10 Unexpected Reasons Why Married Men Live Longer Than Single Men (Backed by Science!)

By Warren Fowler

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Perhaps one of the most popularly misunderstood things about marriage is its effect on the husband’s wellbeing. Most people, both online and offline, will joke about how marriage is a prison of sorts for the men. There’s even a running joke about the real meaning behind the phrase “tying the knot.” It’s not positive.

Despite all the negativity, however, science says that married men are happier than single men. Surprised? Don’t be. If you think about it, there are lots of things married men enjoy that single men never get the opportunity to experience. Here are 10 of them.

1. Regular Sex

Yes, this is a valid reason. Regular sex has been shown by studies to boost the health of a man immensely. That’s why married men are, on the whole, healthier than single men.

It’s a well-known fact that married men have more sex than single men, even if the single man is Casanova reincarnate. Actually, regular sex can make a man look up to 10 years younger! It gives the man better circulation and a certain youthful glow that tells everyone they’re getting it great in the bedroom!

2. Emotional Stability

Men have nothing like the robust emotional support networks that women have. When a man has strong emotions, he is more likely to keep them bottled up than express them. This is even more pronounced for a single man.

A married man, on the other hand, has the emotional support of their spouse. They can tell them about anything and are more likely to get an empathetic ear from their wife than from “their boys.”

3. Reduced Risk of Depression

This one is related to the emotional stability point. Single men are shown to have higher levels of depression than married men. This one, however, isn’t just restricted to single men. It also includes men who are in unhappy relationships. The perfect guard against depression is a happy relationship with the right person.

4. Lifespan

This is perhaps the surest sign that married men are having a better time. A study was conducted at Harvard that showed that married men tend to live longer than single men. As a matter of fact, they found a direct correlation between the amount of time a man stayed married and the increase in his lifespan when compared to that of other men his age. On average, married men live up to 7 more years than their single counterparts.

5. Healthier Eating

Home cooking has immense benefits for married men. Men who are in relationships will tend to enjoy home cooking a lot more frequently than their single counterparts.

Home cooking will help you avoid all the chemicals and excess calories you get from canned food and junk food. You’ll also reduce the amount of money you spend at the restaurant, which will be good for your mental health. Men who enjoy healthy home-cooked meals will tend to have slimmer waistlines and be less prone to obesity.

6. Higher Cancer Survival Rates

Single people have lower overall cancer survival rates. Why? Because they are less likely to get checked for the disease and less likely to bother seeking treatment once they have been diagnosed with it. This actually applies to both men and women. Married people, on the other hand, are more likely to get diagnosed earlier and seek advanced treatment, giving them higher survival rates.

7. It’s a Cure for Loneliness

My friend John Hendrickson, from BestEssays, puts it the best way. “Finding the right person cures you of loneliness you never even knew you had.” Loneliness is related to many psychological conditions, including depression and stress-related disorders. It also leads to weight gain, higher blood pressure, mental illnesses, and a shorter lifespan. Married men don’t feel loneliness as much.

8. It’s Easier to quit Addictions

Men who are addicted to smoking find it far easier to quit when they are in happy relationships with non-smokers. Single men have a harder time doing this. Overall, married men will tend to have more encouragement from their spouses, which builds up positive reinforcement and helps them quit.

9. Less Trouble with the Law

Men are overall greater risk takers than women. However, when they get married, the woman will tend to temper the man’s appetite for risk, and he will be less likely to engage in risky behavior, both health and law related. Married men are therefore less likely to do anything that will damage their health or land them in jail than single men.

10. Better Brain Functioning

Studies show that married men actually have lower chances of suffering from certain mental illnesses than their single counterparts. These include Alzheimer’s and dementia, among others. Despite numerous studies being conducted on the topic, it’s still not well understood why this is so.

These are only some of the reasons why married men are having a much happier time and living longer than single men. If you’re a single man, don’t stay single too long. The sooner you find your better half, the happier you’ll be!

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