How to Boost Your Sex Life With Natural Aphrodisiacs: Foods and SpanishFly

By Gerard Paul

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Science – and experience – has shown that things like red wine and chocolate interact with your body (and your partner’s!) in ways that prime you for sex.

Natural Aphrodisiacs are foods, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire. They increase your libido and make it much easier to get in the mood. The aphrodisiacs I’m thinking about are easy to buy, easy to eat (lookin’ at you, oysters), and – for the most part – easy on your wallet.

are foods, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire. They increase your libido and make it

So read on – we’re going to talk about the foods and drinks that are most appropriate for your next date night.

Natural Aphrodisiacs – What’s the Deal?

What is an aphrodisiac?

For as long as people have been having sex, they’ve been looking for the magic bullet to… put them in the mood for having sex. 

An aphrodisiac is simply any food, drink, or experience that increases your libido and puts you in the mood to have sex. In short: aphrodisiacs make it easier to get horny.

A Short History of Aphrodisiacs

Like so many of English’s words, the term aphrodisiac comes from Ancient Greek. It roughly means “of Aphrodite,” which totally makes sense – seeing as Aphrodite was the goddess of love and sex…

Galen, a Greek physician who lived in the second century A.D., had some pretty wild ideas about what would get your motor running. He thought that food which made a person flatulent would also make them lustful

Why? He had this bizarre notion that the intestinal gas that inflated the intestines would also inflate the penis.

(Thankfully, science figured that one out. Imagine every date night involved a side of beans?)

The aphrodisiacs of the time weren’t just for sparking libido. They also were encouraged for fertility – ancient aphrodisiacs were as much about promoting pregnancy as sex.

If a couple couldn’t get pregnant or if a male had erectile dysfunction, they’d look to these medicines as a cure. Maybe it’s desperation that has caused so many foods to take on the aphrodisiac label over the years.

Interesting Historical Natural Aphrodisiacs

Natural Aphrodisiacs in the history? Of course! Accompanying Galen’s beans were these other odd choices in pre-coital power-ups: 

  • crocodile hearts
  • chili peppers
  • a type of Sardinia cheese that is full of maggots.

Things that were harder to come by gained aphrodisiac status pretty easily.

For a tamer alternative to crocodile hearts, colonization of the Americas brought certain crops back to Europe. Sweet and white potatoes even once achieved aphrodisiac status because of their scarcity.

Mandrake root and oysters entered the aphrodisiac scene for a whole other reason. The mandrake’s two branch root system is supposed to look like a lady’s thighs. And warm, moist oysters call to mind a woman’s… well, you know. 

That see-it, do-it system of picking sex foods is called the “doctrine of signatures.” Galen and his fellow ancient physicians had a theory that eating foods that looked like a specific body part could heal or improve its function.

(It wasn’t true, of course, but he still has us slurping down oysters to this day.)

Aphrodisiacs in Literature

If humans are obsessed with something, they write about it. There’s a reason so many pop songs, movies, and books are about sex. We’ve been featuring sex in our literature since we learned how to write.

If you’ve ever read a Greek myth, you know that Zeus was a bit of a sex-addict. He had kids with at least 50 women and slept with plenty more women and men than that.

People like to get horny and many wonder how to get horny fast in a natural way. Apples, pomegranates, and other fruit show up in these stories as seductive tools. In the story about Persephone and Hades, Persephone ate a few pomegranate seeds and then was forced to live in the Underworld every winter for the rest of time. A metaphor – maybe – for eating a different kind of seed?

Aphrodisiacs have a place in Indian tradition too. In the Kama Sutra, there are plenty of examples of potential aphrodisiacs. Milk, saffron, asparagus, nutmeg, and garlic all held a lusty status in ancient India.

Do Aphrodisiac Foods Work?

Aphrodisiacs aren’t all magic and myth; there is some science here. Not everything works, though – so before you listen to a modern-day Galen, do your homework before digging into a big pile of baked beans.

Among the diversity of options that do work as aphrodisiacs, there’s a common theme: most of these require regular consumption to improve libido over time. 

Read: a single pistachio before bed? Not going to do jack. Other than the anti-anxiety effects of wine, you’ll need to consume these foods over a longer time to see a difference

The logic here is that the foods themselves aren’t really the aphrodisiac: it’s the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they contain that could make you a god in the sack.

So read on, Zeus, and we’ll look at the evidence. What can be useful in the bedroom as powerful natural aphrodisiacs?

