How To Deal With Premature Ejaculation Humiliation

By Patrick Banks

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Though Premature Ejaculation is the most common male sexual problem, particularly among young men, it is not often discussed. We are constantly bombarded by overtly sexual imagery, and easy access to porn has distorted expectations of endurance and performance to sex god-level. But what if you blow your load before you get your pants down? Everyone probably at some point wondered: How can I last longer in bed??

When I became sexually active, I had a severe problem with premature ejaculation. It felt extremely humiliating. It was pretty hard to be sexually confident knowing the slightest touch could cause me to ejaculate! After I broke up with my high school sweetheart, it came out that our mutual friends knew me as a minuteman! Just to get back at me because I didn’t want to date her anymore, she literally told EVERYONE about my performance issues! It was probably the most embarrassing and humiliating time of my life.

After that I felt embarrassed and inadequate every time I had sex. When my girlfriend left me for another guy, I decided once and for all to solve my problem. It took a lot of time, research, and practice. But it was completely worth it! I’ve discovered how to increase your endurance naturally, so you and your partner can experience mind-blowing sex.

What girls think when you come to early?

The truth hurts. Girls like guys who can keep their shit together and not come before they can make hooking up with them worth it. A real man can control arousal. Don’t be fooled by polite comments that your one-minute wonder performance was worth her while. That’s not what she’s really thinking. If this happens once in a while, it’s no big deal, really. It’s just something to think about.

Just like guys talk about girls that they’ve slept with to show off to their friends, girls often talk about their boyfriend’s sexual performance with their girlfriends.

Thankfully, it’s not all about intercourse. She might be a bit disappointed, but maybe you’re satisfying her in other ways. If that’s the case everything may be great! If you master foreplay and display sexual confidence, intercourse becomes much less important to a girl than you would think.

Premature Ejaculation Humiliation- how to handle it?

When you have sex with a girl you want to satisfy her and be remembered as a great lover. Noticing a look of deception in her eyes is the last thing you want to experience. The only thing that might be worse is hearing her say: “What? Are you finished already? Really?” It’s probably your worst nightmare… What can you do to deal with this embarrassing situation?

If you have a current girlfriend it’s definitely worth discussing your sex life with her. She already has strong feelings for you, and it’s in your best interest to take care of any problems. Sexual endurance is a common problem experienced by many couples. Don’t be afraid to talk to your girlfriend. Getting support and encouragement can significantly improve your outlook.

If you are single and sleep with different girls, it’s impossible to build the sort of intimacy you would find in a long-term relationship. Hooking up with different girls has the advantage of denial, and none of them know that you have a problem. You can blame them for their beauty or for how great they are in bed. But you know the truth.

Girls usually are empathetic and won’t say anything about your lackluster performance. But you have to make sure she feels great and gets off too! Don’t rush foreplay. Make her come before you even begin penetration! Learn how to become a foreplay master.

How long is long enough?

Have you noticed that despite long lasting penetration female porn stars rarely experience orgasm while filming? Girls mostly experience sex within their minds. Even if you were able to last 3 hours, if a girl doesn’t have the right mindset she’ll never get off. It’s important to make girls feel appreciated and comfortable with you. Without taking these factors into consideration even sustained penetration won’t bring her satisfaction!

Sex isn’t about duration or inches. It’s enough when your partner feels satisfied. There are no hard and fast rules about what is long enough or short enough, but if you can’t keep from coming in less than 10 minutes, you should take care of your performance issues, for your own sake.

Sex is too important a part of life to just shrug off and accept your performance issues. There are ways to take care of it! Don’t let your unsolved endurance issues cause insecurity and long-term problems with intimacy.

What can you do?

Premature Ejaculation is a complex problem that requires a holistic approach. Keep your hormones balanced with 5-HTP dietary supplements. 5-HTP supplements help your body produce more Serotonin, naturally, without harming your brain. Kegel exercises and powerful breathing techniques will give you a big endurance boost. Master foreplay and learn dirty sex positions that will help you last longer in bed and give her the most intense orgasms ever.

The most important component of delaying ejaculation comes from your Mind. Your Mind controls your sexual experience and ejaculation reflex. Many things come into play such as, past memories and irrational fears. NLP (Neuro Linguistic-Programming) offers you a way to overcome irrational fears by turning them into something useful. Additional exercises and hypnosis sessions will help you dissociate yourself from your fears and rewire your subconscious mind for longer lasting sex.

Combining years of my knowledge, methods, and personal experience, I have developed The Definitive Method For Lasting Longer In Bed. It’s a recipe-like system that will teach you how to gain control over your orgasms and reprogram yourself for longer lasting sex. If you follow my advice, step-by-step, in just a few weeks you won’t remember what it was like being a minuteman!

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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