How to be More Popular: 9 Life Hacks For Becoming a Desirable College Guy

By Patrick Banks

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How to be More Popular: 8 Life Hacks For Becoming a Desirable College Guy

So, you want to be the guy on campus that girls want to date. Accomplishing that is both simple, and complex. Take a look at the guys around you. To be desirable, do better than them. It’s a simple concept. Pulling it off, on the other hand, isn’t so easy. You have to address so many areas, not just your physical appearance.  

How to be More Popular Among Women (Even If You Are  Far From That)

Now for the good news. Guys, this is totally doable. All you have to do is put these eight life hacks into action. 

1. Dress Impeccably

First, don’t confuse dressing well with overdressing. Here are some basic pieces every man needs to have in his wardrobe. Nobody is going to be impressed if you show up in the suit to a jeans and t-shirt event. You’re just going to look pretentious and weird. The key is to wear the right jeans and t-shirt. Dump the low-quality jeans from the rack at Wally World. Go to a department store, and a get a well-made pair of jeans from a decent designer.

Then, for God’s sake try them on and look at yourself in the mirror. Be realistic about your body type and the shape you are in right now, and pick something flattering. Not sure what’s in style? Grab a men’s magazine and find out. As for t-shirts, grab something that fits nicely and is made from a decent fabric. Use common sense when picking out logo tees. When in doubt, solid colors all the way.

2. Learn to Cook

How to be more popular among any human being? Seemingly to men- win her heart after conquering her stomach! Women are constantly told that they can win men over with their cooking skills. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it isn’t. What is true is that women will fall all over a man who knows what he is doing in the kitchen. You don’t need to be a master chef, but you should have the following in your repertoire:

  • A Decent Salad That Doesn’t Come From a Bag
  • A Hangover Friendly Breakfast
  • A Properly Cooked Steak Dinner (Chicken Breast For Her if She is on a Diet)
  • A Few Pasta Dishes
  • Some Vegetarian Entrees

There’s an added bonus to cooking. It helps to make ladies feel more comfortable with you in their home, and more at ease if they are at your place. Familiarity can lead to intimacy. 

3. Have a Life Plan

Look around. You don’t have to have it all together, but you should have a plan in place. Basically, you want to come off as at least a little more together than most other guys. Know what you are going to do when you graduate. Start a savings account. Apply for internships. If a girl asks you what your future plans are, ‘Uhhhh, I dunno.’ is one libido killing answer.

4. Keep up Your Friends And Your Interests

Never ditch your friends or your hobbies to be at the beck and call of any girl. At best, you’ll seem weak. At worst, revolving your life around her schedule is going to seem creepy. Girls will respect you if they know you won’t change plans with friends just to hang out with them. Finally, don’t let your grades slip. Keep up with your homework, and be sure your writing assignments are up to par.

5. Avoid Fighting With Her Friends

You’re seeing a girl. It’s going well. The only issue is that she’s got a few annoying friends. There’s one in particular that you really cannot stand, and you’d love to say something that would really shut her up.

Don’t do it. Do not do it.  You will not only blow it with this girl, but word will get around. You will be deemed a rude hothead who cannot behave like a civilized human being. Take the high road.

6. Keep Your Place Clean

The condition of your dorm room or apartment is key when it comes to impressing women. Buy a laundry hamper. Put your clothes in it. Learn to use a vacuum cleaner, mop, and a broom. Air freshener is your friend. Remember that you become used to stale odors where you live. If you have slobs for roommates, crack the whip. 

7. Plan Great Dates

Netflix and chill are killing your dating game. Girls can hang around with anybody. That doesn’t impress them. Guess what else doesn’t impress college women. Frustrating conversations like this:

Guy: So, uhh, what do you want to do?

Girl: Oh, whatever you want. Surprise me.

Guy: I mean we can do anything you want to.

Girl: You pick.

Guy: What do you feel like?

For crying out loud, take her to new restaurants. Plan a picnic. Get tickets to something really cool. Take her to a winery. Make an effort. Spend a little bit of money. Show her a good time.

8. Learn to Hold a Conversation

This cannot be emphasized enough. Learn how to carry on a conversation with a woman. Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • If you are only getting yes or no answers, you aren’t having a conversation. You are carrying out an interrogation. 
  • Don’t  just talk about yourself.
  • Be opinionated. Don’t believe the crap about girls needing to be told they are right all of the time.

Pay attention to body language. Read more abouther body language as well as a few alpha male hacks to instantly boost your attractiveness.

