Is Campus Life Really Right for You?

By Patrick Banks

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All students face this question as they finish schools and enter some of the colleges. Campus life may be both fun and harsh at the same time. In all cases, everything depends on your disposition towards others and your character! Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of living on campus and let you decide whether you need that by yourself.

A lot of campuses were built together with the university buildings, which means, they constitute a rich historical heritage that may be dated from the 19th century and even earlier. When you find yourself on one of the campuses you get into a completely different atmosphere with diverse facilities for students from all over the world. In addition, campuses have a wide range of perks starting from the well-developed infrastructure and up to the latest sports amenities. Sometimes, you may find a wonderful beach nearby or a library that students always lack when writing a term paper!

The advantages of living in the campus territory

1. The atmosphere

Everything is soaked with the students’ atmosphere where it is easier to make friends and be the soul of the party!party

2. A once in a lifetime experience

You become more mature in the walls of the dorm because you are going to pay for your stay, make some arrangements, take care of your duties, your room, find a common language with people etc.

3. Security

Usually, the whole territory is protected and patrolled all the time. No need to worry when you return late at night!

4. No commuter costs

You will not need to use public transport in most cases because the university will be located in a great proximity to the campus. Additionally, there are usually sports centers, libraries, churches nearby where you can develop yourself.

The disadvantages of living in the dormitory on campus

1. The price

On most campuses, especially in the USA, the price for living in the dorm is so high that it is usually easier and cheaper to rent an apartment. The average price for the dorm is more than 10.000$ per year.

2. Roommate

For those who prefer being alone and are solitaries, it would be a little bit embarrassing living with many people and share the same room with the roommate with whom it is sometimes hard to find a common language.dirty-laundry-dirty

3. Being ‘homeless’ for the summer

During the holidays it is hard to stay in the dorm because most of the universities evict students from dorms temporarily. So, you will need to find a place where you will stay during the summer, for example.

4. Strict rules

All the students who are faced with the university life and agree to live in the dorms must follow the rules of the campus they are staying on! Otherwise, they will be expelled from their living quarters!

This is not the final list of perks and downsides of living on campus, but still, now you have a general idea of what it looks like and are ready to face some situations.

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