How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast at Home and Naturally

By Amber Tsai

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Alcohol and good times are synonymous for most of us. But so is alcohol and hangovers. What follows an intense night of partying is an intense morning of nursing a hangover. Wondering how to get rid of a hangover fast at home? Here we are to help you.

Nature is kind. It doesn’t like being interfered with too much but has inbuilt systems to get you right

If you are having a heady festive season, here are a few ideas to help you cope with liquid goodwill. Hangovers are usually self-inflicted. But you can do a lot to make yourself feel more human in the morning after the night before.

How to get rid of a hangover fast at home only with the content of your house

Whether you are an occasional social drinker or one who hits it regularly, the same principles of treatment are worth trying.

Another drink will not cure the evil effects of the previous ones. “Everyone will have come across the chap who insists that the only cure for a hangover is a stiff drink,” the British Medical Journal reported. “A hair of the dog that bit you,” to use the common phrase.

But that extra drink doesn’t cure. Another gin will probably calm the stomach’s jumpy nervous lining but does little to get rid of the symptoms. How to get rid of a hangover fast at home?

The best hangover cure is to simply limit your booze consumption. It’s cheaper, healthier, usually quitting smoking will follow.. Check out this link if you want to don’t experience hangovers anymore and start Alcohol Fee Life.

Ok but it’s already too late. Your head is probably exploding, so you are likely interested in these

8 Tips on How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast at Home

1. Good old paracetamol

The simplest and quickest way to alleviate a thrashing headache is to take a couple of 500mg paracetamol tablets. They usually bring relatively good relief within 30-40 minutes and are best taken after food.

They may be repeated, if symptoms recur, every three to four hours. Take the smallest amount that brings relief, and repeat as infrequently as possible.

This cheap and effective analgesic is probably less severe on the stomach lining than aspirin products, which tend to aggravate any pre-existing inflammation. However, if you prefer aspirin products, the usual dose is two 300mg tablets.

Take after food, because on an empty stomach they often cause nausea (the very thing you’re trying to eliminate). The soluble forms may act more quickly. Having a hot drink at the same time will enable quicker action because the tablets will be absorbed quicker.

2. Drinking water and fresh juices

High fluid intake is also a good idea. Fluid removes unwanted toxins from the system. Alcohol’s chief effect is on the brain cells. Here it acts firstly as a stimulant, giving a sensation of well-being and euphoria, and removing barriers. It generates happiness and confidence, which is why it is such a success at parties.

But this, sadly, is only short-lived. Soon after, it has the opposite effect. Many find it becomes a sedative; others find it causes depression, anxiety or aggression.

The picture is varied, but the same type of reaction usually occurs each time in any particular individual case. The metabolism of the brain cells becomes temporarily altered.

By flushing all of these toxins from the brain, the chance of feeling mentally brighter and fitter improves. Simple water-based fluids are best. Ideally, chilled water is one of the best.

Fruit juices are also excellent. Lemon juice, orange, pineapple or tomato juices (best chilled) replace fluid losses and remove the toxic metabolites.

3. Vitamines

This can restore a feeling of mental peace and tranquillity, help remove head pains, depressions, tensions and other symptoms. Many find that increased vitamins also help improve the spirits. Vitamin Bl, and the Vitamin B complex are probably the most important.

Many various multivitamin products are available. The fizzy ones that contain the lot, plus a variety of essential minerals, can readily be made into a pleasantly flavoured soft drink. Try this once or twice a day.

Many continue this throughout the entire festive season. It can do no harm. Excessive vitamins that the body cannot use are usually eliminated via the urine which generally turns a vivid yellow. Don’t be alarmed, this is perfectly natural if you’re on very high vitamin intake.

4. Ice cold packs

Ice cold packs to the head are also a good idea. This tends to constrict superficial blood vessels and may give some relief to the violent throbbing which is pretty common the next day. Try this for 20 minutes and repeat every hour for a while. Usually, you have nothing much to do the day after Christmas, so it’s worth taking time to care for your ailing frame.

