Can You Get a Tan When It’s Cloudy?

By Patrick Banks

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Can You Get a Tan When It's Cloudy_

When it’s sunny, it’s magical, but when it’s cloudy, you may wonder if you can get a tan through clouds. 

The problem is sometimes the cloudy days keep coming and you start to get a little anxious. You’ll learn all about clouds and your skin right here. 

Can You Tan if it’s Cloudy?

You’ll be happy to know that you can tan even if it’s cloudy. This means folks living in the gloomy places around the nation can do something about their skin if they desire. 

The idea of tanning on a cloudy day sounds a little foreign to most folks, and this is because of what most people know about tanning. Everyone knows that the reason your skin gets darker is that you expose your skin to sunlight. 

The UV rays help your skin produce melanin, which is your ticket to a darker shade. The body produces melanin pigments to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Yes, these rays can cause some harm if you expose yourself to them too much, but if you apply UV protection and limit your tanning time, that should reduce the risk. 

Even if you know all this, you may still be wondering if you’re going to get a tan through clouds. The rays you need to produce more melatonin seem to be blocked by clouds. 

The reason that tanning with clouds is still possible is that UV rays are still getting through. Truth is, it’s the UV rays that cause your skin to tan, not the brightness of the sun.

A Word of Caution

There’s something you need to understand about tanning on a cloudy day. The rays getting through are still dangerous if you’re exposed to them too much. 

Folks who discover that they can tan while it’s cloudy sometimes overdo it, and that’s understandable. You aren’t worried about the sun since you can’t see it. This can put your mind at ease and cause you to let your guard down, which you don’t want to do right now. 

You want to take all the precautions you would normally take if you’re going to be tanning with clouds. You don’t want to go outside to tan when the sun is at its strongest, which is usually around midday

You also want to wear sunscreen. Okay, it does seem kind of silly to apply and re-apply sunscreen when the sun isn’t shining bright, but you need to do this. The sunscreen you’re applying was made to protect you from the rays you can’t see. 

You’ll want to apply sunscreen at least every two hours you’re outside. It’s important to apply more if you decide to go for a swim because this activity compromises the sunscreen you put on to protect your skin. Taking these types of measures should help keep you safe while you’re getting your tan. 

How to Tan Correctly

If you want to do your tan right, then you’ll want to pay attention to the following tips:

Prep the Skin

The first thing you can do is prepare your skin. You’d be surprised how many people skip this step thinking all they need to do is expose their skin to the sun and put on a little sunscreen. 

The truth is your skin must be prepared for the tanning. You’ll want to start by simply washing your skin and exfoliating it. Exfoliation should happen at least once a week to keep your skin clean. You also want to moisturize it throughout the day if you’re going to be tanning. 

Hydration is Vital

You’re going to be out there experiencing the heat, and your skin is going to feel it. This means you’ll need to be hydrated. 

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle with you and drink even if you don’t think you need water. Cloudy days tend to be cooler, and that can make you feel like you aren’t thirsty. Don’t let the temperature fool you, so make sure you drink water.

Sun Before Sunscreen

The last thing you want to remember is that you should expose your bare skin to the sun for about 10 minutes before you put on sunscreen. These few minutes should help you get that perfect tan and prevent you from exposing your skin to the rays too long. 

Once those first few minutes pass, you can use sunscreen every two hours while you’re out there. Don’t rush the process; tanning takes a few days, so this will be done over several days. 

As you can see, you can get a tan through clouds, and you know how to do this safely, thanks to the information provided by Try to pay attention to how your skin reacts to these rays and how long it takes you to tan. This will help you get better at this as you go along. 

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