  • Ask open-ended questions. Then respond in a way that shows you listened.
  • Don’t lecture.
  • Be a bit flirty from time to time to not bore her too death and end up in a freindzone.
  • Read books and pay attention to pop culture. Have interesting things to say.
  • Just in case, prepare a few topics to talk with her.

Ask any girl, why she likes the guy she is currently with, and she will probably tell you that he is easy to talk to. Pay attention to that.  

If you want to be the guy that girls want to be around, you have to get it together. Be the alpha male. Pay attention to your looks. Grow up and get it together. They payoff is worth the effort and then some.

Last but not least, here are the top 5 dating mistakes to avoid in campus this year.

9. Throw a great party

To really make college life the time of your life, you can’t just play it by ear. Sure, sometimes you can be spontaneous, but on other days you’ve got to plan the hell out of these kinds of things. Yeah, that does sound like a lot of work, but whoever said being popular was all fun and games? Trust me, making waves is hard work.

10 Ideas Which Will Make You ‘The Guy Whose Parties Totally Rock’

Of course, if you do manage to pull it off, that will make your life infinitely better. So what are some of the most important things that you need to make sure you do so that your parties will have that extra bit of excitement and energy?

Guys and girls at parties

Lesson number one, girls will often flake. That’s just a fact of life. I can’t explain why they do it, but they do. Lesson number two, most dudes won’t bring women. They just don’t. Instead, they’ll bring more dudes. That’s who they know. That’s who they’ll bring.

And as you well know, if the sausage factor at a party gets too high, then it’s over. You might as well be playing video games.

Don’t let that happen. Don’t throw a party unless you’re sure that you have at least as many women as men saying they’ll come.

In fact, focus all your attention on getting them to come (Though don’t be creepy about it). For where the women go, the men will follow. That’s why ladies nights are always packet in bars.

Get-togethers are a good start

In fact, why not start with something small. It doesn’t immediately have to be the biggest party on campus. If you have something smaller you can still have a lot of fun. What’s more, because it’s intimate and everybody knows that there are only a few people coming, they’re less likely to flake because they know it affects everybody else.

A common strategy I use is to have a pre-party with a bunch of cool people. Then, after we’re all in a good mood (read: roaring drunk and laughing like crazy) we’ll hit a bigger party. Everybody who was at the get together will talk to their friends about what a great time we had.

Then, just rinse and repeat. Rumors will spread. More people will want to come. And before you know it, you don’t even bother to find parties anymore as everybody’s coming to your place instead.

Party props

Yeah, of course you can entertain people with jokes, comments and crazy talk. Still, everybody can use a helping hand. For that reason, a great idea is to strategically place party props all over the place.

Here I’m talking about wigs, masks, moustaches, loud clothing items, hats, water pistols, helium balloons and anything else people will be able to play with. You don’t have to tell people about them. Just leave them there. In that way, you won’t force people into fake frivolity.

Instead, when they feel like it, they’ll grab something and put it on. As soon as one person starts, generally other people will follow and try to outdo each other. That will create laughter and amusement all around – which can really liven up a party.

Even better, they’ll want to take pictures of each other dressed up in crazy outfits doing crazy things. These go up on social media and without any extra effort on your part, news of your great parties will spread.

Don’t invite the creeps and get rid of them when you do

There are always a couple of guys that the girls really don’t like. The don’t make them feel safe or comfortable. You’ve got to find out who these people are and either get them to change how they’re behaving or not invite them.

The only way you can find out who the creeps generally are is by listening to what the women have to say. At your party, always ask people if they’re doing okay and if the vibe is good. If they hesitate, press them gently on it.

Now, to be clear, some girls and some guys just don’t get along. That’s not a reason to throw the guy out. What you’re looking for is the guy that lots of girls don’t like or feel comfortable around. These are the creeps and they can make your party end very quickly indeed. The reason is that guys are just physically a lot stronger than guys and women know this. And so, rather than risk a confrontation, they’ll generally prefer leaving and going somewhere else.

If you can, throw them out. If that will cause too much of a scene there’s always the tequila trick. It’s straightforward. Enlist the help of one of the girls that he’s freaking out – preferably one he has the hots for. Set up a line of tequila shots. Then have the girl challenge the guy to a race.

The trick is to give the girl really weak shots (a tiny bit of tequila and the rest water) while he gets full strength ones. They go one for one. She should act like it’s hard for her, but keep challenging him to another one. Soon he’ll be too drunk to creep anybody out. It might be a good idea to keep a bucket handy.

Alcohol stashes

The more alcohol people see, the faster they will drink. And as they often don’t know their limits yet that can get ugly fast. This is particularly true of women, who are less likely to have a lot of drinking experience, are more affected by alcohol anyway and have less body weight to absorb it. That means they get drunk more quickly.

