17 Surprising Ways to Use Tinder, Facebook and Other Social Media to Become More Intelligent

By Jessica Freeman

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If men were being honest when asked to name their favorite hobby, they would all give this answer: stalking ex girlfriends on Instagram. Social media is part of everyone’s life. Even if you resist the trends, you’ll at least end up with a LinkedIn profile. And Facebook. And Twitter, of course. Well, guess what: you don’t have to feel guilty about it. There’s nothing worse than a man who got stuck in the ‘80s.
17 Surprising Ways to Use Tinder, Facebook and Other Social Media to Become More Intelligent

Just like a healthy dinner gives us strength and nutrients, a healthy daily dose of social media gives us information and opportunities to shine in the online society. Believe it or not, social media can be very useful for us. If we don’t turn it into a useless obsession of stalking people, scrolling down the feeds, and falling for clickbaits, we might actually learn something new. We might develop great habits.

How Social Media Helps You Develop Practical Life Habits. 17 of Them!

Now, we’re not going to talk about picking up women through social media… even though that’s also a practical skill you can benefit from. We’re going to focus on life habits that will make you feel very useful and proud of yourself when using these networks. Are you ready?

1. Making business deals through LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers unparalleled potential for interaction with business contacts. You can find potential employers, market yourself as an outstanding professional, and find people you can collaborate with. The business community on this network is huge. You can read blog posts written by people who became successful and don’t mind sharing their experience. You can join groups where you’ll get valuable information related to your profession. The opportunities are limitless.

2. Daily learning through YouTube

Watching workout videos on YouTube is great. You get inspired to move and stay committed to your exercise routine. Listening to music is also great. But, that’s not where you should stop. YouTube is the best free university in the world. It’s an endless source of knowledge.

You want to learn something about the universe to impress that woman you invited for a date? No problem; a YouTube video can take care of that. You’re interested in travelling to Greece? There are great travel channels that will give you what you need. You want to start playing the guitar? Finally! You can find beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons on YouTube. You can find anything.

3. Connecting with bloggers on Twitter

So you found a great technology blog, but you have a question for the author. One of the ways to get in touch is through the comment section. But, that can be messy. People will start responding, and you might forget to check out the post for an answer. Have you tried Twitter? All bloggers are out there. They are willing to connect with their audience, so you can ask them anything.

You have questions about parachuting, paintball, bungee-jumping, or laser tag? Many bloggers who are experts on extreme activities are active on Twitter. Tag them!

4. Building communication skills through Tinder

Did we say we weren’t going to talk about picking up women? Oops. Well, here it comes: Tinder can really help you become better at talking to women. You don’t have to date those women; you can use them for exercise. Wait; before someone accuses us of misogyny, let’s clarify: you’ll just talk to them. They will like that, and so will you.

Talking through Tinder is easy. You know what people are there for, and you can easily come up with conversation starters when the computer mediates between you and the other side of the conversation. This practice will prepare you for the real thing, so you’ll finally become more confident about serious dating.

5. Find a meditation guru

You’ve seen those Instagram yogis who seem like they are spending their days being upside down, haven’t you? They are true online celebrities. Well, some of these people are doing something more than handstands. They are trained, certified instructors who can teach you to calm yourself down through meditating.

Explore Instagram. Once you’re done being overwhelmed by the poses you see, pick a favorite yogi from your area and start attending classes. Some of these people offer online meditation sessions, so you can consider that option, too.

6. Getting hiking tips through videos and social media groups

So you paid a crazy amount of money for hiking shoes, and you felt an irresistible need to invest in some garments on top of everything. You went for a hike and it didn’t go so well. You didn’t know what do to, how to move, when to take a rest, and when to push yourself.

Here’s what you can do: search for professional hikers on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They will give you all the tips you need. Oh, don’t forget to explore Pinterest, too. All you need to do is search for hiking tips, and the platform will serve tons of online resources for you to explore. That’s what we call a useful daily habit.

7. Studying for your driver’s test

You have a question on driving, but you’re too embarrassed to ask your instructor? Ask Reddit, or find a YouTube video that explains the issue. Chat with your friends through Facebook, and ask them. You can always get the right driving tips when you have social media to rely on.

