10 Easy to Get Foods You Need In Your Diet For Ultimate Health

By Emily Pham

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Have you ever heard about the adage: “You are what you eat”. Because of this reason, sometimes you end up feeling like the lean cut of beef or a cream-filled Twinkie you aspire to be. That’s why you are also trying to have a healthier diet like all of us. But the truth is, that is not enough. Since if you are eating bananas by the bunch, tossing back cold-pressed juices, and scarfing salads made of iceberg lettuce, you are eating healthy, but you are not eating smart.

To get the lightning-quick brain, unquenchable libido, and shrink-wrapped abs, you need to make each bite of food you put in the mouth count. That means building the diet around the most nutrient-dense, muscle-growing, potent, disease-fighting foods.

But where should you start? And what foods are considered as the fittest? Don’t worry, keep reading and try ten foods with their dosage below:

1. Almonds

82 calories per 1/2-oz serving

Consume three servings per week

Almonds and other nuts are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, fiber, vegetal protein, and vitamin E. Hence they are great for the heart, digestive system, as well as skin. Some guys avoid them since they are too calorie-dense. But that is a mistake. One study showed that adding two ounces of almonds to the diet on a regular basis does not make the significant change in the weight. Because almonds are such a hard food, a substantial quantity of their calories is not absorbed by the body. Additionally, another study discovered that eating almonds daily lowers the risk of heart disease and improves the ability of the body to remove unwanted cholesterol.

To add almonds into the diet, try keeping a bag of lightly seasoned or dry-roasted almonds in your desk drawer and snack throughout the day. Apart from that, you can use almond butter to make the sandwich or blend it into the smoothie you like.

2. Tomatoes

83 calories per cup

Consume four servings per week

In fact, tomatoes are called “love apples” and the reputation as the best food for the sexual health. However, it has another outstanding feature. It is lycopene. This powerful antioxidant that comes from the pigment giving tomatoes their red color, which can fight off some diseases, even prostate cancer.

Numerous studies indicate that men who include many the tomato and tomato-based products in the diet are less likely to suffer prostate problems than men who rarely consume the stuff. Plus, the good news for guys: Tomatoes are also the rare food which is more nutritious as cooked. Because Lycopene gets more bio-available to our body after it has been heated, you can start the new day with a cup of tomato juice and enjoy a tomato sauce a couple of times per week.

3. Whole-wheat Bread

140 calories per two slices

Consume six slices a week

White flour is not just an excellent source of fiber and protein; it is also easy to digest in the body, giving us a rapid rise of energy. Not only that, it makes you feel full longer and provides the power as sustainable as possible. Just watch out when you buy something that is claimed to be whole grains. It can only look brown since it is colored with molasses. Instead of purchasing based on color, check the list of ingredients. The exact whole-grain products are those which contain 100% whole grain or wheat listed as the first ingredient when you look at the packaging.

4. Water

0 calories

Consume eight 8-oz glasses a day

As simile as that. If you do not have the habit of drinking enough water on a day, start. Water flushes toxins out of your body, regulates body temperature, prevents kidney stones, acts as an insulator for joints, and supplies the body with crucial minerals. Without water, other super foods also become useless. Though water brings benefits in every way, maybe it is at its most powerful when it comes to weight loss. Consuming about two glasses of water a half hour before mealtime can take the edge off the hunger.

Rather than drinking plain water that makes you feel bored, try making about two liters of sugar-free lemonade, and you can use throughout the day, or purchase a pack of calorie-free flavorings to help your water bottle more attractive.

5. Oatmeal

148 calories per 1/2 cup

Consume three to four servings per week

There is nothing better than a healthy bowl of cereal to stimulate your energy and supply you with hours of fuel. This nutritious food is also filled with immunity-boosting and stress-fighting zinc. If that was not enough to convince you to start adding oatmeal into the diet right now, keep in mind that oats can also help lower weight and decrease the risk of heart disease. Additionally, it contains a high level of soluble fiber that can protect your heart and arteries by eliminating cholesterol and declining levels by up to 30 points.

However, the best oatmeal may not be the most convenient. Those single-serving packs which are distributed to grocery stores contain sugar and hence excess calories. Instead, use instant oatmeal and add your favorite fruit or calorie-free sweeteners. You can also prepare overnight oats and add some superfoods like milk, nuts, chia seeds, and fruit.

6. Olive Oil

119 calories per tbsp

Consume two tablespoons per day

Olive oil is filled with good monounsaturated fat that makes it an ideal food for the heart health. In fact, studies indicate that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in lard and butter) with monounsaturated fat can reduce the heart disease risk. But that is not the only reason to consume it. Olive oil also contains potent anti-inflammatory properties. That means it can help ease pain and swelling like a dose of ibuprofen. Besides cooking with olive oil, you can add it as a dressing to your salad, by mixing one or two tablespoons into the daily protein shake.

7. Blueberries

41 calories per ½ cup

Consume one or two cups a week

Of all kinds of fruit, blueberries may be the best. Whether you get them raw, toss into cereal, mix in a smoothie or fruit salad, blueberries pack more fiber, minerals, and vitamins per ounce than any other type of fruit. Chief among those nutrients are antioxidants fighting free radicals that travel around the body and damage cells, promote disease, and trigger signs of premature aging.

Need another reason to consume them? How about the memory? Those same antioxidants which fight disease are also useful in keeping connections between cells in the brain and nervous system, ensuring quicker, clearer thinking and the best memory possible.

8. Black Beans

227 calories per cup

Consume two servings a week

Small but mighty, beans can help you feel full longer because they are incredibly high in fiber that swells in the stomach and promotes the feeling of fullness. Plus, they are stuffed with a very complicated form of carbohydrate which can take the body a long time to convert into energy. Similar to meat, they also contain a significant amount of protein. But, differing from meat, they have got no saturated fats. Although all types of beans are always high on the lists of most nutritious foods, why do we recommend black beans? Easy, because they have more fiber than any other kind of beans in the legume family.

9. Sweet Potatoes 

100 calories per medium potato

Consume once a week

An incredibly satisfying vegetable, just a 4-ounce sweet potato includes a plentiful shot of vitamins C and E, a hefty dose of iron, and more than 100% of the daily supply of beta-carotene – a nutrient vital for the immune system and good vision. Together, these nutrients help protect our body against all types of cellular damage, especially in athletes who have to compete in extreme environments like heat, cold, altitude, or pollution. They are also the great kind of food for muscle recovery after tough exercises.

And there are more ways to consume them than just boiled and baked. Try stirring cooked, diced sweet potato into your favorite potato salad recipe or grate them into hamburgers or meatloaf.

10. Spinach

7 calories per cup

Consume two to three servings a week

What do dietitians have in common with happy cartoon sailors? All of them love their spinach because of many reasons. These leafy greens are rich in fiber, calcium, and virtually the recommended dosage of beta-carotene of your entire day. If you can’t stand spinach plain, dropping it into pasta dishes, burritos, and canned soup.

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