Natural Aphrodisiac Foods and Drinks

No, mandrake root won’t make the list today. But there are more than a couple of foods which scientists suggest could help put you in the mood. Here are five of my favorites natural aphrodisiacs you can cherish in your mouth. Before you put something more sexy to your mouth 😉

1. Chocolate

Valentine’s day sure got this one right. Chocolate has a long history of being revered for its aphrodisiac powers. The Aztec emperor Montezuma even supposedly bulked up on cacao before his sexual escapades

Chocolate lowers your blood pressure and improves your emotional state. Those are two great reasons why it works as an aphrodisiac. Simply eating palatable chocolate stimulates endorphin release and helps put you in the mood and is one of the most tasty natural aphrodisiacs.

Dark chocolate also has a second sex-improving secret: zinc. Zinc and magnesium are two minerals to look to if you notice that you’re not performing in an “upstanding way” if you catch my drift.

So, eat some chocolate, and you’re on the road to a good time. Your call on whether you want to bring chocolate into bed, though…

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate as one of the natural aphrodisiacs? None is surprised I guess… This fruit even looks sexy and it was placed in thousands of paintings in the art history.

I’ll say it: something about a sliced-in-half pomegranate looks vaginal. That’s probably a significant part of why the fruit’s a renowned ancient aphrodisiac. Based on that “doctrine of signatures” Galen and his pals stanned, eating pomegranates only meant good things for fertility. 

Turning to the science, studies show that pomegranates increase sperm count and testosterone levels in male rats: and the more testosterone, the merrier. A big part of sex drive is testosterone levels.

Beyond that, there are a ton of antioxidants in pomegranates that help increase blood flow. If you remember anything from seventh-grade health class, blood flow and circulation are also essential to sex.

On top of all of that, pomegranate juice decreased abnormal sperm rates. So if you’re looking to make a baby, upping your pomegranate intake is an excellent way to help make sure it happens. 

Okay, sure, a lot of rat studies in this section – great for their sex lives. Worth a try, though! 

3. Pistachios

Salty, fun to play with, and enjoyable to overconsume. And that’s just the eating – who knew that pistachios were also useful in the bedroom as powerful natural aphrodisiacs?

Pistachios are good for erectile dysfunction. (Or, well, bad for erectile dysfunction, more like.)

They’re also high in vitamin B6, which is an essential vitamin for reducing stress. If there’s one thing that kills sex, it’s stress.

(I can’t do it. Make your own nuts joke.)

4. Maca

Maca is my favorite from the natural aphrodisiacs. Maca isn’t quite as easy to find as chocolate and pomegranates – at least in its standard form. It’s a starchy root from Peru, and just about anything can be made from it. Mashed maca, maca flour, and maca cookies all exist. It’s basically a cousin of the potato. 

Aside from being a staple of the Peruvian diet, it has a long history of being an aphrodisiac. Its sexual claims run from improving sperm count to helping with menopause, and even to shrinking enlarged prostates

While that might not all be entirely true, new research is finding that maca does have an impact on sexual desire in men, and improves sexual function, even those who spend all day in front of computer, glued to their work software such as Google spreadsheets, Excel, WebinarCare, or just browsing Instagram… Hell yeah, modern world can kill the libido for good!

Much like the antioxidants in pomegranates and the zinc in chocolate, maca has plenty of important nutrients. Fiber, copper, iron, and vitamin C are all found inside this root veggie.

While you might not be able to saunter over to your corner grocery store to buy maca root, note that many other countries have caught on its many benefits. You can instead saunter to just about any drug store or health store and buy it in powder form. Order your maca online or go to a BIO grocery shop to find that natural aphrodisiac.

5. Red Wine

Do you remember Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, famous for his gift to celebrate life through the correct consumption of wine, which could ease suffering and bring joy, as well as inspire divine madness distinct from drunkenness. A bit of chill never harmed anyone. As long as we keep in conscious!

There’s more than one reason the bar is an excellent place to find a hookup. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and gets us in the mood. 

Red wine, though, is unusual in being an alcoholic beverage that actually might make things better in the sex department – and it has a multitude of other good effects, to boot. 

Drinking red wine improves women’s sexual health. It helps with blood flow, lubrication, and a general desire to have sex. If you’re looking to put her in the mood, pour her a glass of red, open a bar of dark chocolate (with pistachios), and dim the lights. This seductive trio – and you too, champ – will have her ready in no time.

Don’t think this one is just for the ladies, though! Red wine increases testosterone, which, as you probably know, is essential for a healthy libido. Low testosterone leads to erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive.

