Hilarious Pick-Up Lines to Effortlessly Get Girls  Attracted 

By Patrick Banks

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This article contains hilarious pick-up lines that is guaranteed to spark instant chemistry and get  women attracted to you effortlessly. A quick note before we move forward… 

It’s extremely important that you have the right vibe to your presence. Meaning, you gotta be in a  good state. The better state you are in, the more she will get attracted. 

If you are in a off state of mind, it’s likely she won’t get attracted. The reason? Simply put, states  are contagious and if you feel weird, you will transfer that emotion to her via the law of state  transference. 

Often this may be the reason you’ve been put in the friend zone and I recommend this 3 step  foolproof system to stay out! 

State Matters Slightly More Than The Pick-Up Lines

Be in the right mood my friend. This translates in to having the right state. Your state translates  in to your vibe. Without the right vibe, none of these pick-up lines will work. 

The reason your state matters slightly more than the pick-up lines is because of the fact  that women feel your vibe more than what you think. 

Meaning, despite these pick-up lines being playful, fun, and challenging, if you say it with the  wrong delivery and you are insecure, this doesn’t work. 

Women pick up on incongruence. So, what’s the answer to mastering confident line delivery and  having a good vibe? 

Practice Pick-Up Lines in the Mirror

Yes, my friend, I strongly encourage you to practice all of these pick-up lines because then and  only then will it translate in your line delivery. 

Practice your tonality. More importantly, have a witty tonality. It would be wise of you to even  use your voice memos app to listen to yourself. 

Look in the mirror and smirk. Have the thought in your head, “Damn I look like a handsome  stud. Every woman wants me.” 

Even if you got to fake it till you make it, I’d rather you tell yourself that then self sabotage. 

Alpha Body Language is Key

Look at this guy in the picture. Notice he has open and confident body language. I could write a  whole article on the importance of body language, so let’s just summarize this in to one simple  sentence. 

Alpha body language is calm, composed, relaxed and not fidgety body language. 

Have you ever seen a James Bond movie? Watch one, and just watch how calm under pressure  that movie character is. 

When you have Alpha body language, it shows you are comfortable in yourself. Not to mention  women look at your honest signals. Like I said, they can spot incongruence. 

So it’s essential we cover the importance of Alpha body language. The next time you go out, just  watch people around you. Look at the guys that have Alpha body language. 

They will give away hacks to Alpha body language. And it’s easy to spot in the venue. 

How is it easy to spot? Just simply notice the men that are talking to the girls like it’s second  nature. 

Notice how relaxed they are. Nothing even gets them off of their center. 

An Alpha Male is grounded, calm, has open relaxed body language which is incredibly  attractive. All women can see this man as a guy who knows his worth, he knows his purpose and  can stay relaxed around 9s and 10s. 

Because simply put, he doesn’t need their validation. Alpha Males validate themselves and don’t  care about other peoples opinions of him. 

This translates in to having Alpha body language and it turns women on effortlessly. 

Body language is extremely important brother. It’s one of the scientific proven attraction facts to have slower movements. 

Meaning this can and will get girls attracted to you effortlessly if you incorporate Alpha body  language. 

So, let’s get to do the hilarious pick-up lines to get girls cracking up all night long 😉

Self-Deprecating Pick-Up Lines

Let me add a big caveat, the way you deliver this must come from a place of being comfortable  and confident in yourself. Meaning you know that you are enough and worthy of talking to a  stunner. 

Let’s say you have a bald head and she asks you the following… 

“Why do you have a bald head?” 

Here’s a great way to add self-deprecating humor my handsome friend 😉 “Thanks, I’m glad you like it. In fact, I’m so bald my head slips off the pillow.” Another test women might say to you if you’re a gym rat… 

“Do you skip leg day?” 

Here’s your new response brother…

“I know my legs are skinny, in fact, I skip leg day so much, I’ve nicknamed them the  getaway sticks. So be careful not to touch my legs or they will crack, and you’re gonna have  to take me to the emergency room, it’s too much drama, we’re done. I can’t be friends with  you anymore. You seem like trouble anyways.” 

Let’s say she asks you a qualifying question… 

“What’s so good about you?” 

Here’s what you say… 

“There’s nothing good about me. I live in my mom’s basement, and I hardly ever shower.” 

Here’s the ironic part about these lines, the reason they work is because you aren’t looking for her  approval. 

Because you don’t care, it communicates to her that you know your worth and she can tell that  you are being sarcastic. 

It’s also powerful when you say it to model-type women because they are used to guys bending  ass backwards for her approval. 

Cocky Pick-Up Lines

Here’s a really fun topic to talk to women about, and this is how to not make conversations  awkward and run out of things to talk about. 

Bring up a topic that you can teach her about, this is really powerful. Let’s take body language  for example. 

Here are three fun facts about body language that you can tell women: 

• The feet are the most honest part of the body 

• You can gauge someone’s comfort level by looking at their torso. If there is anything  guarding the torso, they aren’t comfortable. 

• People’s pupils dilate when they see something they like and constrict when they see  something they don’t. 

“Did you know that those two people are uncomfortable with each other?” She will ask, “How do you know?” 

You say to her, “Because he has his drink in front of his body which makes him look  uncertain around her and guarded.” 

She may say… “That’s really insightful.” 

You can say to her, “I noticed your feet are pointed towards me, that’s how I know you find  me irresistible. Every time you see me, your pupils expand as wide as a house.” 🙂 

Let’s get in to a brilliant pick-up line you can use to start up any conversation. “Hey, I have something extraordinarily interesting to tell you, come here…” She walks over to you. You start conversing and jiving. Here’s a hilarious cocky line to say. “You seem fun, but you seriously can’t get enough of talking to me, can you?” Let’s say for example her name is Victoria. She starts bantering with you. 

“Look Victoria, I understand if you think I’m a little cocky, I just have such a damn good  relationship with myself.” 

It’s fun, playful, cocky, and that type of energy women love. You’re welcome 🙂

Qualifying Pick-Up Lines

I love qualifying pick-up lines. They are a very powerful way to flirt with women in a high  status way

“When’s the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone?” This is a great question to ask women after you’ve built some initial attraction. 

To be clear, qualifying doesn’t always work to get her explaining herself to you unless she’s  already in to you. 

“If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” 

A fantastic question to ask girls to get her qualifying herself to you. 

Another powerful way to build attraction is to disqualify yourself as a potential mate. 

“Listen you don’t want to date me, I go to jail at least twice a week. I’m also way too much  for you to handle. Let me ask you a quick question, what do you think is your best  quality?” XD

Notice how this is self-deprecating, make sure you clue her in that you’re joking. Smirk at her.  Wink at her if you must. 

This will make her laugh and then explain herself, very powerful way to build attraction!

Funny Palm Reading

Did I save the best for last? Of course I did. This has been around for years, however, I’m  introducing this to you on how you can use this in a fun, playful way that makes you more of a  catch 😉 

This must be done after you’ve already used the other lines in this article and she is comfortable  with your touch. Listen my friend, you must make sure she is comfortable with your touch! 

Consent is key brother. Never touch a woman when she doesn’t want it. However, if you are  playing this smart, then I’m sure you will do great. That is you can tell her body language is  facing you. 

And her pupils are dilating. Now it’s time to pull this off. 😉 

“See this line on your hand? That means you find guys <insert features and facts about you  here> irresistible.”

“Now if you look at this line, it means you are very spontaneous. You love taking risks and  adventures.” 

Basically, make up funny and slightly cocky not-so-true statements about her. “This line on your hand means that you like guys with tattoos and leather jackets.” 

How to read palms is not really that hard, however, in this case, it’s more about making her  laugh. 

You can make guesses about her and improvise, lead the interaction like the Alpha champ that  you are. 


Let’s recap everything from this article that you can use tonight my friend: 

• Self-deprecating pick-up lines 

• Cocky pick-up lines 

• Qualifying pick-up lines 

• Funny palm reading 

These are all excellent ways to build attraction my friend. You will get more girls just by using  them! 

So I encourage you to write them down, or record it on a voice memo. 

Then when you master saying the lines, practice having a witty tonality. 

Say each line with confidence my friend. This will separate you from the rest of the guys that  have no clue what to do! 

In fact, most guys are afraid to speak up, not you. I believe that you got this brother.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.

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