8. Getting book recommendations

Goodreads is like a book club you always wanted to be in. It’s cool, and it always has something new to offer. When you want to improve your memory skills, read a valuable book, or check out what the ladies are reading these days, you can get your answers through Goodreads.

You can also find great reading clubs in the form of Facebook groups. These communities offer book recommendations and have productive discussions about different types of reads. Join them! You’ll feel so good when you have someone to talk to about the book you just read.

9. Practice being a good speaker

Everyone keeps telling you the same thing over and over again: if you can’t speak well in front of other people, the only way to overcome the fear is to face it. Yeah, right. Your voice cracks and you start sweating. After you’re done, you’re glad it’s over. The next time you find yourself in such situation, you remember the last time you embarrassed yourself, and it goes even worse. Is that what they call practice?

Okay, maybe that works, but you have to be very strong and persistent. Until then, you can practice via social media. Chat with people you know and don’t know. You’ll be getting better at small talk before you realize. With time, you’ll build enough confidence to transfer that skill to real-life communication.

Bonus: you can follow world-class motivational speakers on Facebook and other social networks. Their talks can transform you into a whole different person.

10. Reading valuable articles

Who reads newspapers these days? All information you need is available via social media. When you follow the right pages on Facebook, the feed can serve as your daily source of info. You can get news from different news sites, so you’ll compare them and form your own opinions.

You’ll be so informed that you’ll always figure out what to talk about in social occasions.

11. Becoming tech-savvy

A man without technology is like a woman without *place your favorite part of her body here*. Seriously, you need at least basic understanding of technology, and you need to invest in gadgets. Where you get all information you need? Social media, duh! You can easily find great tutorials and reviews to watch on YouTube, and you can discuss the features of different devices on Facebook groups.

12.Learning foreign languages

My grandfather used to say: “as many languages you know, as many times you’re a human being.” He was a smart guy. In the era of modern technology, learning a foreign language is easier than ever. You want to learn French? No problem; there are YouTube videos and Facebook groups for that.

The coolest part about social media is that they connect you to native speakers. If you’ve always liked Italian girls but you didn’t know how to approach them, here’s your chance: ask them to give you feedback on your language skills.

13. Becoming a video games pro

Gaming is no longer a solitary activity. There’s an entire gaming society you can join, and you can become a pro thanks to social media. Heck, you can even start making money through gaming.

Try not to turn gaming into an addiction, though. Wait; even if that happens, you can get into a Facebook group where people with similar problems support each other. Oh, social media is the coolest thing ever!

14. Promoting or starting a business

If you’re a true businessman, you know how important social media is for your marketing efforts. You can conduct an entire marketing campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms. Cheap and effective!

Facebook also allows you to start a store, so if you have a great idea and some money to invest, you can become a successful businessman thanks to social media. You can learn to protect your finances on Money Brighter.

15. Getting style ideas

The way you carry yourself is more important than you think, so pay attention to your style. What are you going to wear to your best friend’s wedding? What are the hottest items of the season? What colors are in? Are those shoes you wear every day outdated? What are the coolest guys wearing these days? Here’s the answer to all your questions: Pinterest. No no; it’s not a girly site. It’s everything you need to get fashion ideas and revamp your style.

16. Studying your future workplace

You really, really want to work for a particular organization? You can write a much better resume if you make an effort to understand its culture. And, you can hack into its culture if you fall its pages all over social media. See what links and resources are shared on the fan pages, and understand the way the company communicates with its audience. You’ll also write a great cover letter that shows you would fit right into the office vibe.

Plus, you’ll learn everything about the important projects of the company, so you’ll shine at the interview.

17. Getting survival habits

You still can’t get over the fact that Lost is over? Well, you can watch your favorite moments via YouTube videos, but you can do it with a purpose: learning about survival. You can take things further: start looking for survival tips on social media. You never know if, when and how the world is coming to an end. You gotta be prepared for everything.

Look: social media is great. You can learn a lot and develop valuable skills solely by using these platforms. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to be responsible with the way you use social media and the time you spend on it. When you keep your activities within healthy limits, you can only benefit from being part of the online society.

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