7 Reasons Why You Suffer From Hair Loss (And How To Fix It)

By Laura Brothers

Posted 8 years agoHEALTH

In a recent survey that we carried out, we discovered that nearly 40% of men are worried about losing their hair. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise but what is surprising, is how uneducated men are as to the real causes of hair loss. The same survey showed that 40% of men aged 18-34 thought that stress was the main cause of hair loss. Some forms of hair loss can be caused by stress but these are very rare.

The NHS also provides useful information and goes into a lot of detail regarding the various treatments that are available, but it can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing.Another common myth is that hair loss can’t actually be treated at all which simply isn’t true and in fact, some treatment such as hair transplants can be effective in up to 96% of men.

What is> the secret to protect your hair

from the negative impact of DHT?

While many men embrace the look and celebrities lead the way here, men should understand that there are actually treatments that work and you just don’t have to “man up” and deal with it if you do want to treat it.What about hats? In short, wearing a hat doesn’t cause hair loss. 1 in 5 men we spoke to believed that wearing a hat can cause hair loss which means that if they do see their hair thinning, they may falsely believe that not wearing a hat will help fix the problem. Unfortunately, it won’t and instead, they’re actually better off speaking to their Doctor or Pharmacist who can provide help.
To try and help men understand the causes better, we put together the infographic below which highlights the top seven causes of hair loss. I’ll leave you to take a look and hopefully get some useful information. As well as this, it’s worth remembering the myths above and not ditching those cool hats any time soon!
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