Surprising Benefits of Vaping on The Athletic Vapers

By Patrick Banks

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There’s probably nothing more shocking than seeing an athlete who lights a cigarette right after arriving at the finish. All smokers, both ex and current, fully understand the pleasure they find in cigarettes when they want to celebrate the achievement with that tasty deep puff. But immediately after finishing a run or exercise? 

Smoking, in general, can harm our bodies, but even more so if you do it immediately after an exercise. However, surprisingly and even counterintuitively, athletes can benefit from vaping. 

Doesn’t sound right? Keep reading and find out what surprising benefits vaping can have on Athletes.

How Can Athletes Benefit from Vaping?

Smoking is not suitable for anyone; let’s get that out of the way. Smoking increases your resting heart rate, limits blood flow, weakens your immune system, and reduces lung capacity and body oxygenation. No doubt, smoking endangers your career and keeps you away from the best of your results. So you have to consider different alternatives. 

If you have been advised or you decided to quit smoking, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Is it easy? Not at all, at least not for most smokers. But, Vaping could be one of the solutions to help you in this process while you are still addicted to nicotine. There are many shops for quality vape devices, so be sure to choose the right one carefully. 

Find out below the surprising benefits that will motivate you to stay away from tobacco cigarettes.

Improve Blood Flow

In smokers, arteries may become narrow after time because nicotine and carbon monoxide from cigarettes make your blood sticky. Narrow arteries can reduce the blood flow to your vital organs and other body parts. Reduced blood flow means less oxygen for the body to work out. 

E-juices contain nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, occasionally water, and flavorful ingredients. 

While you take nicotine with the vaping, you exclude carbon monoxide and eliminate its negative effect on your arteries. Moreover, e-cigarettes have less nicotine than traditional ones, although you can adjust nicotine concentration. However, vaping could be your first step to quitting.

Improve your Breath

You inhale tar that coats your airflow when smoking, making air sacs less elastic. This affects your lung capacity and using oxygen in the amount you need, even with a few cigarettes a day. Not only shortens the breath, but smoking also can stiffen the aorta and produces phlegm. 

Vape e-juice does not contain harmful tobacco substances such as tar, so you would not damage your lungs. Once you stop smoking cigarettes, you will improve your lung function and capacity, as reported by more than 90% of smokers who started vaping. 

This will help you exercise better and achieve better results. You still remember the great feeling when you can inhale to a maximum capacity, and exhale out, don’t you!

Increase Energy and Mood 

You probably feel stressed and anxious once you think of quitting cigarettes and might be afraid of how it will impact your performance. Smoking reduces your energy level due to carbon monoxide that binds your red blood cells instead of oxygen. Then, your body lacks oxygen, limiting your muscles to work, shortening your breath, and making you feel fatigued.

Moving to vape will not be stressful because you will still get your daily nicotine needs. Lower stress means a less negative impact on your immunity. It could also prevent depression or insomnia, which are present when withdrawing nicotine. At the same time, your red blood cells will bind with the oxygen you need. 

You can focus on your exercise and slow nicotine reduction but not be overwhelmed by what quitting smoking may intimidate you.

Other Advantages

Vaping is a cheaper alternative to smoking. In the beginning, you will need to invest in a kit and two or three juices with nicotine and different flavors, but in the long term, you will realize that cigarettes cost you more. 

You will also be thankful for a smell-free experience. No more cigarettes smell on your clothes, hair, or items around you. Once you move to vape, you protect those around you from passive smoking. 

There’s also a variety of flavors, so you will also have a much different experience from regular smoking. This gives you a lot more flexibility and enjoyment than traditional cigarettes that honestly don’t taste nearly as good. Be sure to switch your vape juice ever so often to avoid the dreaded Vaper’s tongue that can affect your sense of taste.

Can Vaping Be Bad for You?

In general, vaping can be beneficial if you practice it correctly and moderately. Vaping is still new, and few adverse effects affect athletes and all vapers. However, vaping is not as harmful as smoking is.

Overdosing can cause throat irritation and cough. Some e-juices can cause dehydration due to PG, and because of that, you should increase your water intake to stay hydrated. As in cigarettes, nicotine in vape juices is an addictive substance, so be careful and devoted to overcoming your addiction.

Final Thoughts

The benefits above are sufficient to make the first step, stop buying a new pack of cigarettes, aren’t they? Now it’s the moment to start exploring the world of vaping, different vape devices, flavors of e-juices, and nicotine strengths. Don’t be worried if you are surprised by how many are available and how difficult it can be to choose.

Many shops for quality vape devices are available online so start your search there. Usually, starter kits from different brands are a good starting point. And the whole world of flavors. Make sure you find the most appropriate for you and do it! 

Let’s make your journey in swapping out the cigarettes less intimidating. Keep in mind all the harmful effects of tobacco and the risk you take before your motivation goes down.

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Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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