Bachelor Pad Ideas: Iridescent Interiors

By Patrick Banks

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If you are looking for some more creative bachelor pad ideas the new iridescent trend may be your thing. Providing a subtle sheen to interiors the iridescent trend is a fabulous way to add glamour without being too gaudy or visually overpowering. Well known for abalone, pearl oysters and soap bubbles, iridescent surfaces offer fascinating layers of prismatic colour that alter in hue depending on the type and amount of light reflected from its surface.

The mesmerising effect of iridescence lends itself beautifully to the world of interior design. Designers have embraced the natural beauty iridescence offers to provide a variety of everyday objects to adorn the home. From tiles for the kitchen and bathroom to glass topped coffee tables and pendant lights iridescence can be seen in virtually any room with great effect.

And it isn’t just glass that provides iridescence, polished metals are equally stunning, in particular, copper. The trend for metallic, coupled with iridescence, enables two of this year’s biggest trends to come together effortlessly. Offering the best of modern design concepts using glass and man-made materials, with a sprinkling of ancient metalwork techniques, iridescence is one trend that can be used successfully in any style of home. From modern contemporary to traditional interiors, the shimmering effect of iridescence adds panache and warmth to a room in a way that is optically captivating without having to work too hard to engage the eyes or the imagination.

Iridescent Interiors
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