And you really don’t want to spend your whole evening holding their hair out of the toilet (or watching a whole group of girls troop off to take care of their friend).

The solution is to ‘ration’ the alcohol. Hide your supply in different places and then bring it out just as what’s there is about to run out. This is particularly important to do with the hard liquor, as people are far more likely to shoot this and get too trashed.

Even better, if the party is falling apart, then you don’t have to reveal another stash. Instead, you can just say you’re out and let the party die (or let some of the excess baggage go look elsewhere for a party).

Food if vital

Also, to help your party lasts, make sure people eat! A great idea is create huge pans of food that you can easily warm up and serve out to people. The food will help give them a base, absorb a little bit of the alcohol and keep the party going longer.

No, chips are not a good substitute.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a big enough party, then why not talk to a local food vendor with a truck or cart? Tell them about your party and find one that’s willing to come by at about dinner time and sell tacos, fries, hot dogs or whatever else.

Both your guests and the vendor will thank you for it. What’s more, people won’t drift off to eat when they get hungry.

Sunday Sessions

Sundays are difficult days to party like crazy because often everybody has class early on Monday. The Australians came up with a great solution. Just have the party earlier! If, instead of starting at 10, you start at 4, the party will run down by about 10, midnight or at the latest 1 or so.

That means, you’ve all had a great party and yet you haven’t made it impossible to show up for class. In that way you’ll actually attend and can get some help that – if you’re a real party animal – you might well need.

That means, you’ve all had a great party and yet you haven’t made it impossible to show up for class.These parties work especially well with another great Australian tradition: Barbeques!

Introduce everybody to everybody

Always do this. It doesn’t even have to be your party. Do this when you’re out. Do this at a funeral (just more quietly). Just as importantly, if you see any point of commonality between the two people, make sure they know about it!

Do they both like music? Are they both into football? Do they both hate Trump? Great! Let them know as then they’ll have an introductory topic and from there the conversation will generally flow freely.

Note that you’re not just doing this to make the party you’re at work. You’re also doing this to be known as ‘that guy’ (or girl). The person who people remember for introducing them to their new friends or partner. The person that makes it easier to be around new people. The social butterfly. Once you’ve got that title, you’ll be a must to bring to parties and everybody will want to know you because you know (And will introduce them) to everybody else.

Don’t have a screen on

Men are horrible with screens. Maybe it’s because they were hunters back in the stone ages, but when something moves, they want to watch it. So don’t have one. Unplug any TVs you have and wrap a bunch of tape around the plug, to make it impossible to plug in.

That way, people will focus on the party rather than on the game.

Include the neighbors

If you’re throwing a party then invite the neighbors. This will make sure that they are far less likely to complain if the party keeps going too late, even if they don’t show up (they’ll have more good will towards you). And besides, when they then have a party, they’ll be far more likely to invite you.

Besides, it’s nice and you want your neighbors to think you’re nice.

10 Cocktail Hacks Every Man Needs to Know

Summer, it’s practically here people! Have you ever wondered what that core element is, that essential part of every summer experience that makes the richest memories come to life? I’ll give you a hint – it’s not your manly conquests no matter how much fun they were, it’s not the overly-hot weather, that’s for sure, nope! It’s the memorable times you had sipping your favorite drink with the people you love.

That is why this summer you want to be the orchestrator of your own unforgettable symphony and host the most entertaining cocktail parties that will dazzle the senses, make you the talk of the crowd, and create some lifelong memories. How do you achieve this feat and become the hero of the story? By becoming the master in the art of cocktail making, of course. So, before you schedule your first summer party, make sure you have these 10 cocktail hacks ready to mix, stir, and pour!

1.     Sugar, spice, and everything nice

For your information, everything nice refers to alcohol. You see, the best cocktails in the world follow a single guiding star: finding the golden drink ratio. The golden drink ratio will allow you to concoct, mix and invent the most creative drinks in the world, and score every time by mixing in one part sweet, one part sour, and two parts alcohol.

After the main ingredients have started to mingle in a harmonious display of color and taste, you can go ahead and get even more creative by turning a regular cocktail drink into a refreshing summer necessity by adding ice and rimming the tip of the glass with complementary flavors, such as salt, ginger, lemon, caramelized sugar or basil.

An exciting cocktail for her: Peach Bourbon Thyme Smash

Ladies love nothing more than a mixture of fruity tastes paired with something refreshingly zesty. This unique and exciting drink will take you no longer than 10 minutes to make, as you will need to prep and cook a simple Jalapeno syrup mixture.

You will need:

  • 2 oz. Bourbon
  • 1 oz. Lemon juice
  • 1 oz. Jalapeno Simple syrup or plain simple syrup
  • 1 Peach
  • Fresh Ice
  • 2 Sprigs of fresh thyme, one stripped of leaves
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ of a fresh jalapeno, sliced in half

How to make:

  1. Simmer the jalapeno in combination with sugar and water in a saucepan, while squeezing the jalapeno with a wooden spoon in order to extract its flavor.
  2. After the mixture comes to a boil, let it cool off completely and then put it in the fridge to chill.
  3. Create a mixture of bourbon, syrup, and lemon juice in a martini shaker, squeeze half a peach over the shaker, and add fresh thyme leaves.
  4. Give the mixture a powerful shaking to let the tastes combine and infuse
  5. Add fresh ice into a lowball glass and add the mix.
  6. If particularly inspired, decorate the glass with a peach wedge and thyme leaves.

A manly drink for him: Gin St. Clement’s

Don’t overcomplicate things when making a manly drink, just say that people were crazy over it in Victorian London era and make the process as simple and manly as possible.

You will need:

  • 2 oz. dry gin
  • 1 fl. oz. orange juice
  • 1 fl. oz. lemon juice
  • 2 fl. oz. tonic water
  • ice cubes
  • slice of lemon
  • slice of orange

How to make:

  1. Pour all of the ingredients straight into a medium or tall glass over ice. Stir and garnish with orange and lemon slices.

2.     Complement tastes with fire

Have you ever dreamed about dazzling the crowd by setting something on fire and then serving it in a magnificent display of taste and excitement? You’re in luck because the next hack will teach you how to set cocktail garnishes on fire and inspire a lustful gaze in every female, while making all the men jealous. Sounds like fun?

Okay, the first thing you need to do is get a fresh orange and cut out a coin shaped peel part and make it a thick one, as it will be easier to squeeze over a lit match. Next, you want to light the match a few inches above the cocktail while hovering the orange peel above it just enough to avoid burning it, but close enough to warm up the oil inside. Twist and squeeze the peel over the lit match vigorously, after which you can rim the top of the glass with the twist and drop it into the mixture as a finishing touch.

And the crowd goes wild!

3.     Give it all you’ve got

When it comes to making the best and the most exciting summer cocktails, there can be no shortage of tastes, creativity, and imagination. It is for this reason that you should always give your cocktails that vivid finishing touch that will not only complete a perfect Instagram photo but will elevate your party to a whole new level of class.

The first “la touche finale” is garnishing. Always strive to top a perfect drink off with a daring taste that gives the smell and texture of the beverage a unique twist. And speaking of twists, oranges, lemons, and various fruit juices of every kind should be your go-to hack for any refreshing summer cocktail – remember, the more you squeeze, the more you’ll please!

Try out some of the best cocktails featuring their complementary garnishes and zesty tastes, such as the Golden Ticket, the Clyde Common Whiskey Sour, or the Blueberry Mojito.

4.     Replace syrups with jams and preserves


You might not have the time, patience or the needed ingredients to concoct every single type of simple syrup necessary for such a wide variety of cocktails, but you shouldn’t sweat because one of the most effective cocktail hacks allows you to skip the cooking and head on straight to the pouring with the use of jams and preserves.

You can find jams of every flavor imaginable, which will also broaden your ingredient stash and taste palate, allowing you to infuse various daring tastes with no trouble at all. Peach jams go great with zesty flavors, such as Prosecco, while blueberry or lime will give a traditional summer cocktail, such as a Mojito or a Painkiller, a fruity taste it needs not only to appeal to a wider audience but reinvent its taste, as well!

5.     Master the art of muddling

Muddling requires patience and a gentle touch in order to squeeze out the taste from any herb, spice, or fruit. While you could spring for a muddler, you can also use the handles of your rolling pin to gently ground the herbs and extract the taste from fruit – just remember to take your time and press evenly in order to prevent the herbs from becoming bitter and ruining your drink.

Additionally, you can use the rolling pin to crush the ice more effectively and without making a mess. Simply use a cloth or a towel to wrap it around the ice blocks and hit it in a controlled manner to avoid breaking it too much. Moreover, rolling pins make ice crushing a breeze for those delicious cocktails with a crunchy taste, such as the Bastardo or the Gin-Gin Mule.

