How to get her in the mood for sex? 

By Patrick Banks

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Does your girlfriend or wife’s presence turn you on? Sometimes, women are too shy to admit they want to ride you like a mechanical bull. 

And the inability to express that without reddening her ears can disrupt her arousal. So how to help her get in the mood? Sometimes, your words, actions, touches, and naughty teasings can arouse her to no end. 

And while busy schedules and chores can put spikes in the way, teasing each other around is bound to have you both getting passionate in no time. 

So today, let us check the best ways to get your girl turned on and ready to rock your world. Let us begin!

1. Help Her Open Up About Her Desires

Many women still feel a little shy or reserved about being vocal about their sexual needs. At least, it takes them a while to get comfortable about making the first moves. 

Tracy Thomas, PhD, a relationship expert and a renowned psychologist, has explained that women often feel they should not be too open about sexual needs, lest their feminity is ridiculed and ignored. 

In reality, that is far from the truth. Men who love and cherish women know how to help them express themselves. So if her eyes say “do me,” but her aura is flustered, pull her close and see the magic. 

It is a beautiful sight to relish how much your angel craves you, especially with confidence oozing from her persona. And de-stressing her from the panic of asking you can help to make her horny and unwrap her lusty and flirtatious side in no time. 

2. Get Her Something Sexy

Who does not fancy their flames naked or covered scantily? It is one of the most scintillating things about your lover. So if you want to get your lady in the mood, gift her a sexy little piece. 

Lingeries are available in various styles and can make any woman look and feel seductive. It does not have to be her birthday or both of your anniversaries. 

If she hints at a character she likes or finds lingerie she likes to be provocative, surprise her with that look. It is extremely seductive to get your boo sexy lingerie as it directly says what you crave from her. 

And the thought of you wishing to rip off that dress the moment she approaches you can drive her mind into the wildest fantasies.

Do not forget to remind her how sexy, alluring, and beautiful she looks. Compliment her through your words, touches, and everything, bringing out her sensual side. 

3. Roleplay Your Way Into Her Heart

One of the kinkiest things you can do as a couple is a roleplay. It can be two made-up characters, something taboo, or maybe characters from your favourite shows!

Roleplaying brings out women’s wilder sides, where they can pretend to be other personas. And for many, that exudes confidence, creativity, and a passionate side that you will fall head over heels for. 

One of the best parts of roleplaying is that you can play out all your kinky and carnal fantasies without any inhibition. It is a perfect way to get your lady comfortable and cozy to be lewd around you. 

There is nothing sexier than roleplaying in cosplay costumes or lingeries. So if your girlfriend or wife is heavily into pop-culture characters, get her favourite character’s costume but the sultry, see-through version. 

Roleplaying in lingeries and skimpy costumes can turn any shy woman into a seductive and sensual being dripping with sexual cravings. 

4. Keep Keen Eyes On Her Cues

Sometimes, her minimal interest in being flirtatious or playful with you might make you think that “my wife lacks sex drive.” In reality, it could be your ignorance. 

As we discussed before, women are often naturally too shy to be open about their sexual needs and fantasies. So try paying a little more attention to her. They can be as subtle as:

  • Wearing something see-through or translucent around the house
  • Fluttery kisses around your neck and prancing away
  • Coyishly asking if you would like to shower with her
  • Leaving some cream on her lips after enjoying a dessert

Women love to be pursued, so these are her way of flirting with you. Being playful and silly, she wants all your attention and craves you to pull her closer and give her a minute in heaven (or hell, depending on how badly she wants it.) 

5. Texts Her the Dirty Deets

The term “NSFW” exists for a reason. So make the most of it! Text her something sultry you want to do to her while she is at work. While risky, it will have her mind wandering off to how badly you want her right now. 

Moreover, sexting while at work builds up anticipation throughout the day. So when you return from work, she is yearning to get spoiled and relished, just like you sexted her. 

Sexting is an art form in relationships. It creates a sexual tension that will have her to lose focus even in a crowded room. You can fill her mind with raunchy images of you ravishing her all night long, all through a few saucy wordplays. 

Expert advice, make your sexting all about her, not the hook-up directly. Sometimes, a few spicy details about foreplay can have her feeling tingly all over. 

6. Wake Her Up to Sultry Surprises

Sometimes, little treats in bed are so delicious. So imagine how hot it is to wake her up with your face between her thighs. She would see other stars before the sun from you eating her out passionately. 

While morning sex is direct, sudden foreplay is a sweet and arousing surprise that your lady will lust over the whole day. You can even be cheeky by teasing her whole body and not hooking up right away. 

That way, you will be on her mind the whole day, desperate and thirsting for you to thrust into her. 


All in all, the best way to turn her on for some intense sexy time is to spoil her with love, kisses, attention, and tantalizing teasings. Nothing would make your lady more aroused than seeing you showering her with love and turning her kinky dreams come true. Looking for more tips? Check out this guide on how to eat pussy.

About the author Patrick Banks

Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves. He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness.