Top 3 Most Environmentally Friendly Cars (Which Are Also Affordable and Nice)

By Patrick Banks

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The auto market changes everyday, and the latest change is that environmentally friendly cars are finally affordable! To learn which are the best, read this!

The first car you think of when you want to help the Earth is a Tesla, but that’s not in everyone’s budget. If only there was a way to marry your desire for driving environmentally-friendly cars with your available resources.

Fortunately, there are a few other classy options out there.

Cars that are easy on emissions and easy on the wallet do exist, and this article gives you three of the best. They’re also easy on the eyes, with the style you crave in a new car. Check it out!

1. Best of the Environmentally-Friendly Cars: Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

While Hyundai does make a fully-electric version of this vehicle, the range is only about 125 miles before it needs to charge again. Instead, the hybrid version helps you help the Earth, and gives you the range you need. With a price point around $23,000, it’s also cheaper than the electric Ioniq.

You’ll get up to 59 mpg highway, and it has all the style you hope for. Dress it up a little by adding leather seat covers, or take it home as-is. For something even sexier, try the Hyundai Kona, a ~$21,000 crossover with more curves and a striking look that resembles a Nissan JUKE (no longer in production in the U.S.).

As a bonus, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) gave this vehicle the cleanest rating on the market today–for the third year in a row.

2. Kia Niro

This car will make your wallet very happy, but it doesn’t look like a cheap model. It’s a crossover, so you get all the advantages of a car built for cargo, but none of the cost. The base model starts at ~$24,000.

The Niro gets 52 mpg in the city, although highway performance drops to 42 mpg. You can find more bells and whistles if you opt for the extras, like driver-assistance tech and a nice navigation system that works with the hybrid features to save energy.

3. Nissan Leaf

For ~$7,000 more than the base price (just under $30,000), you can get a bigger battery that lasts up to 212 miles in the Leaf. Even though it’s more expensive, that’s a pretty good range, considering that most other all-electric competitors aren’t getting more than 150 on a good day.

This zippy little hatchback is the most popular electric car on the market today, with over 400,000 sold since its debut in 2010. The Leaf has a ton of cargo room compared to even the Niro, with plenty of space for all your luggage and room to spare with seats folded down. It’s also a stylish ride and features a comfortable cabin and seats.

Greenest Cars on a Budget

These three environmentally-friendly cars are also wallet-friendly. They come with bonuses like style and comfort, meaning they can run with the big dogs of higher price brackets.

If you want something like a Tesla but can’t pay the expensive fee, choose an Ioniq, Niro, or Leaf to get the job done. They’ll provide the classy ride you want with the affordability you need.

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