My Experience as an Introvert and a Dog Owner and Breeds to Consider

By Patrick Banks

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As an introvert, many things that most people consider normal, are very abnormal for me.  Going to parties, being in the middle of large groups of people, or awkwardly trying to talk to someone whom I have never  met before are things that I don’t actually enjoy as much as others, and this, one way or another, greatly influences the  way I enjoy life.

But what can be considered as being introverted? A lot of people tend to misinterpret the idea of being introverted and immediately associate it with being shy and timid.  Most of the time, introverts are not actually that shy and can interact with people fairly well, and I can include myself in this group. 

The thing is: Introverts are not great when it comes to large groups of people, since we have a social battery that is easily depleted, and the more chaotic and complicated the circumstances are, the faster that battery runs out. In a way, we actually enjoy socializing, it’s only that we do it under very specific terms that often depend on each person.  Thus, simply put, we just want to socialize in a much calmer, personal, and relaxing manner. 

This is why most introverts don’t go out of their way to be out of their bubble, plainly because we understand ourselves the most and  know what works for us.  Also, for a lot of introverted people, including myself, trying new experiences regarding social interactions and leaving our “bubbles ” tend to lead to very uncomfortable and tiring situations, which we tend to avoid.

How Introverts Handle Their Social Needs

But what happens when an introverted person still craves social interaction?  Well, there are many ways we handle these needs, but it is true that it all comes up to the person we are talking about .  If I can share my personal experiences, I often handle my social needs by chatting with my close friends and sharing a good time with  them, either by playing video games while talking online or going out to do things both parties enjoy.

However, there are occasions in which sharing with a friend is not possible, especially if you are like me and have a spare number  of very close friends.  What do you do when that’s the case?

Well, stoicism often claims that we can always handle ourselves and the way we feel about things.  Although I am somewhat of a stoic person myself, I’m not the perfect stoic person, thus, sometimes I just can’t handle loneliness  and its complexity.  This is, however, absolutely fine.  We are human beings and we have the right to feel however we feel and act based on this.

Understanding yourself, your emotions, and your needs grants you an advantage when it comes to acting upon them, and you can take action whenever  you see it necessary.

A shown over here, there are many things you can try to fight loneliness, as long as you feel comfortable with said things. A lot of professionals have claimed that having a passion or a hobby can be incredibly helpful when it comes to fighting loneliness, and I myself have videogames  and movies to deal with it, which greatly helps during the adventure.  Practicing mindfulness, exercising, and meditating, are also incredibly helpful.

However, it has been proven that a pet can also be an exceptional way of handling it, and there are many reasons why dogs are  often recommended for such things.

Dogs Are Very Simple Beings

One of the reasons why introverts are very complicated when it comes to social interactions is because of their complexity. The simpler they are, the better for us, and that is why we prefer 1 on 1 interaction or going out with a small group of  friends that we know really well. The more people, especially if people we don’t know are involved, the more complicated things get, and this can be incredibly tiresome.

Dogs, however, are much simpler beings.  They love you unconditionally as long as you love them back, and the feeling of being reciprocated for your efforts is absolutely amazing.  You don’t have to think too much about how to coexist with them, and this is, in a way, an incredible blessing.  

As someone who just became a dog owner a couple of years ago, having a dog has absolutely made a huge difference in my mental and physical health and the way I handle socializing, especially considering how COVID-19 and the quarantine affected the world!

Of course, there are many responsibilities involved in the process of owning a dog, and that is why you should always make sure you are up to the challenge.  Ideally, you should find a dog that suits you, and since there are many breeds out there, researching is part of the  process.

Consider the Dog’s Personality and Needs

Since I work from home, I highly appreciate both silence and peace.  Before I adopted my dog, I really hesitated because I believed that dogs were often very noisy and hyperactive, and I thought that this could  negatively affect my work environment.

However, I decided to investigate on a more personal level, to look up a specific breed of dog that could suit my lifestyle. The breed is, believe it or not, a very decisive factor that can essentially decide the dog’s behavior, personality, and needs, and that  is why you should take your circumstances into consideration when looking for a breed that fits you.

I, for example, wanted a dog that could be calm and wouldn’t make too much noise. A lot of dogs require a certain level of physical activity to remain healthy, but some breeds don’t need as much exercise as others , and that was something I took into consideration as well since I’m not a very physically active person. The age of the dog, as well as its health, can also be very important factors to consider, so keep that in mind!

That’s where I found  This article showed me some of the quietest dogs you can find, and I ended up adopting a senior French bulldog, perfect for my personality and  lifestyle!

Just remember, the dog of your dream might be a lot more different than you initially expected it to be, just like it happened to me.  I never imagined myself adopting an old dog, but when I say its calm attitude and mature aura, I just fell in love with it!  Just make sure to be open-minded about it, and always take into consideration what you are expecting from the experience! 

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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