Top Cigar Trends of 2020

By Patrick Banks

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Cigars are perhaps one of the most famous and exquisite luxury items that have dominated the world of fine delights. They have been invented thousands of years ago and they managed to pass the test of time and to adapt to every era and trend.

Lately, we see a great change in the dynamic of the world of cigars and it may seem harder and harder to choose the right cigar given the new trends and brands. But we are here to keep you updated with the latest trends to help you choose the perfect delight for your palate.

The beginnings

To better understand the current trends we have to turn back and see the beginning of this great delight. Cigars were first “invented” in Cuba but they were in a very different form than today. Christofer Columbus was the one that first notices the indigenous people of this lovely island smoking the tobacco leaves. Intrigued, he also tried this tradition and this is the point where the whole global story of cigars begins.

Columbus later brought tobacco to the high society of Europe that quickly embraced the full and tingling taste. The evolution of cigars came with great help from the Spanish influence, one of the tools used even today to roll cigars being called “the Spanish book”. The Cuban people began producing cigars in a larger quantity and with finer tobacco to satisfy the needs of the growing global market.

In the 19th century, many brands arose in countries outside Cuba to satisfy the curiosity for cigars and the need for a good tobacco puff.

The early trends

In terms of image, we are all used to the large and dark stogies that are presented in many Hollywood movies. The fact is that this image comes from the fact that in the last century the North American and European market embraced the medium to full-bodied cigars instead of the lighter ones produced from brands like Quai D’Orsay.

The market wanted stronger and more aromatic cigars, Cohiba being one of the brands that fully embodied this dream. We have to discuss a bit about the political role of cigars. Being considered a very premium and fine luxury item, the Cuban leader Fidel Castro decided in the 60’s that it was the proper time to choose the right cigar for diplomatic purposes. To do this, Cuba gave birth to one of the biggest names in the cigar industry, the Cohiba brand. Many may consider this a simple image move but the Cohiba cigars and many others were witnesses to some of the most important political discussions and negotiations in the last century.

The raging ‘60s and blissful ‘80s

Why 60’? This decade may not seem so interesting in terms of cigar market or trends but actually, this is the point when many things changed. The cigar industry saw a great decline in demand and this is the reason why many smaller tobacco and cigar companies from all over the world decided to close their doors forever. Many children or grandchildren of the former cigar manufacturers stated that the business was dying with no hope for recovery. This atmosphere extended long during the ’70s and ‘80s when the economic boom allowed people to afford premium cigars again.

We have to note that in this period the cigar producers were in a big problem given that the taste of the public was also changing. Old companies like Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta were trying to see what the public liked to make a quick rebranding. Many consider that the rise of the newer brands like Cohiba and even the comeback of Trinidad greatly enhanced the popularity of cigars.

The ‘80s allowed a great comeback for the luxury cigars all over the world thanks to the increased demand for luxury products. The end of the ‘80s economic recession left a great taste for new and expensive items in the houses of many people. The American market was eager to have the delicious Cuban cigars once more but the existing embargo transformed these cigars into a premium item afforded by the very rich.

This meant that regular Americans had to look elsewhere. This is the point when the cigar market was flooded with new brands that came to satisfy this need. We have to note that the great increase was seen largely at the ends of the decade and the beginning of the ‘90s. Many cigar magazines appeared to explain and educate the cigar consumer about the new brands and how to choose the right cigar for each taste and preference.

This meant that regular Americans had to look elsewhere. This is the point when the cigar market was flooded with new brands that came to satisfy this need. We have to note that the great increase was seen largely at the ends of the decade and the beginning of the ‘90s. Many cigar magazines appeared to explain and educate the cigar consumer about the new brands and how to choose the right cigar for each taste and preference.

Nicaragua, Guatemala, The United States, and many other countries became large cigar producers to supplement the demand on the market. This is also the point when the diversity of aromas and taste gave the consumer a better taste education and a wider variety of options. This is also the point when the medium to full-bodied cigar enters the scene. The market now wanted stronger tastes instead of the lighter cigars that were popular before.

The 2000’s

This beginning of a new millennium also brought many changes in the cigar world. The digitalization allowed consumers to discover new trends and brands in just a few clicks. The old school mouth-to-mouth recommendations or the reviews written in magazines were over and the consumer got the chance to choose the right cigar in a few minutes. 

This meant that new trends came to satisfy the need for interesting and funky tastes. Many brands came with limited-edition releases that will fully represent the taste and likings of that year. This is also the point where more and more people were able to afford cigars thanks to economic growth worldwide.

The current trends

Nowadays trends are less focused on the discovery of new tastes and more focused on quality. Aficionados consider that the world of cigars is now at a peak in terms of quality and taste thanks to the great competition of the old and new brands. We can say that the tables have turned and the old school brands, even though they are still considered an example of taste and quality, are no longer the sole trendsetters on the market.

The newer trends are considered a great element in the dynamic of the market because they tend to adapt quickly to newer trends. This way, the whole market has to go a step forward into the future to make sure that it satisfies the taste buds of the consumers. 

But one thing that will probably never change in the cigar world is the limited-edition cigars. These are the best representation of the cigar trends in time and they are considered highly valuable. This high value comes from the fact that these cigars are a piece of history and they are as good as an investment as real estate. Yes, you heard that right. Some collectible cigars are sold at very high prices given that they were produced in a very small quantity or a very symbolic year.

The current trend is to find what is best for you and your taste. Small companies start to pop up all over the world and this is good news for the cigar world because they give more diversity in terms of prices and taste. New aromas and combinations are also on the trending list and the approach of new brands is also considered a thing we will see all over the place in 2020.

The future of the cigar world will be on more personalized options and a wider variety of products from what the aficionados expect. The old days of a limited selection of cigars are long gone and the days of very specific taste are on the rise. Also, the new pairing trends stimulate the smoker for smaller cigars instead of the classic long-smoking ones. This new trend will allow smokers to try more varieties and to discover the perfect taste and combination in a natural and tasty way.

The trends of the cigar world have tremendously evolved over the years and they will continue to adapt to the taste and requirements of the smokers. 2020 will be a very interesting and tasty year that will also produce many interesting and valuable collectible collections that will prove their value over time. If you are a beginner smoker this is one of the best times to select the perfect cigar for you given the large variety of sizes, strengths, and aromas. 

If you are a more professional smoker your palate will be delighted by new and exciting aromas that you have never tasted before. The prices are going to allow a wider variety of clients and the new brands will come with new selection and very interesting bouquets and personalities, making the whole smoking process more personalized and intimate. Looking back we can say that the cigar world has seen many ups and downs but from now on it will be on the rise, giving the best aromas and experiences so far.

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