How to Get a Job: Top 10 Skills You Need

By Amy Cowen

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The job market today is thronged with graduates who are well qualified for jobs in different niches. The only problem is that there are no job opportunities available today. This is the reason there has been a surge influx in freelancing professionals over the last few decades. Even so, this does not mean that career professionals can’t succeed.

They only need to sharpen their skills in order to be more attractive to employers. Modern employers on the other side are looking for not only high academic grades but also life skills that an employee can posses. These skills make an employee flexible for any jobs in different sectors.

This article is going to highlight ten important skills that every person should have in order to cope with the contemporary job market.

1. Communication skills

Communication skills are the first aspects that all employer looks in any prospective employee. It entails both verbal and writing skills which include maintaining eye contact when speaking with someone, demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary prowess and impeccable writing.

On the other hand, communication skills entail active and ardent listening skills. Employers need people who are good at listening which mean they can follow instructions to the latter.

2. Critical thinking skills

This skill involves the ability to resolve problems and make informed decision. This is one of the greatest asset that any employee should have. It involves gathering information from numerous reliable sources and be able to find the most reliable solution for the problems at hand.

Apart from making informed decisions, having these skills can be helpful in serving in the customer care department.

3. Leadership skills

Leadership skills can be defined as the ability to inspire people towards achieving their personal best. People with leadership skills have a strong self esteem and self confidence, thus are perceived by employers to be able to be impeccable team leaders. Such people are required in any job to make informed decisions for group members and improve employees credibility.

4. Teamwork skills

It’s always the norm that team work wins. However, for any team to work out efficiently there should be an effective leader.

Prospective employees with formidable teamwork skills are highly targeted by many employers. Such people with good teamwork skills are characterized by having confidence within the group by airing their views with no problem.

5. IT skills

Advancement in technology has changed the way employers recruit new employees. This is the reason why most colleges and Universities include IT as part of their curriculum. Having IT skills involves being able to manipulate computer operations using available operations.

Furthermore, an employee should be conversant with simple tasks like opening and email and responding to it. Other softwares include PowerPoint, Microsoft word and Microsoft spreadsheets.

6. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal; skills are basically skills that one uses to interact with other people. An office setting for example consists of an array of people from different ethic, religious and political backgrounds. Therefore, this means that how one interacts with one individual is totally different from the other. Interpersonal skills are important in that an employer will be in good terms  with everyone, thus minimizing any chances of conflicts in the work place.

7. Innovation and creativity skills

Its less known by many but research shows that people with innovation and creativity skills are most likely to be hired by many employers. There is absolutely no employer who will turn his back for any person with the ability to find creative solutions to a problem.

It doesn’t require a new revolutionary innovation to possess such skills. Actually, it only requires people with sharp brains to think faster and find solutions to problems.

8. Management skills

It’s always perceived that management skills are always gained through class room learning. What most people don’t understand is that just like other job skills, management skills can be gained from developing discipline principles. This is exactly what most employees are looking for.

Management skills entail ability to adequately manage recourses; no matter how little they are, at your disposal.

9. Resilience skills

Resilience can be defined as standing firm with ones principles. Resilience skills therefore means being able to stick to the norms no matter the pressure anyone is being subjected to.  This includes the ability to work under little supervision while at the same time following the set rules and regulations of employment. People with such abilities vividly understand work ethics and follow them to the letter.

10. Presentation skills

Whether you are a line manager or a new recruit in an organization or any other job, you will have to effectively present information at numerous instances. This therefore will require you to have knowledge of presentation skills.

Furthermore, these skills come in handy during formal presentations where you will have to adequately present information in front of your colleagues or even the board. This therefore means that one should be confident and be able to articulate his/her concerns clearly.

Additionally, it is worth noting that most interviews involve presentation, therefore you must possess these skills in order to secure employment.

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