What Is the Best Lyme Disease Treatment?

By Patrick Banks

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Did you know that experts estimate that 300,000 people may get Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis), each year in the USA?

This disease if it remains unchecked, can lead to more painful ailments including symptoms resembling arthritis. 

If you are a nature lover and love to go trekking, and hang out outside in the summer but are worried about Lymes disease what treatments are available? Or you or a loved one may currently be sick with Lymes disease and would like to research treatment options. What is the best Lyme disease treatment?

Why not read our in-depth article to find out what options are available. 

Natural Treatments

If you have had a negative previous experience with antibiotics you may prefer to steer clear of them. In this case, you can benefit from a range of natural treatments. 

Lymes disease can bring a complex set of coinfections such as Borrelia. These can be difficult to test for and treat. Fortunately, there is a range of herbs that you can add to your diet that can reinforce your body’s defense against these infections. 

Boneset, black walnut hull, and sweet wormwood are just some of the herbs that can provide useful against Babesia and Bartonella. 

You can take these herbs without fear of allergic reaction or the side effects that can come with antibiotics.


If you go directly to a doctor. he will very likely prescribe a regime of appropriate antibiotics to fight Lime disease. If your body does not have a negative reaction to antibiotics, this can be an effective way to fight the disease. 

In general, people who use antibiotics to treat Lyme disease will make a relatively fast recovery. Antibiotics are provided to oral use generally. However, if a patient has a specific need they can also be given intravenously. 

Ensure that you communicate with your doctor well as he will need to adjust the dose according to your physical condition. Factors such as age, existing conditions, pregnancy, etc can affect the dosage.

Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you decide to choose antibiotics or natural remedies, you should complement it with a physically healthy lifestyle. 

Eating healthy foods, avoiding large amounts of sugar and applying intermittent fasting will make it easier for your body to fight the infection. Your body will need extra rest in order to repair itself efficiently. Stress also affects the body’s immune system. Avoid it or learn to cope with it to aid the repair process. 

No doubt you will feel some pain and discomfort during the recovery process. Your doctor will likely recommend anti-inflammatory medication to help you at these times.

The Best Lyme Disease Treatment and Much More

Many people fear Lyme disease because of its long term effects upon those who contract it. However, medical science has found newer methods to treat this widespread disease. If you have special health circumstances, the best Lyme disease treatment may include natural herbs and alternative treatments. 

If you are interested in health and lifestyle topics, then why not check out our other blog articles to see how we can help you today.

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