How to Choose An Engagement Ring (Infographic)

By Patrick Banks

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How to choose an engagement ring

So you’ve decided she is the one and you’re starting to think about how to pop the big question, maybe you have a holiday coming up or you’re thinking about where you first met or her favourite place. But have you thought about the ring? I’m sure you have! However there are a few key things you should know when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

One of the key things to think about first is your budget and while there are various beliefs around how much you should spend, one popular one being that you should spend a month’s salary on an engagement ring. It really comes down to how much you’re comfortable spending though and once you have a figure in mind, try to stick to it.

If you’re choosing an engagement ring without your partner’s direct input, you should think very carefully about the styles of jewellery they like at the moment. Try to look at any particular styles they like such as the metal they prefer or whether they like diamonds or a certain colour of gemstone. You could ask one of their best friends or family for input but of course you want to be careful not to give the game away so make sure you trust them not to say anything!

When the time comes to buy the ring, it can be helpful to take someone with you for a second opinion. See if your future best man is available to go with you and he can give you an opinion on any rings that catch your eye. It’s also nice to have someone to go for a drink with afterwards!

Of course there are lots of things to think about, so the following infographic from Ingle and Rhode steps through everything you need to know in advance of buying the ring. Take a look and keep a copy of it handy when you’re browsing and good luck!

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