And, an easy one – alcohol reduces anxiety. There’s a reason we say alcohol is a social lubricant; it lowers your inhibitions and cuts your acute anxiety. All of those things help in the bedroom, too: stress and anxiety are not conducive to great sex, especially if you want to spice it up in your bedroom.

But wait – stop chugging the Cabernet! 

Of all aphrodisiacs, with red wine, you absolutely need to consume in moderation. The tipping point from frisky to tipsy is a fine one, and you might find yourself unable to get it up – or finish – if you have too much. 

And if you’re already there, better luck next time. Best to sleep it off.

Eating for a Healthy Body – and a Healthy Libido

Maybe it’s the aphrodisiacs, maybe it’s your state of mind – or maybe it’s both. Sometimes just thinking that something will turn you on is enough to get the job done. 

One thing is for sure, though: the healthier you are, the better you’re going to perform. Eating enough zinc and magnesium is a great place to start, in case you need to normalize deficient levels. From there, you can refine your diet to guarantee you’re on the top of your sexual game.

In the meantime, uncork a bottle of red wine and relax. The ritual of eating a fancy dinner with a fine wine calms everyone’s nerves – and puts you in the mood to last all night.

Let’s talk about a less common from the natural aphrodisiacs – SpanishFly.

Is SpanishFly Too Good to Be True? What is SpanishFly and How It Can Help Your Relationship

True Spanish fly is made from blister beetles, to be specific, the substance produced by the beetles called cantharidin, notable for its vesicant properties.. The insect’s name is not for nothing; contact with cantharidin blisters skin.

You can still find products called Spanish fly in sex shops today, though they don’t contain cantharidin or the insect. They are made of ingredients found in most other products marketed as natural or herbal aphrodisiacs, such as gingko Biloba, ginseng and maca.

And that’s great, as it makes them safer than the historical one! The famous sexual explorer, Marquis de Sade tragically discovered the fatal qualities of the original Spanish fly in 1772 after giving sweet aniseed balls laced with Spanish fly to prostitutes who ended up dying horrible deaths from it!

When to use Spanishfly?

When both you and your partner want that.

If you want to play with aphrodisiacs, go ahead, but always research well where you get your stuff from and make sure you get a full consent from people, you are sharing the substance with. Otherwise, sharing potentially libido-boosting substances without clear permission is rape! Obviously.

Ok, now we can go to the pleasant part. As it turns out, a natural and safe aphrodisiac, especially when combined with a good portion of the exercise and a healthy diet can not only make you sexually active but can also have a strong impact on your relationship.

Today, we will find out how Spanish Fly helps your relationship in 5 ways. From making couples happier to raising commitment levels, it can usher a new beginning for most relationships. Read on to find out how you can use Spanish Fly to add a whole new dimension to your relationship. 

5 Ways Spanish Fly can Help with Your Relationship

If you aren’t enjoying your time in bed with your partner, it’s time to give your relationship a new push. All you might need is an aphrodisiac that increases your sex appetite. Wondering how the Spanish Fly can help you do that? Here is a look.

Spanish Fly and Other Natural Aphrodisiacs Can Bring Back the Spark in Your Sex Life

Over the years, a relationship starts to get mundane. You don’t feel the same about your partner as you felt when you met them first- the magic seems to have gone. This makes a strong impact on any relationship, even married ones. The urge for sex decreases, and both of you have less physical intimacy. 

Lack of sex is a sure way to ruin your relationship, even if you love one another. Couples who don’t have enough sex can become distant and lose interest in having sex. Surely nobody wants to have the same boring sex every day!

Spanish Fly is a super effective aphrodisiac. Products like Spanish Fly Pro enhance your libido and helps increase your sexual appetite. You feel the urge to have sex more often and can also have better arousals. Women can get turned on naturally and experience intense and multiple orgasms. 

In short, Spanish Fly can reignite the lost passion and make your sex life more exciting. You two can be more open to one another and become better equipped to meet your partner’s sexual needs. As Spanish Fly achieves full-body arousals, both of you are also more open to experimentation. 

That means trying out new positions, new places, or doing something completely new. Spanish Fly can make both of you prepared for some hot and raunchy sex!

Spanish Fly and Other Natural Aphrodisiacs Strengthen the Emotional Bond

Couples usually lose interest in each other after a while, and things become boring. You don’t feel the same emotional bonding and slowly grow distant from your partner. 

