10 Sex Positions That Will Make You Boost Your Intimacy Levels

By Willo Conner

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Sexual intimacy is a vital component of a healthy relationship. Intimacy allows you to have passion, get to know one another on a deeper level. It’s easy to assume sexual intimacy doesn’t matter and move on, but without it, the spark between you two would slowly and gradually diminish. Regardless of how long you’ve been in a relationship (or married), there is one thing you could use more of in the bedroom – passion. Of course, to improve sexual intimacy, you should have more sex, and these are the best sex positions to try.


Missionary position may not be something revolutionary, but it is a classic move for a good reason. When in this position, both people are able to free their hands and explore each other’s bodies. At the same time, missionary allows eye contact with the other person. Sometimes looking someone in the eyes is enough to feel emotionally closer to them.

What makes missionary practical is the opportunity to introduce multiple variations. For example, a woman can raise one leg in the air or bring both knees to her chest to allow deeper penetration and more passionate intercourse.


Spooning is a great way to bond with significant other, especially after waking up in the morning. This sex position is both naughty and nice, snuggly and sexy, and it doesn’t require too much effort. The angle of entry during spooning provides G-spot stimulation, and the sensation of two bodies pressed together is incredibly sexy.

A major advantage of spooning is that your heads are close together and it’s easy to kiss during the intercourse, particularly when you’re achieving an orgasm. This sex position also allows men to slightly their significant other’s shoulders to help her relax.

To spoon, start by lying on your sides; a girl should lift her leg up and pull it back slightly and rest it on a guy’s hip. Then, it is time for a guy to scooch down with the bent knees while he is entering her. Guys can grab their girl’s hip, or they can explore her body, whatever it feels sexier at that moment.

Reverse spooning

Yes, spooning is amazing and sexy, but don’t forget about reverse spooning as well. In this position, both lovers face each other. It allows deep penetration, eye contact, plenty of intimacy, and constant kissing.

The easiest way to build intimacy and turn up the heat during sex is to “activate” someone’s erogenous zones. Unfortunately, the face is an overlooked erogenous zone, the simple act of kissing; caressing someone’s cheeks can help two people feel closer to one another.

To have better sex with reverse spooning, it is useful to perform penis enlargement exercises for greater penetration. The position is incredibly easy; both people lie on the bed facing each other, and a girl wraps her hands around her guy’s neck while lifting the top leg to allow him to penetrate. When in this position, thrusting is more effective when performed in circular motions, grinding is also sensual.

Woman on top

There is no rule stating only men should be on top; women can do it as well. In fact, a woman on top position allows her to achieve an intense orgasm because she is the one who dictates the tempo. Plus, the position can also improve sexual intimacy between two people.

Results are better when a guy is also sitting down rather than lying. The proximity of your lips gives you an opportunity to kiss passionately or kiss and touch each other’s bodies, explore, experiment, anything you want.

Men should get into this position by sitting on a chair, sofa, even on their bed. Then, a girl straddles her man with her legs on either side of his hips, slowly lowering herself onto him. When having sex in this position, a man is free to manually stimulate her nipples to raise the excitement and make the entire event even more passionate.

To stimulate the entire vaginal all, move in circular motions while inside, up or down for deeper penetration, or back and forth to arouse her clitoris.

Woman on stomach

This type of sex position allows men to have full control over the speed and pace during sex, but it can do wonders for intimacy. How? Isn’t it impersonal? Just because two partners aren’t facing each other, it doesn’t mean the position is incapable of building intimacy or improving the connection between two people.

For women, the sheer act of enveloping her body can be protective and soothing. What both feelings only contribute to the emotional connection couple is trying to achieve. The position is exciting for men too. They get a whole view of the action, thus remaining present and engaged rather than distant.

A woman should start lying on her stomach with legs apart so a man can slowly enter her. Men have options to keep their palms flat on the bed for balance, or they can grab her hips to penetrate deeper. Men who struggle with premature ejaculation or erection problems can last longer in this position when doing exercises for erectile dysfunction regularly.


Okay, this isn’t a sexual position per se, but it does wonders for emotional connection in a relationship. If there’s a plenty of room in your bath tub then, by all means, you can have sex. On the other hand, limited space in a tub still ensures a great deal of intimacy as two people get to try out other sexual acts. No bath tub? Then have sex in the shower!

Why is this important anyway? Being bathed by significant other is probably one of the most intimate things someone can do primarily because it symbolizes admiration and respect. The entire experience brings a dose of care and gentleness. There are no rules here; two people can do whatever they want (or find sexy) at that time be it in shower or bath tub. Feel free to be creative.


Lotus isn’t just a position that guarantees a woman will achieve orgasm every time; it also raises emotional connection to a whole new level. The position promotes full-body contact, staring into each other’s eyes, kissing, communication, getting or receiving kisses on neck, shoulder, earlobes, collar bones, among other things.

Don’t mistake it for a woman on top position because here, a guy sits upright with legs crossed in lotus posture from Yoga. A woman sits on top of him. Basically, legs are wrapped around one another as two people move up and down or grind during the intercourse.


Sex doesn’t always have to be sweet and innocent for deep emotional connection. Engaging in light bondage can achieve the same effect and make the entire event more exciting, especially if two people are stuck in monotonous sex.

A little bit of bondage improves the couple’s ability to communicate; they learn what works for them and what doesn’t. Additionally, bondage allows two people to step out of their comfort zone and be more willing to experience in sex for greater pleasure.

No, this doesn’t mean you should go for the whole thing (whips, leather suits, etc.) unless you want to. Being tied up or doing that to someone can be incredibly sexy and passionate at the same time. The level of bondage depends on two people so feel free to discuss.

Bondage can be incorporated into pretty much every sex position, which also implies men should take care of their prostate health, so the entire event doesn’t get ruined with their need to urinate frequently. Use prostrate vitamins for health regularly, and you’ll notice major improvements.

Anal sex

Anal sex for sexual intimacy and emotional connection? Before you start wondering whether this is a mistake – no, it is not. Engaging in activities you rarely (or almost never) did before is yet another way to take the intimacy to a whole new level. Becoming more intimate doesn’t revolve around things you can do all the time, it also applies to all those sex-related things we avoid, but our partner would love to do.

Anal sex or any anal play allows a couple to try something out of the ordinary. This, in its own way, builds trust among two people. Plus, anal sex develops a certain amount of sensitivity and communication we often lack.

It’s simple, get into the position both of you find the most comfortable and pleasurable and proceed to enter her using lubricants to penetrate slowly.

Stomach to stomach

Stomach to stomach is yet another sex position that allows full body contact and encourages staring into each other’s eyes during the intercourse. Naturally, a great deal of kissing and touching is also a common aspect of this position. Men have the easy access to fondle and play with woman’s breasts as well.

It is incredibly easy to get into the position; both partners have to ensure they bellies are on top of one another. This can be achieved side by side or in missionary.


We can never have too much intimacy in a relationship. Intimacy and passion go hand in hand, and they are gentle flames we have to nourish and protect if we want them to last. The good thing is, we can improve levels of intimacy through different sex positions that allow us to connect with one another on a deeper level.

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