6.     No cocktail shaker? No problem

You do not need to have all of this fancy bartender equipment to make an unforgettable party. In fact, by sticking to some homemade solutions, you will bring the event to a completely new level of intimacy and give the crowd a chance to loosen up in a friendly environment.

This is where mason jars become your best friends as they give you the chance to not only mix and infuse various tastes with ease, but also allow the crowd to witness the vibrant, colorful dance of complementary ingredients that will spark their desire and amaze their senses with a stunning visual display. Moreover, you cannot only showcase your cocktail-making prowess, but also encourage audience participation by giving them their own mason jars and allowing them to mix in their ingredients, which will give the party a new, exciting angle and make for some fun games.

The Cocktail Roulette Game:

  1. Give the participants their own mason jars and full access to all ingredients, allowing them to make their own drinks.
  2. Exchange the drinks among the crowd and let them decide on the best cocktail.
  3. The winner gets to be the bartender for the next half an hour after which you can repeat the process and let the party last until the morning light.
  4. Optional rules include shots-only, no sweets or zests, or a preferred hard liquor, such as gin or whiskey – let your imagination run wild!

7.     Edible shot glasses – a unique treat

You know that feeling when a shot of alcohol is so strong, so numbingly good that you don’t know what to do with the glass after you’ve drank it? You just want to slam it into the table, throw it somewhere, or perhaps, eat it? That’s right, with a little creativity and a whole lot of alcohol, you can give your guests the chance to have their drink, and eat the shot too!

A shot of tequila or rum goes great with an edible toasted marshmallow or a chocolate chip cookie shot. How about a shot of vodka in a “drunk watermelon” glass? Oh, the endless possibilities! So, get creative, mold a dozen edible shot glasses for every taste palate and witness the party going down in history as the most creative cocktail event in the world – maybe you’ll even make a side business out of it, who knows.

8.     Learn how to infuse flavors

coctail hacks

Flavor infusion will broaden your taste and ingredient variety significantly at little to no extra cost, all it needs is a little patience, planning, and creativity. You need a variety of options for mixing drinks and making unique cocktails, and you can do only so much with a couple of spirits and a lemon zest. Thankfully, by combining hard-liquor with a fruity base and leaving it to infuse for several days, you can enrich your alcohol cabinet easily.

Choose your base flavors first. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices go in a jar followed by a complementary liquor of choice. Experiment with different ingredients, but make sure you know the basic mixing elements: lemon, orange, strawberry, cucumber, jalapeno, coffee, blueberry, pineapple, and peach.

Next, you want to choose your booze. As a novice, you want to stay away from complex liquor, such as whiskey, and stick to neutral spirits, such as vodka or tequila. You will add as much liquor into the mixture as you see fit, but keep in mind that you should avoid the alcohol overpowering the taste of the ingredients.

Wait a day or two, and then proceed to strain the mixture using a coffee filter or a cheesecloth.

9.     Master layering

Layering is a necessary bartender technique that will allow you to make rich and diverse cocktail mixes, while preserving the unique taste and texture of every ingredient. The varying densities and textures of its unique elements, such as spirits, infusions, and mixes will make them sit evenly in the glass – sugary mixtures will sit at the bottom while pure liquor will float at the top.

You will need to determine the density of the ingredient prior to pouring, and in order to create the perfect combination of complementary flavors, you want to steadily and gradually pour every ingredient down the rounded part of a bar spoon. Rest the spoon on the side of a glass, slowly pour the contents of your cocktail, and top it off with a strong spirit.

10.   Learn the lore

The final step in achieving true bartender superstardom and bewildering every single one of your guests is to portray an engaging story with your knowledge of cocktail lore. There is nothing like gazing into fine cocktail art being made while listening about how the drink was named by a raging mid-eighteenth-century serial killer in East London who used his victims to create a youth potion out of their juices, which was (get this) the same color as the cocktail you are drinking right now!

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Exactly, and you want to stock your bar with as many cocktail tales as possible, maybe not as grim as this one, but still engaging enough to evoke emotion and spark intrigue within the audience.

Bartending is an art form, and while it would take you months, if not years, to master every one of its numerous elements and required skills, you will be able to make the most of this intricate trade by using these golden mixology hacks and hosting a summer cocktail party of a lifetime!

Last words

The trick to loving a party is making sure everybody else is loving it too. That won’t just pay off today, but – once you have that reputation – will pay off for all the months and years that you’re at college. People will invite you to their does, because they want to be invited to yours.

And that’s a good place to be. You won’t have to hunt. You won’t have to chase. Instead, the parties will come to you. Even better, you’ll be able to pick and choose or combine forces to create even better events.

Now what’s not to love about that?

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.