College Won’t Teach You Shit: 7 Life Lessons You Need to Understand Before Graduating

By Patrick Banks

Posted 7 years agoGROWTH

Life Lessons Students Should Learn

Despite a great value of higher education, young people should always keep in mind that having a diploma doesn’t give them any guarantees of getting a well-paid job immediately after graduation. Students should obtain a great number of skills and acquire knowledge about life and work, in general, to become successful.

1. Learning Never Ends

If were sure that you would be done with learning as soon as you go out of your university or college, you were very wrong. All students who aim to become professionals in their field of education should remember that the process of finding out something new and acquiring new skills doesn’t end after graduation.

You will always need to read more, practice more, be more in order to ensure yourself a successful career. Moreover, if you hoped that you would be done at least with boring or complicated assignments, you are wrong again. Just wait for the first task from your employer.

2. Teamwork Skills Are Vital

Most jobs involve team-working activities, and their results are based on effective collaboration.

If you think you can handle everything alone, guess what? Yes, you are wrong. You will need to communicate with other people, but each of them is a separate individual with their own positive and negative qualities, some quirks, etc. – you will have to deal with all of them. So, learn to work together with your classmates, and you will learn to adapt to working in a professional environment.

3. Time Needs to Be Managed

One of the top skills for students who want to succeed (or at least not to be fired in their first week) is time management.

The system of education is intended to help you. Studying in college or university, you face deadlines, follow a certain schedule, and often have to do plenty of things within one single day. At the same time, you mostly don’t get any serious punishment for being late, while your employer may fire you for breaking the schedule. All of this makes educational institutions a perfect environment for learning to manage your time. So, you’d better use this opportunity while you can.

4. You Need to Think About Your Job in Advance

If you don’t want to wake up one day realizing that your bank account is almost empty and that you still have no job, start looking for opportunities while you are studying.

The same applies to those who plan to start a business. It is reasonable to get prepared as early as you can. Still, a problem for many students is that they don’t have a distinct idea about how to create a powerful resume. And this is another reason to start beforehand.

5. You Will Need to Manage Money Wisely

You probably understand that success involves being responsible about money. In a serious life, this issue is critically important, but the sad thing is that colleges and universities don’t teach you to handle money.

If your educational institution offers financial classes, you must definitely take them. If not, look around for someone who can help you out with it. You will appreciate it when the first bills come.

6. Flexibility Is a Key

One of the advantages of student life is stability. You usually know what to expect and have time to get prepared to react to situations. But when you graduate, you will find yourself in an unknown and unstable world. Understanding how to adapt to different life situation, accept changes, and control emotions are the things that you should strive for. If you do figure it out, you will be able to face all those unfamiliar things and unexpected cases with ease.

7. You Can’t Hide Your Opinion

A process of speaking in public is an essential part of many college and university classes. Do you know how to express your opinion in front of the group? Re you able to you persuade others and share your thoughts so that everyone could understand? Do you respect other opinions except yours? In many professional spheres, the experience of public speech will come in handy, so use the ability to practice before graduation.


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