How to Properly Kiss a Girl

By Patrick Ananda

Posted 3 years agoDATING

I love kissing girls! It’s probably one of my top 5 favourite things.

Okay… Top 3.

And the other two also involve women but we won’t get into that.

I’m about to share something pretty hardcore with you… And applying it will take some balls, but I promise you, if done correctly, you will drive a woman mad with desire and she won’t ever forget your first kiss… ever.

But first…

How To Know She’s Ready To Be Kissed

“What are you doing?!”

She said as I leaned it…

I could’ve sworn my date with Lena was going great, so, what gives?

“Uhm… I thought we were just friends” She said.


Of course, I learned much later that there is one, simple thing you can do to avoid the dreaded friendzone

Here is the cardinal rule: If you ain’t touching her, you ain’t doing shit!

You can always tell who is confident with women because they are at ease, secure, relaxed and always touching. They speak up close, almost as if they are just a few seconds away from a passionate kiss.

I can always tell who is going nowhere with women: The guy who stands ten feet away, talks really fast, is agitated, is constantly trying to be funny and does not touch her in any way.

Bottom line brother, is that you need to let your desire for her show.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, women want to be desired!

They want to feel wanted!!

So show you want her goddamn it and you won’t end up like I did, dumbfounded, confused and friendzoned!

Simple test to find out if she’s ready to be kissed or not; Just take her hand and hold it.

If she holds back, she’s ready to be kissed.

It’s really that simple.

How To Properly Kiss Her

Alright folks, so here we are!

You ready for the super mega awesome badass James Bond style kiss?

I bet you are.

Small disclaimer: If you got anxious at the prospect of even taking her hand and holding it, then you are not ready for this and should close this article.

Second disclaimer: ALWAYS be certain that she wants to be kissed, and the moment she says ‘no’ you stop immediately. Got it? Good.


Okay here goes:

Step 1. Take her by the hips and gently push her against the wall/door.

Step 2. Look deep in her eyes, and take both of her hands by the wrists and bring them above her head.

Step 3. Hold her wrists with one hand and place your second hand on her cheek in a caring but firm manner.

Step 4. Press your knee up against her sex. Gently. The point isn’t to cause pain, but for you to be able to feel her heat.

Step 5. Turn her chin gently towards you and kiss her passionately for just a few seconds and then pull back so you can both taste each other.


DAMN that was sexy!

That, my son, is how a man kisses a woman.

Your fan,

Patrick Ananda

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Patrick is a scoundrel, rogue, vagabond and founder of MAGNETICMENBLUEPRINT. He teaches men how to overcome their social anxiety and fear of rejection, by unleashing their unshakable self-confidence.

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