The Bachelor Pad Must Haves: Circa 2016

By Jared Gardner

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This isn’t your dad’s bachelor pad. And that’s the last thing you want your new date to think. This isn’t high school anymore, that raggedy old coach in your parent’s basement isn’t going to get her, or anyone for that matter to come over. Step 1, get your own place. Step 2, load it up with these must have items to keep your bachelor pad squarely in the 21st century, who knows you might even impress someone.

Disclaimer: If your friends won’t stop sleeping on your coach it is not our fault.

I. Entertainment

We aren’t all the life of the party, some of us need a little help from some form of entertainment, or alcohol, but we will get to that part latter.  Whether it’s a party with everyone you know or a night with just that one person who matters, a good sound system and a deep library of music goes a long way.


Sound we like: Denon HEOS multi-room sound systems, They are great for keeping the party going from the living room to the kitchen and even outside on the patio without having to compete over different songs in each room.

Music Streaming

Unless you really like pirating *cough* I mean buying music. Subscribe to a streaming service. I haven’t tried the new Apple Music but I know Amazon Prime Music and Spotify are both solid options. I prefer them over Pandora because you can actually choose which song you hear next instead of just what genre you want. I think the paid version of Spotify is worth it, no one wants a commercial interrupting their dance party.

Hot Tub

Hot tub? Real subtle right? Go-big or go-home, when was the last time that you turned down an invite to go hot tubbing? I’m not suggesting you sell your car for, it but it might be a better move than that motorcycle you were thinking about. If you have the space for a medium sized hot tub check out the Caldera Geneva, this hot tub can fit up to 6 of your closest friends, or you can leave those friends out and invite her and all of her friends over. This thing even has a built in waterfall!


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If having all your boys over to check out the new hot tub isn’t your thing. Try the smaller corner hot tub for two from Hot Spring Spas, room for just the two people that matter.


Nothing gets the party going like unappropriated card and board games. These games aren’t for the easily offended, so leave your whiney friends at home.

Cards Against Humanity – Self-described as a party game for horrible people, check out their site if this sounds like someone you know.

Linknotize- BYOSP- Bring Your Own Smart Phone. This game puts those mad Googling skills you learned in college to use once again. Players draw two cards with topics on them and are left to use the internet to find the link between the two. Get your copy here.

II. Surroundings


It’s time to retire that old Bob Marley poster you had hanging in your college dorm room. You don’t have to give up all of your childish passions, it’s just time for them to get more sophisticated. Check out some minimalist movie pictures, keeping 12 year old you and 28 year old you happy at the same time.

If movies aren’t your thing, maybe these sweet sports arena pieces made to look like maps might be more your style. Check this one out from my team the Padres:

You can find your team’s stadium print here

Drink Ware

Red Solo cups are not going to impress anyone but Toby Keith, step your drinking game up with some creative glasses like these recycled vodka bottle tumblers.

Don’t stop there, get something awesome to set those new glasses down on, cocktail napkins are so last decade. I’ve seen a lot of unusual coasters floating around sites like and My personal favorite is this Dexter Blood Splatter Slide Coaster, because Dexter.


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Dexter Coasters can be found on Amazon or here

III. The bedroom

The final piece to your bachelor pad masterpiece is the bedroom finishes. Don’t make the mistake of leaving this step out, if you have something conversation worthy in your room it makes for a nice transition of venue.

Pallet bed

Totally simple, totally badass. Grab 4 pallets and throw your box spring away. This is a cheap alternative to a bed frame, plus it looks awesome. If you want to break out the power tools, which I know you do, you can add drawers, a headboard and legs to get that thing off of the ground.

This pallet bed is a little over the top:

bachelor 6

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Grounding mat

Soemtimes all we need is to rest and recconect with ourselves in silence. For that we reccomend a grounding mat.

TV with streaming video

Last but not least you are going to need something to do when you finally make to your bedroom. Most of you have this one covered but if you don’t, have a fun time watching movies with your date In the living room while your roommates kill a 12 pack in the kitchen listing to Sublimes what I got on a Tuesday night. As far as streaming goes, get a smart TV with the usual services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video. If you have a dumb TV, by a streaming stick like the Fire TV Stick from Amazon or the Roku Streaming Stick to give that old hunk of glass an upgrade, they cost less than $50.

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