Pregnancy Passions: Rediscovering Intimacy on the Parenthood Journey

By Patrick Banks

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Becoming a parent is truly an amazing and life-changing experience, but it can also bring about some major changes in your relationship. Especially when it comes to intimacy and sex, things can get a bit complicated. With the arrival of a new baby, it’s natural for priorities to shift, you’ll focus on your newborn and sleepless nights will become a norm. Overall you will go through a big overhaul. 

All these changes can have a significant impact on your sex life. Even so, the doctor will probably tell you to stay without sex for four to six weeks, depending on how you delivered. To some people, it may even be unpleasant to even think of penetrative sex. We know sex is important in any romantic relationship, and it is important to find ways to revive that loving feeling for you and your partners. Luckily, adult toys for women can help.They can slowly ease your way into sexual pleasure.

So we’re exploring the use sex toys to rediscover intimacy on your parenthood journey.

How Adult Toys can Help You After Childbirth

Here are a few ways intimate gadgets can help you after childbirth

Help You to Love Yourself Again

Intimate gadgets can help you know your body again. Remember that in the last nine months, you went through a lot of physical stress. Your body suffered; you gained weight; your body shape changed; and you may even have scars. You may be thinking, ”I’m no longer beautiful; I feel fat”. This state of mind can result in a negative self-image. 

Using sex toys can show the power of your body. It can create the sensations you know and love so you can feel like a sexual being again. The resultant effect will help you to embrace your post-pregnancy body. 

Prepare You For Sex

After childbirth, you may feel different about sex. You may struggle to have any sort of sexual intimacy. You feel sore all over. Your raging hormones make it challenging to even get in the mood so any sexual activity becomes a no-no. You discover you have mental and physical blocks about sex. Everybody will tell you to give your body time to heal. But how do you get sexual pleasure in the meantime?

Intimate gadgets can be useful in this situation. You can use them to experiment how your body responds to stimuli in your erogenous zones. This will provide sexual pleasure in the meantime and prepare your body physically and mentally for when you are ready to have sex again.

Using Adult Toys to Rediscover Your Body

Now, this is the fun part. Here are some tips to use sex toys to rediscover your intimacy in your childhood journey 

First Things First: Discuss With Your Partner about it

Communication is the first and most important step to take when incorporating sex toys into your sexual activities. Communication ensures that partners are on the same page and are not caught off-guard. Be as honest as possible, and be upfront about the changes in your body and how you want the toys to feel like a sexual creature again before delving into full-blown penetrative sex.

Address the topic from the perspective of slowly rediscovering your body, rather than implying that you don’t want to have sex. 

Understanding and Choosing The Right Intimate Gadgets

Intimate gadgets are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. There is a gadget to cater to various preferences and fantasies. They range from simple vibrators to advanced sex gears and individuals can explore different forms of sexual pleasure. These gadgets can be used for solo activities or combo activities with your partner. 

Choosing the right intimate gadget may not be easy and you might even be indecisive, especially if it’s your first time. But the most important thing to consider when making your choice is your body and limitations. Childbirth may have caused considerable strains on your pelvic muscles. Even worse, you may have suffered a vaginal tear during childbirth..So start gently, it doesn’t have to be a penetrative gadget, you can get a fin, squish, feather tickler, or wand massager. And if you want something more penetrative, you can go with a bullet vibrator. 

Take the time to check out different intimate gadgets to find the ones that best suit your needs as a couple. Luckily, there are online catalogs with reviews and online forums to help you make a better-informed decision. You could also speak with your health practitioner or counselor. 

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