How To Get A Job: 10 Common Job Interview Mistakes You Could Possibly Make

By Sarah Williams

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Job interviews can be an incredibly overwhelming process, at least for a few of us who know it all but face self-esteem issues. If there are times when you leave a job interview saying, “I knew the answer, I wish I had answered this question”, you need to read this article.

Winning the minds of job interviewers is an art, which can be mastered with practice and by employing the correct techniques. And, of course, on the day of the interview, no matter how confident you are, sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach are inevitable; however, you can always reduce the inner turmoil by knowing the commonest job interview mistakes that interviewees are likely to make, and know ways to avoid them.

Read further to know more about 10 such common job interview mistakes – and avoid them at all cost!

1. Bragging

Don’t go by what you see in movies and serials as employers are never happy to employ those candidates who are obnoxious and flaunt outrageous claims to people. Sure, by all means, talk about your previous achievements and learning experiences, but do not speak about them with the intention of showing off!

2. Not Doing Proper Research

Research, research, and research. The more you research about the company and its products/services, the more efficient and confident your responses will be at the interview. Besides, in today’s time and day, it is hardly an issue to know something about a person or a company. It is strongly advisable to do your research and explore ways to show your contribution.

3. Lying Or Bluffing

There is a vivid pattern seen among many interviewees who bluff and sometimes even blatantly lie in front of the employers, especially when they are not aware of the right answers. Don’t make the mistake of guessing or faking responses, and instead, make it clear that you don’t know.

4. Forgetting Basic Mannerisms!

This one is quite surprising, especially when educated and well traveled folks forget their manners and etiquettes. Don’t be one of those who forget or don’t care to use words such as ‘Please, sorry and thank you’.

Furthermore, avoid using humour when you are in doubt. For instance, do not crack humiliating jokes on sensitive topics. Ensure that you stick to being polite, friendly and disciplined at the interview.

5. Not Asking Questions

Unarguably, a job interview in all parts of the world takes place to let interviewers assess the skills and suitability of the respective candidate, and it also helps the candidate to assess if the company is a good and fair or not! In other words, it’s a two-way dialogue, which means, a candidate should always ask something about the company, working culture, union policies and so forth.

Asking relevant questions will help employers to know your thought processes as well. Besides, it will also help you to understand the nature of your job and what is expected from you on a daily basis.

6. Passing Bad Comments About Your Current/Previous Employer

A simple analogy to help you understand this: ‘You cannot tell your mother-in-law, how bad your friend’s mother-in-law is’. Period. The same golden rule is applicable here.

Don’t moan about your current or past employer as no potential employer wants to hear rude complaints about other bosses. Some use the opportunity of a job interview as using it as a battleground to seek revenge from their previous bosses. The truth is, your job interviewer won’t feel good about you and your criticisms.

7. Wearing The Wrong Clothes/Accessories

Ideally, in job interviews, your dressing shouldn’t matter as much as your brains and thoughts. But, in the real world, your dressing style shows a reflection of you, literally and figuratively! Therefore, it is advisable to keep the dressing subtle. You should wear the kind of clothes that matches the dressing standards of the company.

Asking someone who is already working there for advice is a great idea, but if you can’t then opt for formal dressing. With accessories, keep it simple. It will be nice to wear something that has cultural value to it as it will help in breaking the ice.

8. Talking Too Little Or Otherwise

There are some candidates who provide close-ended responses and some who provide long and elaborate responses to basic questions such as ‘How are you?’. An interview is a place where a two-way communication is preferred, and so do not overpower the interviewer and speak at length for every damn question. On the other hand, do not give mere ‘yes or no’ responses unless the interviewer requires a ‘yes or no’ response.

9. Appearing Nervous

It’s not uncommon to see interviewees feeling nervous before and during the interview. But, if you appear too nervous and unconfident, your employer may judge you in a negative way and not think of you as a suitable candidate for the offered position.

With the objective of controlling your nerves, it is imperative to try some effective breathing exercises. If interview nerves are a serious issue for you, it’s advisable to get in touch with a professional interview coach who can guide you well on how to prepare for a job interview confidently!

10. Not Doing The Follow-Up

There are many interviewees who don’t send a thank-you email to the interviewer for expressing gratitude for their time. Make sure you send a brief and polite email to the interviewer for conveying your gratitude. A phone call to the company in a week after the interview is also fine.

The given 10 job interview mistakes aren’t derived from the imagination of a fictitious mind but are sourced from experienced job interviewers and professional job interview consulting firms. If you have the skills and experience (on paper) required for the offered position, and if you still do not qualify for employment or the next round of an interview, you could be unknowingly committing one of these above mentioned mistakes. In order to nail the potential job offer, ensure that you keep these mistakes at bay!

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