According to scientists, it’s not actually your fault, but the hormones are to blame. When you first meet someone or fall in love, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone binds you to your soul mate and produces all those butterflies in your stomach!

But sadly, the levels of oxytocin decrease over time, and things are not the same anymore. What is the remedy?

Doctors say you should increase the frequency of physical intimacy- like kissing more, touching more, holding hands more often, and so on. But how do you start getting physically intimate if you don’t feel attracted to your partner?

Well, Spanish Fly can help here too! When you take Spanish Fly, you feel a strong physical craving for your partner. As a result, you can easily get physically intimate and shower all your affection on your love! You don’t have to try hard or put up an act- Spanish Fly will actually make you crave for your partner.

When both of you crave so much for each other, you will certainly spend more time together. And the more time you spend, the more you can kiss, hug or makeout. As a result, your oxytocin levels get boosted, and you feel like falling in love once again!

Spanish Fly and Other Natural Aphrodisiacs Help to Create Happy and Healthy Relationship

Do you know sex can be the secret to a stress-free and healthy life?

If you didn’t know, your body experiences a range of chemical changes while having sex. Your body releases endorphins during intercourse and orgasm. What do endorphins do?

Endorphins are our body’s natural stress relievers and mood boosters. It can also help increase your self esteem. Sex also increases the intimacy between partners and can help reduce depression and elevate moods. 

So the more sex you have, the better is your health and mood. Sex can also be viewed as an aerobic exercise that can burn up to 200 calories each session. Women who have regular sex also have fewer heart attacks and improved heart health. The higher estrogen levels produced during sex also leads to a glowing, healthy, and smooth skin in women. 

It’s no secret that sex does a lot of good for both men and women. And couples who have regular sex are more healthy and happier than those who don’t. 

Spanish Fly increases your sex drive and your craving for sex. You can take a few drops of this libido enhancer every day to have a great sex life. Spanish Fly is safe and devoid of adverse effects and can be taken regularly with complete peace of mind.

Spanish Fly and Other Natural Aphrodisiacs Make You Fantasize More About Each Other for a Deeper Connection

During the initial days of a relationship, you always think and fantasize about your partner. Hardly a moment passes when you don’t think of your partner’s smile, lips, touch, or kiss! You are always thinking about them and wondering when you can make love or get intimate. 

Over time, this strong connection slowly goes down. You don’t feel the same enthusiasm and stop fantasizing or thinking about your partner all the time. This can have a big effect on your relationship and rob you of the strong feelings about your partner. 

Spanish Fly can save your soul and help you regain the excitement and vigor for your partner. When your appetite for sex increases, you also feel more anticipated to having sex. The strong sexual drive leads to vivid fantasies in both partners and increased thoughts of sex. 

By making this a habit, you can rekindle the old flame in your relationship. Spanish Fly works on both men and women and helps you fantasize about your partner. You will also notice an increase in the frequency of fantasies, which keeps you glued to your love without exception. 

Spanish Fly and Other Natural Aphrodisiacs Increase Commitment Levels

A relationship without commitment is likely to fall apart. Both partners need to be committed and ready to put in the hard work to make a relationship work. 

It’s not unnatural to feel your commitment going down as your relationship begins to age. You are not ready to put the same effort or do the same things you once did for your partner without even thinking. Is there a way to increase commitment levels and bring back the connection?

According to studies, having sex more often in a monogamous relationship increases your commitment levels. It can help you connect emotionally to your partner, in case you have lost that bonding. 

Couples who have regular sex also stay together longer and express their love more effectively to one another. The bodily effects of sex are responsible for these effects, and as you can realize, having more sex can mean more commitment!

Spanish Fly makes your sex life exciting, helps you have more sex, and produce better results for a stronger and longer relationship. 

So, if you have lost your sexual drive or don’t feel the urge, your relationship can suffer. You can take Spanish Fly regularly to boost your sex life and your bonding. 

You can try Spanish Fly Pro product as it’s safe, natural and made from aphrodisiacs found in various plants and trees. Every single ingredient used in Spanish Fly Pro meets the strict requirements set out by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Institute of Public Health.

You can have it a few minutes before having sex as Spanish Fly Pro acts really fast. You just need five drops of Spanish Fly Pro to experience full-body arousal within 10 minutes. 

After that, you can look forward to a great time in bed that revitalizes your relationship and makes it more happening. 

So, if you have lost the spark, follow the advice we discussed above to take your relationship to the next level.

Have great fun enjoying the effects of the natural aphrodisiacs!

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