How Much Gain an Information Technology Specialist? Salary Potentials of CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals

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There are different areas of specialities in the field of Information Technology, and choosing a career path can be a bit of a challenge. However, this can make a difference and help make your choice faster.

For instance, the CompTIA A+ certified professionals can review the various career opportunities and opt for the one that appeals best to them. They can go ahead to build their career and obtain more certifications to help them grow rapidly. No doubt, learning is important for getting a certificate and to not wonder later ‘why do I earn less than my friends?’

However, there is nothing to worry about because there are the tools you need for successful exam preparation. Without a credential, you might not be able to succeed. You might have to rely on luck to get a great programming job and more often than not, luck doesn’t smile to people without adequate preparation.

How Can You Get Prepared For Your Desired Job?

By getting a certification to validate your skills and knowledge! For instance, if you are considering a career in information security path, the CompTIA A+ credential would be a great entry-level certification to help you.

Of course, you don’t earn a certificate just because you want it. No, you have some reasons and you work for it. How to do this? Study hard and prepare for your exams.

You don’t have to worry though: there are many platforms that offer you the resources you need to excel in your test. Examsnap is a leading platform for the CompTIA A+ credential. Everything you need to achieve success at your first attempt can be found on the website.

No doubt, the right certification will lead you to a great career and salary potentials. Before we go ahead to look at the income of a CompTIA A+ certified professional, let us take a quick review of what the A+ certificate is all about.

What is CompTIA A+?

This is a core certification that is aimed at the individuals planning to take a job role in information security. The credential is offered by CompTIA, a recognized and well-respected company in the field.

The certificate validates the skills and knowledge of the candidates on some common software and hardware technologies. It also proves the skills required to support multifaceted information technology infrastructure.

The A+ certification offers a great platform for entry-level professionals to get a job in information security. It is important to mention that this certificate is vendor-neutral, which means that the certified specialists are not restricted to a specific software platform.

It equips individuals with the knowledge and skills that cover the basic requirements of the IT industry.

The average salary of CompTIA A+ certified professionals by gender

Although the credential is basic, but the salaries vary greatly and depend largely on some factors. One of such factors is the years of experience. Besides, the job role to be filled, city of employment, and even gender can be relevant.

The average income of a CompTIA A+ certified man is between $38,248 and $74,186 while that of a woman with the same certification is between $38,965 and $68,230. The reason for this is that the certificate is usually male dominated and very few women pursue it. As a matter of fact, only about 7% of CompTIA A+ certified professionals are women.

The average salary of CompTIA A+ certified professionals by city

The salary potential of certified professionals varies greatly depending on the location of your job. The specialists in New York might earn from about $39,875 to $77,950.

However, if you are in Texas, you may get anything between $39,010 and $81,870. Meanwhile, the professionals in Washington DC may have between $48,015 and $104,510, and those in Chicago can earn $40,970-$74,010. Additionally, the individuals working in Seattle Washington can earn between $43,510 and $104,510.

The average salary of CompTIA A+ certified professionals by experience

No doubt, the earning potential of certified professionals is also dependent on experience. As a matter of fact, the salary increases with years of experience, responsibilities, and certifications.

Generally, an entry-level professional with the credential can earn $40,000 per annum. Let’s look at the average salary in relation to the years of work.

A CompTIA A+ certified professional with+ less than one-year work experience can expect to earn about $38,925 per annum while a specialist with one to four years can get around $40,540.

If you have been working for 5-9 years, you can earn $45,145 averagely while an expert with ten to nineteen years of experience can have $48,370. The CompTIA A+ professionals who have worked twenty or more years can earn $50,430.

The average salary of CompTIA A+ certified professionals by job role

Your job role also has an impact on your earning potentials. As you take up more responsibilities and gain more years of experience, your income also increases. Let’s look at the earning potentials based on job roles of CompTIA A+ certified professionals.

A network administrator with the credential can earn between $40,395 and $79,370 while an information security analyst can receive $49,375-$103,050. A help desk analyst can earn between $30,150 and $58560, and a systems administrator can get from $42,470 to $86,240.

On the other hand, a professional in the job role of an IT manager with the CompTIA A+ certification can have around $51,160-$128,480.


Even though the credential is a core one, it has the capacity to attract the attention recruiters. There are numerous opportunities that are opened to a certified professional, and you always have a return on your investment. Are you ready to pursue your CompTIA A+ certification?

Find the perfect platform to get the materials for your preparation and you can be sure that you will pass your exams at the first attempt.

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