7 Ultimate Tips to Write a Perfect Online Dating Profile

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7 Ultimate Tips to Write a Perfect Online Dating Profile

Online dating is no longer a new thing and it’s no longer a scandalous secret to keep from all your family and friends. In fact, one can say that online dating is now somewhat socially accepted especially with 30% of internet users aged between 18 and 29 years in the US using dating sites or apps. However, it is pretty impossible for you to get good results (great dates and friends) without a good online dating profile. Therefore, the best way you can equip yourself for a pleasurable and fulfilled online dating is by applying the tips we are about to discuss here.

1. Figure out why you want to use an online dating service

What do you hope to achieve with online dating? Are you just looking for a casual relationship or something serious? It’s important that you decide the reason why you’ve decided to try online dating before you even download a dating app or visit an online dating site. There are many reasons why people use online dating sites and apps.

Some prejudiced people believe that those who use online dating services are either butt ugly, desperate to find a partner or they’re just looking for a hookup? Not necessarily. I met a 24-year-old young adult once who told me that he just wanted to use online dating sites to meet friends. He wasn’t looking for a serious relationship per se, but if one came along, he would be happy to jump on that wagon. Regardless of everyone’s different beliefs, there are many reasons why people join online dating services and why online dating services are so popular. These reasons include:

  • Some people are just too busy with their daily lives to go out and meet people.
  • Some people think they are not interesting enough or have no game to date the old-fashioned way. There was one of my coworkers, Anna who was always complaining every Monday during lunch about how badly her Friday/Saturday date went because she was so nervous. She either couldn’t speak or ended up speaking out of turn. Eventually, she decided to try the online dating scene and she and Sean, her boyfriend have left the world of virtual dating and have been in a steady boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for the past four months.
  • It’s hard to meet people and get their attention. In the busy world of today, what are the odds that you’ll meet up with that pretty lady you saw at the cafe two streets away from your office again. And how are you so sure you can persuade her to go out for a drink with you, when you had to coax even before getting her digits?
  • Some people are just looking for hookups. Yup, online dating services are popularly used to get easy sex. A 2017 survey conducted by Statista revealed that 24 percent of dating app users stated that they used online dating services for easy uncommitted sexual encounters.
  • Some people are just not fond of common places like pubs or clubs.
  • Some people just love the sortable-feature of most online dating apps and sites where you can search for people based on the characteristics you desire in a dating partner like ethnicity, age, hair color, eye color, etc.

Of course, with every good thing comes a bad thing, here are some negative reasons why people use online dating services, sites or apps:

  • They have really bad attitudes and just can’t get along with anyone around.
  • They have malicious intent. I have heard too many stories about people meeting someone online in real life and getting raped or killed.
  • They want to scam others of their money.

Although, many people who met on dating sites or apps have gotten married or gotten into good, healthy relationships, you need to be very careful how you conduct yourself and share information on online dating sites or apps. However, whatever the reasons you may have for using online dating services, you can make no progress without a good and interesting online dating profile.

2. Choose the right online dating site or app

The purpose of your online dating goes as far as determining what app or site you choose for your online dating. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you can’t just hop onto any online dating service out there, you need to choose the right online dating service for your needs.

Here are some stats to consider:

  • 75% of people aged 18 to 24 years old use Tinder. This is probably because Tinder is known mostly for being used for hookups. On a site like this, it would be really hard for you to find anyone searching for a serious relationship.
  • 36% of adults aged 25 to 34 years usually move from Tinder to Match.com because they are no longer searching for hookups, they are looking for serious or long-term relationships.
  • 58% of adults aged 45 to 54 years old use Match.com.
  • What do these stats tell you? They simply mean; while match.com is used to find serious relationships, Tinder is used mostly by people looking for hookups. As such, each of these sites cater for different sorts of people in completely different states of mind.

    3. Pick the right photo

    The next thing that comes up after knowing what you want to do with online dating and choosing your online dating app is picking the right photo. It seems easy right? And you were probably just going to pick one of your Instagram selfies, right?

    Before you pick a picture, let me remind you that first impressions matter. And this is where the purpose of your dating account becomes important yet again. Why you’re using an online dating service is what will determine how you try to portray yourself online. Here are few tips for choosing the right picture:

      • It should be a head and shoulder shot of you
      • Try to avoid using filters, instead use natural light.
      • Don’t use pictures where you’re wearing a hat or sunglasses. It seems as though you’re hiding behind something.
      • You can pick a picture where you were talking to someone or laughing with friends, that gives people a sense of who you are.
      • Make sure you look flattering in any photo you choose.

    4. Write an easy to read bio

    Your bio is not a storyboard. You need to make it structured in an easy to scan through manner. With thousands of people on online dating sites, how many people do you think have time to carefully read through your cluttered bio? Here are some things you can add to your bio:

    • Something funny
    • Your interests
    • Your personality type: Introvert/Extrovert
    • Your passions
    • Your career

    The best thing is to write a bio that can be skimmed for information and one that people will enjoy reading if they carefully read it. One of your best bets is to engage assignment writing service in getting your bio, as they offer the best tools for writing a winning online profile.

    On an online dating site with many people readily available and different pictures, you can help people interested in you or whom you might be interested in start a conversation with you much more easily if you leave conversation baits in your bio. For example:
    I love to travel because I love culture and languages I’ve visited some parts of Europe like Oaxaca, Mexico and Transylvania, Romania. I’m planning to visit Colombia next to enjoy the rich Spanish-Caribbean culture and food. What other travel destinations can you recommend?”
    This way, someone reading your profile can reach out to you to:

      1. Talk about their own visit to Mexico or Romania.
      2. Recommend a travel destination.
      3. Talk about their own travelling adventures
      4. A travel enthusiast can ask you to tell them about your travel adventures.

    6. Don’t be negative

    I remember one of my friends showing me the profile of a girl on Bumble where the girl started stating what she would not like in dating partners. Things like:

    • If you don’t have a steady job, please don’t message me.
    • I don’t want a black nigga of any sort messaging me, I’m only into white guys, so back off.

    Writing things like this makes you seem nasty and unfriendly. In fact, it’s most likely you’ll attract negative attention and energy. Try to fill your dating profile with life, positivity and happiness.
    You can fill your online dating profile with positivity if you:

    • Talk about what you want instead of what you don’t want.
    • Don’t talk about your bad luck with dating or online dating. Don’t say something like, “I’m not really a fan of online dating, because people that participate are always lying cheaters. So, if you fall in this category, don’t bother sending a message.”

    Yes, we understand that you just had a bad breakup with someone, but don’t let your frustration show in your profile. Use something like, “I’m looking for a long-term relationship that could hopefully become something more with a faithful partner who is also ready to settle down.”

      • Double-check that nothing on your profile can be construed as negative, can leave a bad impression about you or can be considered offensive by someone from any gender, race or religion.

    7. Try to show your personality

    Create an online dating profile that shows your personality. Write interests, passions, personality traits, etc. in a way that will reveal your personality. Don’t tell, but show. There is a big difference between telling people things and showing them.

    A paragraph like: “My friends say I’m pretty funny” can be restructured as, “My friends are always laughing at my antics and most times, I don’t make them laugh intentionally like that time when….”

    A well-crafted online dating profile is the key to your dating success. It can mean the difference between many uninteresting and bad dates, and a great dating experience that could lead to more (relationship or maybe even marriage).

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