10 Cool Gadgets for Men Under $100

By Michael Jacobs

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With all the new innovations in technology and fancy expensive gadgets, sometimes gizmos that can be a lifesaver or just be fun to have can be overlooked. Those budget friendly widgets can really make your day easier plus you don’t have to break a bank in order to keep up with technology. Interested in the latest innovations under $100? Read on and check our handy guide instead. From chargers to a DIY mini-computer that can be used for anything, there’s something on our list for everyone.

1. Anker 40W/8A 5 Port USB Charger Power Port 5


Are you a guy who has everything? An iPhone, a tablet, a camera, a portable flashlight or battery charger? Do you have them scattered across the house charging? Or perhaps you have to pick and choose what gets charged? No longer. The Anker 40W/8A 5 Port USB Charger Power Port 5 will allow you to charge up to 5 devices at once. It has almost all 4 and 5-star ratings on Amazon What’s better? This charger is smart. It can recognize devices that have high power requirements and devote more amperage to get them charged quickly. An iPad can go from 0% to 100% in just about four hours. At $18.99 on Amazon, it’s a steal.

2. AUKEY Car Mount Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Are you on the road a lot? Missing a cell phone mount in your car? If so, then the AUKEY Car Mount Air Vent Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is the perfect gadget to have. It mounts at eye level so that you don’t have to pick up your phone to read text messages or get directions from Google Maps. In fact, this phone mount is used by thousands of Uber drivers. It’s magnetic and comes with a couple of stick-on metal strips that you put on your phone case. The magnetic technology is safe to use and won’t harm any cell phone plus it’s very space consuming and won’t block your windshield. No longer do you need to fish your phone out of your pocket or the cup holder. Snag it for $8.99.

3. Audio Technica AT-LP60

Cool Gadgets for Men

Vinyl is making a huge resurgence among music lovers. Want to get started collecting – and listening to – vinyl without spending a whole lot of green? Look no further than the Audio Technica AT-LP60. This turntable plays at 33 ½ and 45 rpm. With the automatic operation, all you need to do is put the vinyl on the aluminum platter and press play. The device can be connected directly to your home stereo, computer, powered speakers or any other component that has a proper input. It also includes a built-in phono amplifier and a replaceable stylus to go with it, too. This device is perfect for you if you are just getting started with vinyl. Grab it for $99.

4. Samsung Gear VR


Are you a gamer guy but don’t have the cash for the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive? Worry not. The Samsung Gear VR is here to make VR an affordable reality. The Samsung Gear uses Oculus technology to provide a portable VR experience. It utilizes a smartphone as the screen, so your guy will need one of the compatible Samsung phones. It uses Galaxy Smartphones with 2560-by-1440 screen resolution so make sure the device you use meets the parameters needed for the Gear VR. 

Ergonomic design and foam lining make wearing the headset as inconspicuous and comfortable as possible. Motion sensors within the headset mean you’re not relying on your phone’s built-in sensors alone. When you remove your VR headset, your phone’s screen automatically turns off. Turn it on again by putting the headset back on. In the latest version, Samsung added a USB charging port, allowing you to charge while VRing.

5. Vape Pens

Cool Gadgets for Men

The healthy living concept becoming so popular these days you can’t go wrong with vape pens. If you are a smoker and have set your mind on quitting, then what perfect gadget to have other than a vaporizer. It’s believed to help in quitting the nicotine dependency since various dried herbs can be used as an alternative to nicotine. You’ll do yourself a favor since it’s going to save you up some cash.

According to the cost analysis at 1 pack of cigarettes per day, a smoker spends approximately $2598 every year. One thing to keep in mind, not all vape pens offer the same functionality, some work exclusively with dried herbs and some only with wax or oils. There are some combo vape pens that allow you to use herbs and concentrates. So make sure you know your preferences to score the bull’s-eye.

Get it for under $100.00.

6. Misfit Ray

For a guy that’s a fitness guru, who wants to keep track of his steps and activities, but finds the watches too bulky or obvious, try the Misfit Ray. There’s no display in this wrist-sized obelisk, but fear not. This waterproof activity tracker automatically tracks and accounts for all your activities via a connected mobile app. It delivers the sleep and fitness tracking you need to stay motivated without any inconvenience. Wait for it, if you are a guy who is also a good swimmer you will appreciate the Misfit Ray’s swim lap and swim distance tracking extended feature.  So, if you are fashion -and- fitness conscious, the Misfit Ray provides function without being clunky or gaudy. Snag it for $99.99.

7. ASUS Chromebit

Cool Gadgets for Men

Do you need a computer everywhere you go? Are you carrying around the laptops everywhere clogging up space in your car? If so, then the ASUS Chromebit will turn anything with an HDMI port into a functional, PC experience on the go. It uses the Chrome OS, and to utilize it, you’ll need a separate, but not included, Wi-Fi mouse and keyboard. Despite looking like an oversized USB Device, it has a DNA of a desktop PC, needing constant power due to the lack of a battery. Still, for the price, it provides a light, yet still robust PC experience wherever you have a smart TV.

8. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has been on the market for a while now. First announced in 2007, it was meant to make books accessible on the go. They have made upgrades galore since the original. It has its own book store, where you can find up to 5 million books. While nothing beats the feel of a paperback book in your hand, lugging around multiple books can eat up space quick. So, if you are a book hound, the Amazon Kindle is perfect for you. With models costing up to $99 – not including special offers – there’s a Kindle to fit your budget. Snag the latest at Amazon for $99.

9. Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit

Do you like tinkering with tech stuff? Then the Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit by CanaKit would be a perfect match for you. So what do you get in the kit? The Raspberry board itself, a power supply, an SD card, a case and a starter’s guide. Versatile and small – this mini-computer is powerful but still fits in your pocket. Use it to create a home server or a “smart” mirror. The only limitation of the Raspberry Pi is your imagination. If you can think it up, the Raspberry Pi can help you create it. Look to the internet for tutorials of what has been done before. It can also be a perfect gift for the computer curious kid. Get it for $74.99.

10. ROKU Streaming Stick


Want to cut the cord to the cable company? Get the ROKU Streaming Stick and say bye-bye to your cable subscription. ROKU is the king of streaming, it plugs into the HDMI port on the back of your TV and gives you access to regular, pay, and sports channels to suit everyone’s television needs. The device has an available remote and works via Wi-Fi, so there are no cords to clutter up your home.  The remote works via Wi-Fi rather than infrared, so no need to point it at anything. The ROKU Stick is simply the best-priced device for all of your streaming needs. Snap it up for just $49.

There you have it. A list of 10 perfect gadgets to choose from. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home or office to grab these great gizmos. Another great gadget if you would instead like to go outside and watch the non-virtual world is a pair of field glasses.

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