10 Unusual Yoga Classes You Would Not Believe Exist

By Patrick Banks

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For many years, yoga classes have remained the same. But with creativity, modern people have discovered new ways to workout. In the past, yoga was mostly stretching, balancing and breathing. When hot yoga was introduced, many people thought it was the craziest idea, ever. Yet, as people have adapted to modern times, they have begun to discover many fun and unusual types of yoga.
10 Unusual Yoga Classes You Would Not Believe Exist

In this article, we are going to share ten unusual yoga classes that you may never have tried or heard about. They include Goat Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Naked Yoga, and many others.

Let’s get started.

1. Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is one of the funny yoga classes you may want to try. Cat and Dog Yoga seem to be hot but this one is hotter of all the two.

This type of yoga involves having a little goat crawl and jump on your back as you stretch yourself. It’s fun and weird. Just search it on YouTube and give it a try. You will love it!

2. Naked Yoga


Naked Yoga?

Yes, the name says it all, and many people are trying this yoga class because it creates awareness of your whole body as you stretch.

Naked yoga, also known as Noga or Nude Yoga is practiced in the nude. This is another unusual  yoga class that modern people have invented.

The good thing about this type of yoga is that you get to know how your whole body is responding. It’s also great when it comes to boosting self-esteem, because you learn to overcome anxieties related to your body image.

Usually, this type of yoga is reserved for women only or couples. And if you don’t feel comfortable about it, you can try it at home before you join a class. It’s strange but allows freedom of movements and gives you a better understanding of your beauty.

3. Water Yoga

If you have a swimming pool in your back yard, then you can try water yoga at home. Otherwise, take an aqua yoga class at your local gym or yoga studio. This is one of the most amazing yoga classes, because water makes everything better!

This type of yoga teaches you how to balance because you are stretching inside moving water. The buoyancy effect eases your joints.

4. Tantrum Yoga

This type of yoga was founded by Hemalayaa, an LA teacher in a bid to help people relieve themselves of the stress and negative emotions that occupy our minds.

You scream, kick, stomp your feet the same way children do while playing. Furthermore, this yoga will make you feel like a baby for a while and before you realize it, you’ve stretched all of your major muscle groups.

The secret to this yoga style is that it makes you feel relaxed and calm afterward so your body can digest the food you eat smoothly and effectively. Chances are that you’ve been practicing this type of yoga without knowing. Now you know. Get going!

5. Ganja Yoga

In his book- Ganja Yoga (which is available on Amazon), Dee Dussault, outlines the benefits of cannabis.

And yes, according to him, cannabis brings a sense of relaxation and peace within your body; it keeps you attentive and focused, and increases awareness and that’s exactly what you get when you practice Ganja Yoga.

This type of yoga is practiced mostly in California and other states that have legalized marijuana so you may want to find out before you face legal action in your state.

6. Laughter Yoga

Laughter heals. It stimulates the immune system, the brain, and triggers the release of endorphins- the feel-good hormone.

Perhaps that’s why Laughter Yoga University was founded, given the tons of benefits this type of yoga provides. More than 400 Laughter Clubs have been established in the US alone.

This type of yoga involves just laughing voluntarily as you do some exercises like breathing and laughing. It feels crazy but make no mistake to underestimate the power of this yoga class.

7. Beer Yoga

Do you love beer? Why not try this yoga?

Germany is the home of beer and perhaps that’s why this yoga class was invented. But it’s now getting embraced worldwide. Arguably, there are commonalities between yoga and beer, in how they both may heal the body and the mind, when used in moderation.

So why not drink a bottle of beer and join the masses?

8. Dog Yoga

Why not have your furry best friend practice yoga with you?

Your dog could teach you yoga poses you wouldn’t believe exists.

This type of yoga helps to unite you with your furry companion. You train him or her to imitate what you do and when he gets used to the poses, you do it all together. You may even want to practice with your four-legged friend on top of you.

9. Cat Yoga

Of course, you would expect it. If there is goat yoga, dog yoga, why not try cat yoga as well?

Well, there are no proven health benefits of Cat Yoga but like any other type of yoga out there, you cannot underestimate the power of this yoga class.

Take your cat and some mat and get cat yoga-ing.

10. SUP Yoga

If you love the water then this type of yoga is worth giving a try.  It’s a sports activity where you use a paddleboard and a paddle, usually in calm water. This type of yoga helps you to learn how to balance yourself without support other than a rocky paddleboard.

It’s a good option for people who want to try yoga on the beach or public pool. It requires a lot of balance though, so it may be not fit for beginner yogis.

Final Thoughts

Chances are that you never knew these fun yoga experiences existed. Some of these yoga classes haven’t gone international, but they are worth trying now that you’ve known them.

Let’s hear some of the unusual yoga classes you know in the comments section.

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