America’s Sexiest Professions and Why is That So?

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One of a first thing we notice in people we meet for the first time is their health. It helps define an individual, their lifestyle and the amount of time they invest upon themselves. One of the first few questions that a person gets asked in an introduction is what they do for a living. These two things combine to form an opinion about people and is the tipping point generally about whether one gets impressed by that individual or not.

Did you know that your profession could have a great impact on your social status and your likeability amongst the opposite gender? If you’d like to better your chances of picking up men or women, consider going into one of the following professions as these are America’s sexiest profession based on different research:

15. Construction Worker

This profession has more to do with the media’s narrative of construction workers being sexy rather than the people involved in this profession actually being good looking. Yet construction workers are hardworking people and are one of the toughest men due to their profession. Their pay scale can be very varied and while many earn a decent amount, some can have a really low income. Yet they are considered by many the sexiest males and are therefore chased by women often solely because of their profession.

14. Military

Military men are not only physically fit but they go through immense emotional training as well. They are strong physically and mentally, while being kind and courteous to their friends. They have an aura of alpha male and due to their training to respond to commands in loud voices also gives them a deeper voice than most men and adds to their sex appeal. The uniform itself also plays the role of wooing women as it shows how patriotic the person is and is a very dedicated person who loves his country.

13.Police Officer

When one the most popular costumes for a stripper is a police officer, it creates a fantasy for women to have a police officer as a partner. Although not all policemen maybe the embodiment of fitness, but most of them go through rough training and are usually very good looking. The media has also provided a narrative of police officers being mysterious and sexy who protect not just the citizens but their other half. All these factors are involved in making the profession of a policeman sexy.

12. Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are the people you go to for fitness advice and they are the ones who make you look better with extensive training. Their job description involves them to know everything about the exercise and diet which they themselves also follow. They are incredibly fit people and are undoubtedly the best looking people. Since it’s hard to ignore a well-built bicep and washboard abs there is no surprise that this job is preferred to be one of the sexiest professions by many people.

11. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are people who deal with money matters all the time and are paid hefty salaries usually for this work. Their knowledge in money matters makes them very stable people in terms of finances as they will know how to save their money in a better way. Furthermore, they are well dressed and know how to be polite as their job requires them to communicate with new people very often. This also gives them confidence to talk to strangers and would probably know what right words to say even in the first date.

10. Lawyer

A person who has brains and wears suits all the time is one of the main attractions in any man. You know he always will have the right words to win you over and be charming when you are upset with him. Court battles are long debates where either of the two can win, and this puts lawyers in the most powerful professions where a person’s life can be changed. So it is very evident why the profession can be considered sexy.

9. Paramedic

Another profession that involves changing lives is a paramedic. Although not as high paying job as a lawyer, paramedics have their fair share of people showing interest in them. The idea that they save lives and have a uniform is sexy to many people. Furthermore, since they know the implications of bad health, and their job requires them to be active, they take more care of their bodies and are most likely fit and in very good shape. You can also be sure that if you hurt yourself or even have a pain in your body, your paramedic partner is sure to take the best care of you.

8. Model

A profession that hires people on the basis of their good looks and requires them to have a captivating physique is no secret why people prefer modeling profession sexy. Models are attractive and are blessed with good hair and body. But most importantly they are confident in themselves. And people like men with confidence, as they make having sex even more fun, without the expense of being shy and awkward through the process.

7. Engineer

Engineers are one of the best paid in the country and due to the vast variety of jobs in the field, there is a high population of them in our part of the world. Engineers are usually very smart and that is what is attractive in their personality. Because their profession involves them to be very detail-oriented they are also good at figuring out their partners’ mood patterns and act accordingly.

6. Teacher

Teaching is one of the noblest professions, and the power of giving knowledge doesn’t come easy. You have to be smart, captivating, well-mannered and confident. This is because teachers are used to handling a large number of people and have the power to keep so many people’s attention to them. This quality comes in handy for their partner and can be considered sexy by many.  Their smartness and being well informed is also a plus factor to woo anyone with just small talk.

5. TV Personality

TV personalities are perhaps the most famous people on this list. Whether they are working as an extra in a TV show or the main star of their talk show, TV personalities are good looking people with a flair for engaging their audience and can just as easily talk to someone in real life. They are used to facing the camera and exude confidence in their entire personality which gives them a sex appeal.

4. Doctor

Being a doctor is yet another very noble profession, but this also pays very well. Doctors are smart and health-conscious just like the paramedics and have the ability to save someone’s life. Yet the biggest sex appeal for them lies in the TV shows that glamorize the profession of doctors and doctors of different majors are the main characters of the show.

3. Firefighter

Firefighting has long been considered a profession for sexy people since they are required to be physically fit. The sex appeal is also increased by the yearly calendars that feature firemen with or without clothes flaunting their muscles that they have developed through training. Since their profession revolves around protecting people from something as dangerous as fire, their profession becomes a definition of their persona. Their partners feel more secure in the hands of someone who is as trained as a fireman.

2. Entrepreneur or Founder

Entrepreneurs and founders are individuals are both people who think outside the box and focus on being the leader of anything they do. Irrespective of the fact how big or small their business is, they are the ones who have power and authority in running the organization. Their creative mindset grants them a good chance to be more entertaining and someone with a passion. This sense of authority makes this job seem appealing and sexy to anyone looking to find a love partner.

1. Pilot

The sexiest profession, however, is being a pilot and becoming a pilot isn’t easy. It requires extensive training and incredible concentration on the job. Yet these aren’t the qualities that impress other people, the fact that a pilot is responsible for hundreds of lives at a time makes them a trustworthy person. Additionally, as their job description entails, they are required to travel from one place to another. So they know more about the world than most people and are great to talk to, hence making their profession the sexiest of them all.

All professions have their own worth and not everyone can choose to be a part of these professions. But the above list shows that if you may be running out of luck in hooking up with someone, you may want to think about switching to one of the easier professions mentioned above. Maybe that is all that you need to have a better sex life and be a favorite among ladies.

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