Knowing the best lock phone app for your android or iPhone

By Patrick Banks

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The invention of smart phones has made the life of businessmen and the people in the corporate world much easier. Their smart phones enable them to stay in touch with their business wherever they are and whatever being the time zone. They have a plethora of apps in their phones that make doing business with their associates as well as keeping in touch with the banks they are associated with in regards to their business accounts much easier. But it means that their phone has all the necessary and important information stored in it in the form of data which if falls on wrong hands could be catastrophic for an individual.

But now you can relax as there are a number of attractive options available for lock phone apps that would help to protect your android as well as iPhone devices:

First let us see some of the lock phone apps that are good for android devices:

Lock phone app for Android:

1. CM Locker:

This is highly recommended and appreciated lock phone app for android with slide to unlock feature. It is also equipped with a power saving function which kills all the power draining apps on the locked screen itself. The best feature of this app is the intruder alert feature who clicks the photo of anybody who tries to unsuccessfully open the lock of the phone. You can add a pin or a pattern as a password to lock your phone.

2. C Locker Pro:

This is a fun Lock phone app for Android which has numerous features and quick shortcuts to personalize your locked screen. There are 30 or so combinations of shortcuts that can be created to access apps or make calls or read messages or whatever that you use your Android phone for. The best feature being the ability to lock the phone by just two or three consistent taps.

3. mSpy as a locking app:

With the help of the mSpy app, you can remotely lock phone regardless of the location of the device when it is lost or stolen to protect the privacy of the important data on your phone.

iPhone app to lock phone:

The Find My iPhone app to lock phone is equipped with an interesting feature called the Activation Lock which is innovated in order to stop anyone else other than you from accessing your iPhone or iPad in case of misplacement or stealing of the device. This feature is automatically activated when you start the Find My iPhone on a device which is using IOS 7 or an advanced version.

Features of Find My iPhone app to lock phone:

If anyone wants to turn off the activation lock they will need the Apple ID and password to access it to turn off the Find my iPhone app on the device and also for erasing and reactivating your device.

This keeps your device from being manhandled to seek information from it and increases the chances of recovery of your device.
I am sure from the above-mentioned apps for android and iPhones you will be able to find an app that fits according to the needs and demands of your device.


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