7 Business Ideas for College Students

By Kevin Nelson

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As a student you are the luckiest person in the world, you have more opportunities to experiment and try new things. This same thing is true when it comes to them choosing a career to pursue. You can try and see what it is like to run your own business as well as work at different companies.

Besides, you have all the chances to apply for internships at companies you always wanted to work at. It can be an excellent way to understand the inside principles of work which can be later applied to your own business.

In this article, we will focus on different activities you can try doing for a living both while still at college or as a new graduate. If you are willing to start your own business which requires minimum funds and brings in cash, then read on what we are about to introduce you to.

7 small business ideas for students and graduates

1. Blogging

For some of you who are reading this post right now, blogging might seem a little uncertain. How can one make money by writing? If you are still thinking this way, then maybe this statistics might help you change your mind.

For instance, the Huffington Post run by Arianna Huffington brings at least 29,800 USD on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Mashable blog owned by Pete Cashmore brings him around $15,8 thousand dollars every day. Of course, it took them years to take their blog to this level and make them so wildly popular. However, now as years passed they can enjoy a well-supported life.

Students can start blogs too. Just think of a good niche to enter and what subjects are of much interest to potential readers. There are many things one must take into account if he wants to make a living by writing a blog but do not feel stressed out first. Take one little step at a time, and you will reach the goal in the end.

First, pick the niche (for instance, technology, personal development, health, or fashion) which you want to launch your blog at. Then think of a goal for your blog,  create a content plan, and start writing regularly. You will pick up knowledge about SEO and other essential techniques for your blog along the way. But this would be enough for a start. So, why not giving it a try?

2. App development

To start this business, you will need a bit more time to master one of the programming languages. However, this experience totally pays off.

The thing is that app developers make great money doing what they love, and that is the luxury not everyone can afford. Finding a good place to study will not be hard too, as there are many different courses and schools which can quickly teach you programming. You can even study at home by enrolling in online courses made by trusted colleges. Thus, you will be able to live out of programming you mastered on your own.

However, we highly recommend you creating a good profile first. You should think of a project you can develop using your skills so that whenever you are asked to show examples of your work, you will have something to show. And one more thing: you can find the job as an app developer at different freelance sites if you do not feel like running your own company.

There are also plenty of apps which can earn you money while travelling.

3. Custom writing service

Students can also provide clients with this type of services when looking for ways to make their living. It is especially the case for students who have excellent writing skills and an eye for grammar and punctuation mistakes. However, even if you are no Agatha Christie when it comes to writing, you can always take a course or two to advance your level and improve your skills. In fact, there are great courses available at course site. So, if you feel like you need to boost your knowledge in this area, then that is a great resource to learn from.

But if you already feel ready to launch your business and deliver high-quality custom writing service, then start with offering your help to peers who either have no time or desire to deal with individual assignments in their busy schedule. Meanwhile, you can also offer your services to some companies. Start with writing them an email in which you will introduce them to a “teaser” of what you think can be a perfect ad or a post for their business blog. This can be a brilliant start to your career.

4. Cleaning

Do not roll your eyes: this is a business you can start the fastest among the other mentioned in this article. You do not need any particular skills or experience. We all know how to clean. All you need is the energy and connections. You do not even have to clean yourself, but rather have a team of peers who will work on you. Maybe at first, it will be a good idea to clean a few houses yourself before you get enough money to hire other people.
Make sure you have the energy to deal with such tasks, as cleaning is not only physically exhausting but also morally depending on the hosts whose house or office you clean.
You might need some savings to start with, as you will need to purchase a car (if you do not have one) as well as cleaning substances, to begin with. And also do not forget that you can also wash the windows, as some say it is even more profitable. Other than that, you are good to go!

5. Babysitting

This is another great business idea. It is not for everyone though. The one who is going to enter this niche must be extremely responsible and patient, creative and enthusiastic, flexible and open-minded. The responsibilities might differ from taking a baby home from school to teaching him Chinese and walking his dog with him. Thus, it helps if you have a versatile personality and have one or two hobbies you can pass on.
Besides, parents prefer caregivers who have either children of their own or at least siblings they helped raising. But even if you just helped your neighbours with their offspring this can go on your resume. Ask them to craft good recommendation letters for you – and send them out!

This job can be very well-paid, so you should consider it as one of your best choices if you are good with children and find yourself full of great ideas of how to entertain them.

6. Design

There are plenty of variations what kind of design you might get involved into, starting with web design and finishing with clothing designs and prints. The only thing which is common for all these positions is that you should have an excellent taste and desire to work with details and different styles.

Besides, if you are thinking of web design, you will need to obtain certain technical knowledge which is essential if you want to create websites for various businesses. This includes landings pages designs as well as main page outlay. One can obtain such knowledge at college, at some courses or online by enrolling in different classes. It is up to the one who is going to start such a business.

Also, if talking about the design of clothes, one should focus on mastering the skills of creating high-quality clothes which not only have an original look but also are sewn well.

Finally, there is also a chance to become a party decorator which can also be a good thing to do for a student. You can start by decorating your friends’ parties, and after crafting a good portfolio of images taken at those parties, you can move on to creating a profile on social networks, printing business cards, and seeking connections to help you get into the market.
Pick whatever one option sounds better to you and enjoy your own business!

7. Tutoring

This might be one of the most common businesses students opt for. Every one of us has at least one subject he was particularly good at. So, if you think about it, you can help other students who are not as good at this same subject and assist them in improving your knowledge.

It might take time at first, as every student you have will be on a different level. So, at first, you will need to craft different study plans and develop a certain system which will help you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.

A good idea here is to use the world’s best practices in teaching. Search the web to see what techniques leading schools to use when tutoring, and apply some of those principles to your own teaching. It is not as hard, as you might think, but it does take patience and discipline to organize and structure everything in a transparent manner.

The price of an hour of your work might vary depending on what subject you are helping with as well as the level of a student. Do not set too high prices at first and make them reasonable to attract clients. Later, as you gain more influence on the market, you will be able to establish higher prices.

These are fantastic business ideas students and graduates can use when looking for ideas. Everything from custom writing service to web design can turn into an excellent business with time. So, why not try it all out right now? Seize the opportunity!

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