Why Men do not Understand the Hints?

By Necole Hardison

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how to understand her hints

Female psychology is a more complicated thing than the higher mathematics. We think most men will accept this statement. Sometimes it looks impossible to understand a woman, especially since she sometimes does not know what she wants. It becomes even harder when she tries to give you some hints instead of telling everything directly.

The peculiarity of women is that they say things that they really do not mean. For the same reason, a woman prefers to communicate with a man with hints.

Even inside couples who have been in close relationships for many years, misunderstandings arise from time to time, especially when a big amount of communication happens over texting with her. This happens because women like to talk with hints, and men do not recognize them, and this problem causes many quarrels and partings.

You have asked yourself the question “Why do not I understand my girlfriend?”. Moreover, it is also quite likely that you have already come across her hints, which you do not notice in principle, with claims that are unreasonable in your opinion. The topic of women logic, in general, can be left without comment.

Why do women like to express their thoughts and feelings in that veiled way?

A woman lives in a completely different reality than you do – in a world of semitones, emotions, and relationships. She has an amazing natural intuition, speaks beautifully, subtly and elegantly – with HINTS. It’s fine; only there is a problem: a man does not have such a superpower.

A man and a woman are supposed to be different in a natural order of things, and you need to accept the fact that the way of thinking and needs are just as different.

What to do and how on earth to understand what a woman really wants from you?

First of all, it is necessary to understand why men do not perceive women hints. The answer to this question is elementary: they do not notice them. For thousands of years, men and women formed and developed different models of thinking.

Secondly, recent studies by neurologists have confirmed that neuronal structures in the brains of men and women have a number of differences.

Therefore, we can safely say that we think in different ways.

Women recognize emotions better.

The University of Cambridge conducted a test for the recognition of emotions: the subjects were shown photos, on which there were only eyes and a rectangular area of the face near them. The subjects had to answer, what emotions are depicted on the photo. As a result, it was found that women identified correctly 88% of emotions, and men – 76%. This is a clear example of the fact that women recognize the body language and capture the nuances.

Female thinking is intuitive; male thinking is rational

Men tend to concentrate on one or two problems and deal with them only – women are trying to solve a number of problems simultaneously. In addition, it is much easier for men to abstract from the problem and to look at it from the outside with an open mind. Women usually understand emotions much easier; they are more inclined to empathy and compassion.

For a woman, it is vitally important to observe a bunch of very different moral attitudes – like the rules of politeness imposed by the society.

For example, she really wants flowers, but to say this directly seems unethical to her. What would he think of her? And in general, a man must himself guess that she wants flowers!

The difference in thinking may not be evident, while you are alone, but when you are in a relationship, it inevitably rises between you.

Numerous opinions poll of men shows that in relations with women they are most irritated by female habits of talking with hints. For heaven’s sake, men just do not understand them!

Because of the difference in thinking patterns, when chatting with a girl, you get the impression that you speak different languages. Let’s try to understand them!

To understand her hints, you need to

1. learn to think like a woman; at least a bit 🙂

2. try to walk in her high-hilled shoes for few miles;

3. become a psychic (for a little bit ) in order to learn to recognize the signals that a woman generously sends you.

Therefore, it will be much easier for you to find a key to women hearts and thoughts, to comprehend women psychology and to understand her hints.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, let’s be more precise.

How do you recognize the hints?

  • Firstly, you should pay attention not only to what the woman says but also to her facial expressions, gestures, and eyes. Secondly, you need to practice to catch hints in communication.
  • Looking at her gestures will be helpful if you want to be aware if she is into you. Here are the signals that should bring you some hope: touching the hair, straightening the clothes, one or both hands on the hips, legs, and body turned towards the man, prolonged intimate gaze, and rapid eye contact.

Let’s consider other gestures typical for women

  • A sharp movement of the head made to throw the hair off the face or from the shoulders to the back. Even women with short hair can use this gesture when they like you.
  • The head tilt to the shoulder also speaks of the interest in you and, in general, of what you say.
  • A woman who is interested in a potential sexual partner may periodically show him the smooth, delicate skin of her wrists. The wrist area has always been considered one of the most erogenous zones when a woman speaks to a man; she tries to hold her hands in his field of vision. The women who smoke have no difficulty in showing this teasing gesture to a man while smoking.
  • Hips swing more than usual to emphasize woman’s beauty and attractiveness.
  • Look at the eye signals: if her pupils are wider than usual, then you are attractive, and she may have sympathy for you. Slightly lowering her eyelids, the woman looks at the man until he notices her gaze, and then quickly looks away. This gives a fascinating sensation of spying and a teasing hint that you are being stealthily sneaked.
  • If the girl you met a glance with looked away confusedly and straightened her back, then she wants to look good in your presence and shows you all her outer beauty.
  • Women use different poses to express their flirtatious, enticing behavior. The first is a bent knee. In this case, the woman sits, bending one leg under the other and directing the tip of her knee on the man she is interested in. This is a very free pose, which excludes all formalities and gives the opportunity to lap the knees coquettishly. Women subconsciously use this pose to attract attention.
  • Women also use other hint baits, such as slowly tossing a leg over the eyes of a man and slowly returning them to a normal posture. The woman speaks in a low deep voice herewith.

This is only one side of the question of how to learn to understand a woman and her hints; nonetheless, it can be very helpful.

You can understand what a woman wants to say, determining it due to the similarity of the tricks of the fair sex.

Here are some typical hint phrases that men miss:

  • “Honey, do you love me?”

If she asks this, then you have missed the ritual of the declaration of love for several times, fellow. The correct answer here is to tell how much you love her, how beautiful she is and how happy you are to be with her. And if you want to provoke a quarrel, then say something like: “I’ve already told you everything a thousand times, stop asking the same thing.”

  • “Am I fat?”

Man, you should be very cautious when answering this tricky question. That’s not just a question, that’s a hint that she wants to hear a compliment from you – tell her that she looks gorgeous. The forbidden phrase: “You can’t be called skinny, but it’s not that important” – don’t risk your life!

  • “I’m cold.”

This can be a hint for you to hug her or to take her hand. If it’s not -10 outside. You may give her your jacket like a gentleman as well – she will like it.

  • “Do whatever you want!”

This phrase says that she feels offended – don’t you even think to do what you want to avoid a huge scandal.

  • “Everything is OK.”

It sounds like an answer to the question “What has happened to you?” when you can certainly see that something is wrong. With this answer, the girl makes it clear how bad she is feeling – it is required to ask again and find out the reason. I know how confusing it can be, but this answer was for you a signal to iquire more and show that you REALLY care about what’s going on now in her head.  There is always a chance that it simply was OK, of course 😉

To ensure that there are no barriers in your relations, and you do not puzzle over how to understand your girlfriend, try to communicate with her more frequently and give her more attention. Gradually you will learn to determine all of her hints, words, and behavior. The main thing is to stock up with a lot of patience and love.

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