13 Cheesy Pick Up Lines: So Bad, They Are Good

By Patrick Banks

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Cheesy pick up lines

If you’re a girl who likes to enjoy a night out with friends, there is an imminent chance you’ve heard many pick-up lines. Even if you’re not into club hopping, you could hear these lines from guys anywhere. While many think that these lines are lame or creepy, men throw them out from time to time to make girls wince and laugh.

Some men think that distancing themselves from cheesy pick-up lines is a good idea and they are partially right. However, some of the cheesy pick-up lines are so bad that they become funny. And those lines are golden when done properly. So, we scoured the web and asked friends to tell us about the cheesiest pickup lines that actually worked. They have helped others, but can they help you?

1. If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber.

One of the greatest things about cheesy pick-up jokes is that they work perfectly as ice breakers. If you can make a bad cheesy joke sound funny, you’re the winner. How? Read further to find out how to use this kind of pick-up line.

2. Hi, I heard you were looking for me?

The simple way to make a cheesy pick-up line work is to make it sound organic. So, stay true to yourself. If you aren’t a slick guy, stick to simple and fun pick-up lines that portray your personality. And if you are a slick guy, go for the cheesiest line you can think of, as you’ll be able to back it up.

3. What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a dirty mind like this?

Make sure you aren’t saying anything out of the blue, make the pick-up line relevant. Say something about the place where you are. It’s a simple way to articulate who you are without giving up too many details during the first meeting.

4. So here I am. What are your other wishes?

Flattery can get you everywhere. As a form of flattery, funny flirting can set the girl at ease. A well-spoken cheesy pick-up line, while admittedly flirtatious, is mostly appreciated by women. It works best if the line doesn’t compliment the look of the girl directly, but will compliment her total self: intellect, profession, and so on.

5. Do you have my pen? Cool, so write down my number.

Don’t forget that first judgment and impressions are formed within seconds, so the way you deliver your pick-up line is critical. Ensure that you sound sincere when saying the line as you don’t want to look fake or corny. Be confident, not arrogant!

Remember, cheesy pick-up lines don’t work at all when you deliver them in a wrong way. The best conversation starters sound natural and will lead to a romantic conversation, but don’t think a lady will become hopelessly attracted to you just because you’ve memorised a couple of pick-up lines.

6. Your eyes are so cute. Oh, no. The right one is a bit cuter!

This cheesy pick-up line can work because it’s sly and understated. It distracts the girl because she expects you to end your line after the first sentence. She has no reason to expect something else and when she realises this she will think you’re clever. Women like clever guys. Therefore, a clever and direct pick-up line is a winning combo.

7. I wanted to say bless you, but it looks like God already did.

This cheesy pick-up line shows that you can think on your feet. Use a sneeze, it is a moment of opportunity for talking to a girl you don’t know. If you can grab hold of the moment, you’ll be impressed. Besides, if it’s a squeaky sneeze, you’re catching a girl at a vulnerable moment and complimenting her beauty. Women appreciate that.

8. Could you please stop staring at me? You’re making me self-conscious!

Execution is key if you are going to use this cheesy pick-up line. This can be either rude and creepy or charming and you will laugh with the girl. It’s cute because the girl knows it’s not true and she also knows you know that. The line just says that you need an excuse to talk to the girl and you’re not too shy to let her know that. If you’re a confident guy, you should definitely try this one.

Simple tip: this borders on extremely cheesy, but it’s also very charming. Just stay away from ladies that already look annoyed or unhappy, but these girls probably shouldn’t be approached with cheesy pick-up lines anyway. Choosing a cheerful-looking girl is 50% successful.

9. Your lips look so lonely, would they mind meeting mine?

When it comes to getting a girl, it all starts with the first approach – the moment you walk up to the girl and strike up a cute conversation. Sometimes it’s easy because you have a reason to approach the woman and in other situations, you should have something ready to say. And when you need something to say, you also need the courage to say it correctly. If you’re not looking for serious relationships, you can easily approach girls with this phrase.

The real reason that makes men scared about just walking up to a girl is the idea of being made look like a fool or being rejected publicly (or even privately). However, there are guys out there that can say the cheesiest pick-up line and get the girl’s number within minutes. If they can, why can’t you do the same?

