The Benefits of One-on-one Tutoring for Your Child’s Learning 

By Patrick Banks

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One-on-one tutoring is a teaching phenomenon that has existed for as long as learning. Parents often opt for this teaching style, especially if their kid struggles in class. This approach requires one tutor to be attached to one student for the entire learning time, which gives both parties a chance to explore the lesson more personally. 

One of the reasons Brighterly is popular among parents who opt for online tutoring is because the platform offers the services of a one on one math tutor who helps kids get to the next level in their math learning. If you have doubts about choosing this teaching method for your kids, here are a few benefits of one-on-one tutoring that could convince you. 

It provides a more streamlined approach to teaching

There are an average of 20 students in the kindergarten class of public schools. With a full curriculum covering 180 days per term, teachers do not have time to go from one student to the other and provide a personalized teaching process for each kid. Instead, a one-on-one tutor will identify your kid’s learning style and then go on to create a streamlined approach that will allow students to learn more effectively. 

It creates an outlet for kids 

Your kid might not be able to voice out their frustration with a math concept in the middle of class, but they could do it if they are dealing with a personal tutor. No kid wants to be the one who cannot grasp a concept in a class where everyone seems to get it. Some students would prefer to pretend and struggle through the lesson later, which is not ideal. With online math tutoring for kids, your child can say precisely how they feel about a math concept while their tutor works hard to ensure that students feel more confident when the classes are over. 

It helps children find their weaknesses early enough

In traditional schools, a teacher can only find out where a student is weak when setting tests or assignments. There is, however, not much they can do with the knowledge because they must move to another math concept immediately on the curriculum. A one-on-one tutor works with your child by communicating with them to find these weaknesses and eliminate them. They ensure that by the time the session is over, kids have turned the weaknesses to the strengths. 

It helps kids deal with their math anxiety 

Your child cannot overcome math anxiety in class because that is where they are most afraid to fail. However, with a personal tutor, they are not afraid to be embarrassed. Thanks to individual tutors and interactive learning platforms, they can get to the root of their math anxiety and eliminate it. 


Sometimes, it can be difficult for parents to understand why their kids are not getting the best in a class with other children. However, do not allow doubt to grow in place of the desire to help your kids. Instead, invest in a one-on-one tutor to see your child excel today. 

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