Show More Love: 8 Exciting Gift Ideas Your Dad Didn’t Know He Needed

By Patrick Banks

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably running out of options what to give to your dad for the upcoming birthday. Or simply to show him appreciation that he is your dad. Which is why you’re scanning posts on an online digital magazine for men looking for gift ideas for what your dear father would like.

Let’s give you a small tip. If your father has been telling you that he doesn’t really need anything, that’s probably true. All the same, with a little research, you should be able to find a few interesting gift ideas for men. Sure, he doesn’t need them. But, he’s going to be thrilled at the time and effort you put into the gifts and surely he will feel extraordinary. And, yes! He’s going to love them. Here are a few interesting ideas you can use. 

1. Tracking Devices

Let’s start with gadgets as gift ideas for men. Every guy loves devices that he can play with. So, what if you could find him something that has multiple uses? Should you opt for the personal tracker by GoFind Inc., you’ll find that it can be used in more ways than one.

Is your father an active man, or maybe even a fitness freak? He can use the tracker to monitor his workout sessions. The gadget will record his heart rate and the number of calories he’s burned within a specific time. If he enjoys jogging, the device will calculate the distance covered in a day and the elevation of the track. The fun thing is that the gadget connects to a cellphone by way of a phone app and has a range of settings.  Keeping him fit an healthy despite ageing is the best what you can do for him.

And, there’s more! A single tracking device can be placed in a car or motorcycle to keep it safe. Your father is going to love the integrated software that sets up GeoFences and relays signals over a cellular network. Does your dad own a pet dog or cat?

He can attach the tracker to the collar along with a microchip to ensure the safety of his furry friend. Because you’ll have given him the one thing that keeps all his cherished possessions in the world safe, his car, his bike, and his pet or pets.

2. Indie Comic Books 

Regardless of his age, every man is a fan of superheroes. You’ve probably spent hours listening to him discuss the characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy and talk about everything that they could have done better with the Avengers End Game movies. One of the best gift ideas for men is comic books. Choose graphic novels and books like Battlecats and Knights of the Golden Sun by Mad Cave StudiosPreacher and Sandman by Vertigo, and Deadly Class which is an adaptation of the famous X-Men series.  

Not sure how many people have heard of them? If your dad is a huge fan of TV serials like The Walking DeadAliens vs Predator, Chew, and American Vampire, he will love to sink his teeth into the original books. Even fans who aren’t particularly fond of reading love to go through indie comics that have slick storylines, scintillating graphics, and spellbinding cels and frames that effortlessly blend to create a riveting experience. You might just end up becoming a fan of this awesome gift idea. 

3. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook 

Men who spend a lot of time jotting notes and making sketches will absolutely love this unique notebook. From the looks of it, the Rocketbook will seem like just another ordinary 80-page paper book with gridlines. When you look closely, you’ll find a series of icons at the bottom that depict different online content saving platforms. For instance, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, email, and various others. Further, you’ll use the standard Pilot Frixion Pens with the book. 

How it works? Each time you complete notes or sketches on a page of the Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, you’ll mark the related icon on the bottom. Next, scan the document with your phone using the integrated online app. The software recognizes the icon and saves the content onto the cloud. When the notebook is filled, you won’t need to toss it into the trash or worry about data loss or breaches.

Place the notebook into the microwave and turn it on for the exact time needed to heat water for a cup of tea. When you pull out the book, the heat will have erased the ink and notes leaving behind blank pages ready to be reused. At the same time, the contents and other information remain securely saved on whatever platform you’ve chosen. And, that’s what makes the Rocketbook one of the smartest gift ideas for your dad.  

4. Mini Steam Iron with a Non-Stick Plate 

Are you father a busy corporate traveller who attends conferences and meetings in different locations all the time? One of the best items you can buy him is this nifty little steam iron which comes with its own travel bag and a 7.5-foot power cord. The iron heats up within 15 seconds and has three heat settings to get the wrinkles out of just any kind of fabric.

The best positive is that this gadget is compatible with any voltage ranging from 100 to 240 V. Your father could be visiting any part of the globe, and he’ll always have the iron to remember you by. Further, its compact size fits into a carry-on bag making it easy to bring and use. 

5. Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces 

Okay, so this one may seem like something really silly to present to someone special. But, you’d be surprised at the sheer ingenuity of these Elastic No-Tie shoelaces. Your dad can use them to convert any pair of sneakers into slip-on shoes. The laces are available in a range of colours in pairs of 48 inches each, and are stretchable.

After slipping the ends through the loops, you’ll use the lock to secure the laces into place. Once you install them, you’ll trim off the excess length for a comfortable fit. Slip the ends through the clip to hold them in place. These amazing gift ideas are perfect for people who need to get going in a hurry. If you often catch your father walking around with the laces trailing, you’ll know what to get him. 

6. Multitools 

Invest in one of these smart gift ideas for your dad and you’ll save him the time looking for different tools when needed. Foldable into a compact toolkit that fits into a pocket, the single gadget has a bunch of tools including a screwdriver, scissors, knife, and files. 

Some of these multitools may also have a needlenose, wirecutter, pliers, and a can and bottle opener. Check out this article on Reviewed that gives you a selection of the best ones available in the market. Take a look and pick out the best one you think your dad will like. With one of these at hand, you won’t need to spend time hunting around for a tool you need instantly. 

7. Copper Chef Deep Square Pan Set 

Recommended by Reader’s Digest, the Copper Chef Fry Pan is the perfect gift idea for the man who loves to tinker around the kitchen and is an amazing chef. Indulge in his culinary skills with this pan that cooks with the minimum of oil or grease thanks to its nonstick coating.

The bottom has a stainless-steel induction plate, so food heats evenly for faster, uniform cooking. The entire set includes a glass lid, strainer, and steamer. You can use the Copper Chef for baking, deep-frying, broiling, and roasting.  

8. All-Time Hit – Chocolate 

Most men may not admit it, but they absolutely love chocolate and are not above indulging their sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a gift idea that is the perfect excuse to bite into a bar of candy, pick out chocolate-covered almonds or any other nuts with a sprinkling of sea salt.

Each taste is carefully balanced with sweet and savoury making it hard to stop at just one mouthful. Many men also love dark or bitter chocolate. So, consider ordering an assortment that both of you can dig into. If not candy, you could also go for chocolate ice cream swirling with real cream and chocolate chips.  

There you go, a whole bunch of gift ideas for men you can choose from. Do keep in mind that the monetary value of the gift you choose is never important. What matters is the message you convey and the thoughts behind the item. Tracking devices indicate that you understand what he values most in life while a silly pair of laces tell him that you worry about him falling over.

Best of all, the chocolate brings sweetness into your lives. Pick out one of the gifts listed above and show love to your dearest father.  

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