10. Could you touch my arms so my friends can see I’m being touched by an angel?

We have seen men who are actually called so they can get any lady they want, but sometimes even they fail. We have also seen men who evolved from zero to hundred so that they can approach any woman they are interested in and start a conversation with a cheesy pick-up line. Many guys try to find a way to walk up to a woman and have the line all ready to say, but the truth is what you say is not the most important thing. That’s why cheesy pick-up lines work.

The truth is, if a girl feels you’re a pleasant and funny guy, she will not reject you. If you’re learning the routines and pick-up lines, but don’t show your personality to a girl, you won’t be successful with women as you communicate something to them that automatically turns them off. Don’t focus only on the approach because you will forget what all the pick-up lines and conversation starters are meant to be.

You can’t force a girl to date you or sleep with you. You can’t force anyone into liking you, no one can. Guys often blame pick-up lines for being too cheesy, but what they often disregard is the ability to enjoy the moment when being around a girl they like.

For some men, it’s not easy to walk up to a woman, so it looks like they are forced to strike up a conversation. If that is you, don’t be surprised to be rejected even after using a pick-up line that works for everyone else.

If we think about why ladies want to talk to men; the reason is because they enjoy it. If the person approaching her isn’t enjoying the situation at all, it will be difficult for her to feel relaxed and have fun while talking to you. Don’t learn pick-up lines simply because you need to find a universal solution to get the ladies, learn them so you can feel more relaxed while enjoying a conversation with a woman.

11. Call the police, you just stole my heart!

The real problem is that many guys have no idea how to walk up to a girl and start a conversation with a pick-up line that sounds natural, so they do just the opposite. These guys have read so many different things about approaching girls that they think it’s rocket science. However, the big news is… approaching the girl you like is no different than approaching any other person, be it a man or a woman.

The guys who tend to idealise the situation of approaching the girl can sometimes forget about reality. Asking for a girl’s phone number using a pick-up line is not hard because it’s apart of our daily life and the only thing you need to learn when it comes to asking ladies out is social skills. If your pick-up line is genuine enough and you enjoy talking to a girl, then she will like it as well; you will both have a nice conversation and you will end up with her phone number.

If you think that dating a girl is a game, then you don’t understand what it’s all about and the girl will reject you. The simple truth is that women love to be approached in a way that shows them they are wanted. They also like talking with men they don’t know, but they hate guys who are not genuine, who are only trying to hit on them. So if you’ve tried to hit on a girl, don’t be surprised if she rejects you.

12. No wonder sky is grey today because all the blue is in your eyes.

We’ve talked to girls in a club and asked them what they think about cheesy pick-up lines and the entire approaching thing. You’ll be surprised but many girls say that guys are so shy, all they do is keep staring at them for the whole night, but never make a move and then they get so drunk that they become too courageous. Then they walk up to the ladies being overly aggressive or tense about the situation, which disgusts girls to hell!

In the end, all a girl wants is to have an interesting and funny conversation and to get to know new people, but most men act like there is a huge mission that needs planning, implementing, controlling, and recalculating, they simply screw it up. What do you need to do? Have a successful mindset!

When approaching a woman, make it look like it’s not about landing a girl in bed or getting a phone number, but about getting to know her and having a good time. Apply this attitude when you’re going to start a conversation with a pick-up line and you will successfully approach a girl and have a nice chat.

13. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

Don’t be blinded by the beauty of a girl. Just talk to her. The best thing about approaching girls with genuine interest is that after both of you have had an interesting conversation and enjoyed the time, she will love to give you her phone number. For some reason, this is something a lot of guys can’t get through their thick skulls!

Getting a number isn’t a success if the girl isn’t going to see you again afterwards. If you didn’t have a good chat when you first met, but instead just got the number and walked away, there is no point for her to see you again. She simply won’t feel comfortable enough.

Now, what does this article say to you?

If you enjoy the time when you are approaching a woman and it doesn’t matter when and where then you will succeed with even the cheesiest pick-up line. And if you are still uncomfortable with your approach, then practice a little bit and remind yourself that ladies do enjoy starting a conversation with guys, they just want to feel unique and wanted.

Successful guys who get any number of girls follow a simple pattern that makes women feel comfortable and enjoy the time they spend together. So choose the pick-up line that suits you the best and approach women in a natural and smooth way, without the fear of seeming unnatural or being rejected.

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