays you can get your Masters in Business Administration onlineto advance your career or have more knowledge towards business. Aside from that, there are other online degree programs you can choose from to advance your career or have a deeper knowledge of your chosen field.
    As you can see, there are various apps to choose from. Each has its own outstanding advantages and serves a concrete purpose. This allows developing skills and learning much faster. You can overcome academic issues much faster and gain more experience.

4. Artificial Intelligence

How artificial intelligence helps us to learn faster? Artificial Intelligence helps find out about the level of student’s knowledge, building a personalized study schedule for each learner taking into account the knowledge gaps. In such a way, AI tailors studies according to student’s specific needs, increasing their efficiency.

5. Augmented Reality

It is estimated that by 2023 there will be 2.4 billion Augmented Reality mobile users worldwide. Many of us are only aware of Augmented Reality being used in mobile games like Pokémon Go and social media platforms like Snapchat. Education is another significant space where this technology can expand.

With AR, classroom education can be extraordinary and more interactive, as AR can enable teachers to show virtual examples of concepts and add gaming elements to provide textbook material support.


What are the Top 10 Technologies to learn in 2022?

A lot has changed during the worldwide pandemic, when most of us started to work from home. What are the Top 10 Technologies to learn in 2022?

Blockchain – the tech behind cryptocurrencies, and widespread of that technologies to transactions

Quantum Computing –  a type of computation that harnesses the collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement, to perform faster calculations, enable easier analyzing data.


Internet of Things – more and more devices become AI enabled.

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