Resources Where You Can Seek Online Help for Mental Health

By Patrick Banks

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Mental health issues have become global issues and the statistics that back this claim are astonishing. WHO claims that one in every eight people is suffering from a mental disorder. The real issue is the lack of awareness of mental health. Although it has become a very mainstream topic of discussion, it’s still not enough. 

People going through these issues are not able to acknowledge the problem. In return, they are not getting the required treatment. The Internet and its contents have been called one of the biggest factors leading to bad mental health, especially in the youth. But this can also be turned into a resource that can help in dealing with the mental health crisis. 

  • Reasons for seeking help online

Living in the era of the internet, it only makes sense why someone would go online to seek mental health help. The availability of smartphones and the internet only makes it easy to take help online. Whereas mental health centers may be far away from where one lives, online resources are just one tap away. 

Also, the waiting lists at these centers are also a big problem because mental health can’t wait. The other major reason could be the finances. Unfortunately, treating mental health is extremely expensive. Not everyone can afford proper medications and therapy. Online tools for mental health can be way less expensive and even free.  

  • Getting Therapy Online

Also known as e-therapy, online therapy can be received via phone, tablet, or laptop. All you need is one of these gadgets and an internet connection. A fast internet connection like Windstream can save you from lagging and you can have an uninterrupted therapy session. Goto this link get fast internet speed and economical plans now. 

However, Mental health takes a toll on people differently. For some people, it can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable to talk about their struggles in person. People who are already socially awkward can find in-person therapy sessions very uneasy. Online therapy is perfect for them. 

You may not see your therapist but still being able to tell your side of the story can bring so much relief to the struggling. Online therapy services like Talkspace, Teladoc Health, Monument, Circles, and Online Therapy are some of the best resources of the year 2022. These are affordable resources dealing with depression, addiction, and stress caused by social issues.  

  • Online Support Groups

Loneliness is one of the major reasons why people suffer from mental health issues for so long. Finding the right people to share your experience with is the key to progress. Support groups are the people who more or less are going through the same issues. The presence of these online support groups can make life so much easier. 

Issues like addiction, anxiety and even depression are being tackled through these online mental health support groups. Some of these groups include The Dinner Party, Zencare, Alcoholics Anonymous and The Tribe, etc. One thing to be kept in mind is that while support groups can be very helpful, they are not the replacement for getting professional help.    

  • Getting Help via Text Message

For some people struggling with extreme mental health disorders, speaking to a professional even at online sessions can be a problem. For them, the facility of help or therapy has been made available through text messages as well. Resources like Crisis Text Line and TrevorText are doing an amazing job by being there for people in need. 

The burden on people’s heads that they may now have to speak about issues can now be lifted. There are many people who find it easy to communicate via text. Although it may create problems of its own, it’s better than being shut away without any sort of help. 

  • Mental Health Help through Mobile Apps

One of the most recent trends in online mental health help is related to mobile apps. As discussed above, the availability of mental health centers and their services is the biggest hurdle for people seeking help. With the internet and mobile phones in access to almost everyone, it has become easier to get help for mental health. 

For the year 2022, apps like Moodfit, Sanvello, Depression CBT Self-Help Guide, and PTSD Coach were named best for seeking mental health services. These apps deal with issues like depression, PTSD, stress, etc. It’s time to make some space in your phone for such helpful apps.  


Your mental health is important. It is not something that can be ignored. Your day-to-day activities are being affected by your mental health. It is very important to have awareness regarding mental health and then how to deal if issues arise. The first step will always be to acknowledge the fact that something is wrong with one’s mental health and that it can be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you as a person if you’re going through mental health issues. Take help from wherever you can. Start from the internet and then see what you can manage. However, never shy away from seeking help, your mental health matters. 

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