5. Fresh Air

If you are sensible, you’ll go for a good long walk, the quicker you walk the better; or you may care for a short jog or a game of tennis or squash! Exercise will increase the heart rate and improve general body circulation.

This helps eliminate unwanted body toxins through the sweating system as well as the urinary system. If you have the energy and inclination, these simple measures will make you feel a lot better and will help you to get rid of a hangover fast at home, or outside of your house if instead of freshening up the room, you make it all the way out.

6. Antacid for your stomach

If you still feel queasy and uneasy, a simple antacid will often bring relief. Sometime medication are the bet ways to help you to get rid of a hangover fast at home… This helps calm the inflamed stomach lining; helps you burp unwanted gas, which gives a feeling of fullness and nausea.

There is an enormous number of brands around, and they are all effective in most cases. Make sure you have some handy before the shops shut for the holiday weekend.

7. Sitting with the feet in hot water

Some claim that sitting with the feet in hot water “takes the blood from the brain.” However it works, it often brings relief from a splitting headache.

A few early nights and some sleep is also a good natural cure, probably the best way to make you feel human again.

Nature is kind. It doesn’t like being interfered with too much but has inbuilt systems that will automatically get you right, if you are sensible enough to give them a chance.

A final note of caution: Too much alcohol reduces the blood levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone. So, too much of a good thing could markedly impair your man’s sex performance.

8. Healthy but comforting food

Upset stomachs are best left alone. Give them a rest. Do not continue to fill them with exotic foods against which they readily rebel. Fluids for 24 hours are a great healer. Wondering how to get rid of a hangover fast at home only with the content of your fridge? Here we are:

Foods that are natural hangover medicine

Kaer Naturals is a California based natural herbal vitamins and supplements company that produces the best hangover medicine in the world – ‘Bounce Back’.

Made with natural ingredients like cardamom, ginger, ginseng, poria, turmeric and other herbal supplements, Bounce Back is the hangover medicine that you will never drink without. While you wait for your order to arrive, here are some foods that you can rely on do get by in the interim: 

  • Bananas 

Dehydration is one of the most common side effects of consuming too much alcohol. It blocks the production of a hormone that is responsible for letting our bodies hold onto water. Loss of electrolytes like potassium and sodium are common due to excessive drinking. 

Bananas are a powerhouse of potassium. One banana is enough to restore around 12% of the body’s daily requirements of potassium. After a night of downing a drink too many, eating a banana is a good way to restore some vital nutrients. 

Enjoy this hangover medicine with a side of pancakes. Blend it into a smoothie, or even enjoy it as is. 

  • Tomato juice 

Struggling with nutrient loss is what causes our bodies to feel weak and worn out when we consume too much alcohol. The mornings after can be a horrible experience. Your day might go for a toss depending on how much alcohol you have had to drink. 

Reach out for a tall glass of tomato juice for a quick reboot. It helps your body process any remnants of alcohol and restore nutrients. Tomato juice is known to boost liver function and can help your body speed alcohol digestion. 

For best results, use a juicer to juice some ripe tomatoes for a glass full of fresh tomato juice. Add some pepper and rock salt for flavour. 

  • Eggs 

Cysteine is an amino acid that produces an antioxidant – glutathione in your body. Good ol’ eggs are a rich source of cysteine which produces glutathione, sources of which are depleted due to alcohol consumption. Making eggs a go to natural hangover medication for the ages. 

Eggs expedite your liver’s recovery in no time. Alcohol also produces ethanol in our body that causes nasty headaches. Cysteine tackles ethanol and reduces the chances of an alcohol-induced headache. 

Scrambled, poached, boiled, or even as a humble omelette – you can enjoy eggs with a serving of bread as you like it and when you like it after a round of drinking with either friends or family. 

  • Honey 

Fructose or fruit sugar can be found in many plants. It helps the body rid itself of alcohol more quickly. Honey is an excellent source of natural fructose. 

The fructose content of honey is high and therefore cures the body of hangover symptoms faster. The humble home cupboard staple is one of the simplest ways to bid adieu to hangovers. Honey also aids digestion. 

