10 Questions First-Time CBD Users Ask

By Patrick Banks

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CBD is becoming extremely popular these days, and now there are a lot of new consumers asking questions about CBD products and the ways they should use them. Today you can easily buy CBD products online, but you can still have many questions about their consumption. We’ve gathered the ten most common questions about CBD to help you start with it.

What is CBD?

First, we want to start with one of the most important questions. What is CBD? СBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound of the cannabis Sativa plant. There are 113+ compounds in the cannabis plant, but the most prevalent is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (the substance that makes you high), and CBD is the second most prevalent compound.

What can CBD be used for?

CBD has a wide spectrum of use, has shown positive results in reducing anxiety, stress, pain management, and insomnia, and has anti-inflammatory effects. So it is widely used for medical purposes and helps people to overcome various conditions related to those symptoms. Today, we have one CBD-based drug approved by the FDA. Epidolex is used in the treatment of seizures in epilepsy patients. However, CBD isn’t a cure, and you should remember it. Studies go on to discover potential benefits and uses of CBD. 

How can I use CBD?

There are many methods to consume CBD and receive benefits from its effects. For example, they could be creams, lotions, CBD oils, tinctures, edibles like CBD gummies, or a smoking form. Each is based on the mix of the effect wanter, personal preference, and experimentation. All people are different, and CBD might work differently for every person. You can try a few consumption methods to find the one that fits you the most. For instance, a salve can help you through soreness and joint pain, and CBD oil can help you with muscle recovery. CBD edibles are good at reducing anxiety. If you are looking for CBD edibles near me, go via the link.

Are marijuana and hemp the same plant?

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants from the same plant family but are different strains. They have different effects on your body and your mind. For example, hemp can’t make you high, but marijuana has psychoactive properties. When you purchase CBD, you should ensure that it is derived from the flower of the plant. 

How does CBD work?

Your body is a complicated mechanism with many systems that work together to help your organism function. For example, they are digestive, nervous, respiratory, andendocannabinoid systems. This system was discovered in the 1980s, and its role is in maintaining homeostasis or balance, regulating your mood, sleep, memory, pain, appetite, digestion, inflammation, etc. Our daily stressors like pain or anxiety affect us, and the balance is ruined. However, our bodies respond to cannabinoids from CBD that can restore this balance and help us to feel better. So CBD affects your endocannabinoid system and makes us feel better.

Is CBD legal?

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has been legal under federal law if it contains less than 0.3% of THC. So CBD is legal to use all over the US. It created a new wave of popularity for CBD products. 

Is it safe to use CBD?

CBD is safe to use, and it doesn’t cause addiction or side effects. However, there are still some unpleasant side effects. So be well-informed about the dose and always buy CBD products from reliable companies which provide high-quality products to the market.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

CBD is unlikely to show up on a drug test. However, sometimes it could happen. It depends on the lab where the test is done and on the equipment they are using. Laboratories registered false positive tests when the person consumed CBD products. Remember that fact if you have to pass a drug test.

What is the right dosage of CBD?

CBD dosage might differ dramatically. It will depend on your weight, metabolism, and individual chemistry. However, we recommend starting with lower doses and increasing the amount of CBD until you reach the result wanted. For a petite body type, we recommend starting with 10mg daily. For larger builds, you can start with 20-30mg daily. You can find all the dosing information on each CBD product. Think of creating a daily journal of your dosage and its effects on your organism.

Can CBD help me with anxiety?

Many people suffer from various cases of anxiety. CBD can help people to reduce anxiety and improve mental health. CBD has no psychoactive effects, allowing consumers to live their day without anxiety. It is widely used to treat such conditions, so you can try and ensure it works for you. 

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