How To Become Famous On Instagram and Attract Instagram Followers Fast

By Patrick Banks

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Taking a critical look at history as far back as 2010 when Instagram was launched, it hit over a million users in just 2 months! There is more to make out of it. This social media network has been on the rise and it has been envisioned to be one of, if not the leading social network in years to come.
How To Become Famous On Instagram and Attract Instagram Followers Fast

In overall terms Instagram is naturally a great media to gain exposure, with its wide range of popularity and engaging features, one can stay connected with friends while getting updates on their recent shared photos and videos. With the shared experiences aside, Instagram is majorly known for its success in building most individuals, brands and businesses, but it only works for people who know their way around it.

Most of the media influencers on Instagram who have an already built follower base, worked their way to fame, watching their media accounts rising from zero to hero in a short but sometimes long period, it doesn’t matter actually, what matters is their zeal in knowing they can achieve it.

Making judgements based on curiosity, people definitely want to own accounts like some of the famous Instagram celebrities. Obviously, they doubt the chances of being famous on Instagram, taking it to be a false phrase. The truth is this, there is no shortcut to being famous on Instagram, just follow the strategies and steps, then boom! That account is alive! 

Now, for those looking to get famous on Instagram, attract more followers and eventually make money with your Instagram posting here is what they should do: 

Define the intention 

A person needs to ask questions that will make the intentions clear enough, as well as to understand the reasons for opting to become famous on Instagram. It is necessary to do something he or she likes and will be known for. If a user comes to think of it, the followers wouldn’t want to stick around if there was nothing to offer them. Make those intentions really clear. 

A fresh bio

This is the first thing the visitors who view any profile will want to know. A person should give a clear and detailed description of what the exact account is for, what he or she does, and why people may need that stuff. If he or she is working on a new project, it is important to share the link on the bio and a user shouldn’t be failed to keep the audience informed. 

Strictly opt for quality content 

For staying a king, and for becoming famous on Instagram, the posts should be 100% unique and of very high quality. A person needs to enhance his or her photography skills, learn to make use of the speed and lights for taking photos because low-resolution pictures are a big shut off for the audience. The uploaded images should be attractive enough to increase the viewers and followers’ numbers, as well as daily likes. 

Go on with influencers

As an upcoming Instagram influencer, he or she needs to have idols and a list of other influencers to look up to in their niche. Follow their accounts, visit their profiles and turn on post notification. This will enable a user to get informed each time his or her idols share an update, write comments and interact with others as often as it is possible to establish a strong fan base. 

Post regularly

The same energy a person puts in while trying to gain new followers is the same energy he or she should use in keeping them. To remain relevant on Instagram it is needed to post regularly, like at least twice daily. The main aim is to find a frequency that works best. Don’t forget to post on Thursdays and Sunday because the former is a popular day while the latter is the least famous day, that can be used as an opportunity to stand out. 

Carefully use hashtags 

Get creative with the hashtags because it gives media presence. A person shouldn’t resort to using super-popular hashtags in the exact niche, if not the published post will end up drowning among others. Mix up the caption ideas, tell some interesting story, and as time goes on a user will keep ranking higher which tends to increase his or her visibility on Instagram. 


This is like allowing followers to get to know someone more, while he or she keeps in touch with them daily. A person can build the engagement, by telling stories through photos or short video clips. It’s a great way to reach out to new people because of being displayed in the explore tab. Start creating Instagram Stories right away! 

Local exposure

It is recommended to be some kind of a local explorer, always visiting new places. A person can also use that as an opportunity to become famous on Instagram. Remember Instagram is global now, so anyone can share photos and videos at the location and geotag them. People who stay in that area will definitely want to interact with the person, this works indeed. 

The account should be SEO-friendly

While checking out ways of becoming famous on Instagram and building followers, remember to do the major thing called account optimization. Take that Instagram profile to be the homepage, no one can really tell if that account belongs to someone exact without the profile image, bio and captions. It is needed to take some time in filling out these spots for the brand and link directly to the site. The username should also remain search-friendly, and avoid adding special characters or numbers to the brand usernames. 

Create an Instagram style

Just like it was noted earlier in this piece, if a person wants to become famous he or she needs to define the intentions. It will make a user remain consistent in a special style, on which the follower base will be built. Being consistent in keeping up with the style will increase the followers tremendously. 

Tag people

Before thinking of tagging people to posts, think of it strategically because there would be nothing cool being labelled a spammer. Tag rightly to Instagram posts, tag influential users that can help build the followers base. In other cases, a person can tag other users in a picture with them, either at an event or some other place. 

Drop thoughtful comments

Leaving comments on posts is great, it gives a certain kind of feeling and will make those followers want to know a person more. Also, their friends who get to see that comment are most likely to hit the follow button and the chain continues. Be mindful of the type of comments though, they shouldn’t be in the form of asking users to hit the follow button. Drop thoughtful and interesting comments. 

Shout outs

This is another great idea of gaining followers that can make a person famous on Instagram. A shout out is nothing more than mentioning someone’s handle in Stories or posts. A user can take a screenshot of his or her profile post and tag others in it while they also do the same in turn. Some shout outs are paid, while the rest are mutually agreed on. 

Join engagement groups

These are basically Instagram groups that were formed mainly to grow members accounts by engaging in the posts. That’s why it is advisable to have a posting time for anyone who happens to be a member. The idea is to like each other’s posts and sometimes drop comments. But, this isn’t the only way to get social signals on Instagram, some websites could help them out with it. Moreover, don’t forget about followers’ importance and professionals who can make even big numbers real and helpful. 

Run Instagram ads

This isn’t much of a difficult task, there are different types of Instagram ads to opt for, it’s either the Instagram Story ads, sponsored posts or feed images and videos. Ensure to be promoting those ads to the right audience and most importantly, remember to add a call to action on the ads. 

Promote outside of Instagram

Here is another proven strategy. Why doesn’t a person consider making use of other platforms to generate traffic to his or her Instagram profile? Profile links can be included in the websites, email marketing campaigns, and a host of other social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. If a user is a type who speaks to a large crowd, he or she can be encouraged to bring some questions on the Instagram platform, thereby increasing followers’ numbers while gaining media presence. 

Dig around for latest trends

Browse through random pictures, popular hashtags, check for recent activities, news feed and all that. Try to be aware of the latest trends, learn from the stories, pick up the relevant ideas that might be interesting and drop the rest. But above all, be well informed. 

Moreover, there are much easier ways to boost Instagram follower base and become famous. Paid websites that have a nice reputation and many years of positive results, as well as many happy customers, would be a real helper in getting even great followers’ numbers.

One of such websites is, which deserves to be taken into account while making magic with your Instagram page. So, that is it! With these proven tips any Instagram account is about to achieve what a person has always dreamt of.

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