Enjoy a tablespoon of honey with a warm glass of water, first thing in the morning. Drizzle it over some freshly cut fruits or even mix it in with some yogurt. Cannot be bothered with all this fuss, so simply enjoy a spoonful of honey just by itself. 

  • Nuts 

The magnesium content of nuts makes them an excellent natural hangover medicine. Alcohol depletes the natural magnesium content of cells. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, Brazil nuts are all excellent sources of magnesium. 

Alcohol may also cause inflammation in our bodies. Unprocessed whole foods are the best anti-inflammatory sources of nutrients for our body. Nuts are whole foods that are easily available and can be snacked upon at any time of the day. 

Roast nuts like pecan, walnuts, almonds, macadamia with some salt, lemon zest or even herbs like rosemary and sage and store in an airtight jar.  

Before consuming nuts, kindly consult your doctor for any allergies. 

  • Spinach 

Folate is commonly known as Vitamin B-9. With every glass of alcohol, you also diminish the reserves of folate in your body. Folate is responsible for the production of red and white blood cells. This nutrient is especially needed in women during their periods or even during a pregnancy. 

Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach is a great source of folate. Eating spinach is one of the best ways to increase folate in your body. After an intensive drinking session, eating spinach can help combat the fatigue. 

Enjoy baby spinach as a salad, wilt some fresh spinach and use it to stuff an omelette. Blend in a handful of spinach leaves in a smoothie and gulp it down. 

  • Avocado 

Avocado has been the talk of not just one but several seasons. This fruit is power packed with nutrients that improve digestion, lower risks of depression, protect against cancer and more. The stone fruit with a creamy texture is a favourite of health enthusiasts the world over. The versatility of avocados adds to their popularity. 

They are rich in potassium, making them a no-brainer hangover medication. Avocados are also high on fiber content, which lead them to anti-inflammatory foods. They support the immune function and detoxify our bodies. 

Enjoy freshly cut avocados on toast. Whizz it up in a smoothie with some protein powder and milk, or even it just by itself with some salt and a fresh squeeze of lime. 

  • Chocolate 

Chocolate is the universal cure for almost anything and everything in the world. Hangovers are no different. Eating some chocolate is a great way to shake off that drunken stupor. And it’s definietly a super nice way to get rid of hangover at home

Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining. Chocolate is a rich source of potassium and other nutrients that help tackle inflammation as well as dehydration and loss of nutrients. Make yourself a glass of cold chocolate milkshake and drink it to tackle all this. Or serve yourself a delectable and moreish chocolate cake. Better yet indulge yourself with a bar of dark chocolate. 

However, you want to enjoy it, chocolate is likely to make you feel better and banish your hangover. 

  • Coconut Water 

Hydration is one of the most crucial factors after a night of raising a few glasses of alcohol too many. Alcohol causes rapid water loss in our body and makes us feel weak, sluggish, and unproductive in general. 

Drinking tender coconut or fresh coconut water may be one of the best sources of hydrating your body. Coconut water contains electrolytes and helps restore nutrients in your body. Coconut water is recommended for even the biggest athletes in the world as it is a natural hydration liquid. 

Pour yourself some coconut water and be transported to a balmy beach. Try it and see it for yourself. 

  • Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. Commonly honoured to be the elixir of health, green tea has benefits that impact many facets of our health. From improving our brain function, cancer prevention properties, regulating blood sugar levels, green tea is revered the world over. 

Antioxidants found in green tea impact our cells and organs, including the liver. Green tea has positive impacts on our liver health, therefore making it a hangover medicine that people swear by. 

Brew yourself some warm green tea. Add a slice of lemon for flavour. If your stomach is feeling squeamish a little lavender sprig or even rosemary can calm you down. 

Cheers to you and here is to good times. 

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Amber Tsai is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur in the wellness industry. She values her family and her health above everything else. Upon receiving her MBA from USC Marshall School of a Business, she began Kaer to as a continuation of her family’s legacy in the herbal supplement space.

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