3 Things Women Want From Their Partner

By Armando Quintana III

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What do women want? This question has puzzled men forever. As a gender, we simply seem to not fully understand women. This becomes evident when I see men try and flirt or when I am at school and I see fellow friends continuously make the wrong move with girls. It even continues on when I see divorces and how many of them could be avoided if the man would have done something different to push the relationship forward.

Some people will say while reading, “Why should I change my behavior for someone?” However, the goal is for men to be conscious of these three characteristics every day in order to create a win in their relationship for that day. The more wins a couple has, the more it becomes a habit, and that is the goal! Make these qualities a habit in order for it to become second nature.

We could go on and on in regards to this subject, but for the matters of this topic we will focus on three things that after observations, research, and personal experimentation are absolutely crucial to being the alpha male women want.

1. Desire your partner

It is easy when starting to date someone to look at them as though they are the only person in the world. At the beginning of a relationship, we want to spend a lot of time with our partner and want to talk to them as much as possible. However, this becomes more challenging over time, and for this reason, women can become dissatisfied with their relationship.

As men, we must look so deep into our partner’s eyes that we penetrate their soul. At this point, they know we are not looking at their physical features, but at who they are as a person at their core. This is important because many times when we meet someone we are interested in, they can easily assume that as a man, we must be a “dog,” and only like the physical aspects of their body. In reality, she must know you have sustenance and desire everything about her.

Always remind yourself to be conscious to look at your significant other as though you want to ravish them at that very moment. She must always feel desired and wanted, but yet, we see that this does not happen with many men. Remind her that she is not just a great, but also sexy. Help her feel like she does not need to compare herself to the models in the media, because she is who you crave. She needs to be aware that you have a fascination about her that is so intense she can feel your presence each and every time you two lay eyes on one another.

“The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.” –Madame de Stael

2. Communicate with your partner

We listen to reply, not to understand. This is the issue I see with many people. As men, we have a tendency to try and solve problems. For example, when my mother speaks to me about her life problems, more often than not, I have learned to sit across from her, nod my head from time to time, and let her vent.

This is more therapeutic for the other person, and most of the time they do not ask for our opinions on the matter. They simply want someone to listen to them. In order to know what your partner wants, listen to them. Actively listen to your companions because when we do, there is no reason why we should forget the minute details that will make or break our relationship.

It astounds me that out of the hundreds of women ranging from eighteen to ninety years of age that I have asked what they think is the most crucial part to maintaining a stable relationship always boils down to communication.

They tell me their boyfriend does not listen, does not care about them, and does not make them feel important. This all relates back to communicating with your partner in order for them to feel in the loop with your life and you in theirs. You would be surprised how many things you will notice and pick up on when truly actively listening to your girlfriend or wife.

3. Always remember why you and her began dating

Many times, we forget why we started dating. The flame that ignites at the beginning of the relationship must continue to be nurtured or else it will shut off. Unfortunately, many times men do not do enough to keep women happy. This leads to women saying the phrase, “I do not even know him anymore,” and them staying in relationships based off of comfortability. This is a big no because it is preventable! This classic phrase that I have heard from multiple women lets me know that their partner was not communicating. It is saddening to know that many of these divorces can be prevented if people were continually conscious by remembering why they started dating.

It can be easy to get lost in the fast lane of life with money, accomplishments, and other temptations, when in reality we strive for more and more things we can consume but neglect our significant other in the process. This leads to slowly providing your partner with less time and attention and then there comes a point where it is too late. Keep the feeling of excitement, unpredictability, and the fire going because this is what will keep your relationship going.

“One day you will realize you lost a diamond while too busy collecting stones.”- Unknown

I have noticed that many people do something in life in order to be more desirable to a significant other. The power associated with a job, making more money, and getting cosmetic surgery are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things human beings will do. As men, it is our duty to figure out exactly how we can help the women in our lives feel more desired because there is no reason any women should ever feel unwanted. This only happens when there was something that triggered this type of response in her. We must help her feel valued, loved, and cared for because if we want her to remain happy, then these three characteristics are a must!

Having been a dating coach and dated multiple women I can say that we must all agree that women are crazy. They drive us men insane because we believe they have a long list of demands that must be met. Nonetheless, I am proposing that when men remain conscious of making sure their significant other is their number one priority, then nothing else on the list that women have matters.

Let these women know that chivalry is not dead, because if we are conscious every time we speak to a female about desiring their company, expressing ourselves, and remembering why they chose to date you, then you will be on track to being an unforgettable friend, partner, and a lover.

About the author Armando Quintana III

Armando Quintana III is a signed model and current master’s student with the goal of being in medical school next year. He mentors high school and college students along with giving them speeches on alternative ways to reach success, and aims to educate people as a future physician on the natural healing powers of the body. He can be reached on instagram @armandoq3.

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