How to Make Your Voice Deeper: A Definite Approach

By Ajay Verma

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No doubt that a deep voice is a mark of masculinity. It provides you a significant influence over the society, increases your likelihood among women and earns you an extra attention everywhere. But what if you do not have such a voice? Should you compromise with your existing tone or there is a way to get a more profound uttering? If I have to answer this within one sentence, I must say that it is very much possible.

I could not help mentioning Lauren Bacall, a Hollywood actress, known for her deep & resonant voice. Just Google about her and you will find that it was not her voice by birth. She was born with a shrill and unpleasant voice but took the challenge and made up some extra efforts to transform it. The same is possible in your case as well.

How does It work?

How a person would sound is not built into the DNA. Whenever you speak, it is the air that hits the vocal muscles which, as a result, get vibrated and turn the air into sound.

If the muscles are thin, they vibrate quickly and the result is a high-pitched & nasally sound but if the muscles are thick, they are hard to vibrate and the result is a manly voice. A weak voice is a result of a weak and thin vocal muscle group and, like any other body part, you can develop and strengthen it. It is that simple.

What Deters You From Achieving A Deeper Voice?

The biggest problem is that all the techniques, all over the internet, brag about strengthening the throat.These pieces of advice are so much laser targeted towards the vocal muscles that they ignore the other important aspects.

A voice is a combination of 3 major factors- Physical Energy, Mental State(Confidence) and then, at last, comes the Vocal Muscle Strength. Let me break it down step by step:

Physical Energy:

Do you really think that a strong organ can reside within a weak body. That’s ridiculous.

By physical energy, I don’t mean that you spend hours in the gym. Just an extra care about keeping your body hydrated and having 7-8 hours sleep is enough. I will explain such energy practices later in this article.

Mental State:

You clearly know that air acts as a fuel for the vocal box and that’s why we are trying to master the breathing process. But there is something which controls your breathing and that is your mental state. Just remember when you are stressed or scared you take short and rapid breaths and your voice stammers. The same way you voice is shrill once you get hyper.
Mental state directly controls the breathing and breathing controls your voice. The idea here is to kill the stress and raise the confidence level. You can’t have a profound voice with a low level of confidence.

Vocal Strength:

Now It is the right time to jump into the actual exercises that strengthen your voice box. We have to train these muscles so that they vibrate less often. Don’t worry, I am not planning to sweat you all day long. Just keep this approach in mind and follow my advice.

The Real Way To Achieve A Deeper Voice

So far, I hope you know the right approach to make your voice deeper. I don’t want to bore you with any further introduction, instead, let’s do the action:

Physical Strength

  • The first thing, of course, is to keep yourself full of energy. Including some protein-rich food like fish and turkey to your diet is enough to keep yourself energetic.
  • To keep your body, including your throat, hydrated make sure to have some fruit juices especially watermelon juice. Besides, increase the intake of water. 8-10 glasses of water a day is recommended.

Mental Strength

Nothing can be better than “Yoga & Breathing Exercises” to eliminate the stress and raise the confidence level up. But not any yoga, Let me give you an exact exercise for the purpose step by step:

  • Sit on the floor using a mat.
  • Put your fingers in both of your ears.
  • Now take a deep breathe.
  • Slowly breath out making the sound “ooooommmmmm”. It is the word “Om” but stretch the word out as you exhale.

Here is a video demonstration:

Although, it seems to be a simple exercise but it has the power to vibrate the whole body, especially, your brain. HuffingtonPost also advocates the same. It is capable of killing the stress like a magic.

Vocal Strength

  • Practice vowels with your mouth open. Use a cap of a bottle to keep your lips apart while speaking these vowels (a, e, i, o, u). Once you are comfortable, replace vowels with short sentences. This exercise has a great impact on training your voice box and jaw area.
  • Reverberate with some music. Just turn on your favourite music which causes sensations and rhythm within your body. Now sing alongside with the same song. The sensational vibrations will concentrate and reflect in your voice. This will force your voice box to push its limits further and get accustomed to a new voice. Additionally, music also kills stress.
  • When you are singing with the song try to sign a little louder. A common mistake that most people do is that they lift their face up to sing louder. No, sing at moderate loudness but keep your face tilted down. It will train your Adam apple to speak at a lower pitch.
  • Increasing your testosterone hormones signals your whole body towards masculinity. It will also send signals to your throat for a more profound voice. Spinach, Oysters, Macadamise Nuts, Barley, Eggs, Broccoli, Raisins and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are some foods that increase your T-Level.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Many quakes suggest smoking in order to deepen your voice. No, not at all. It will just give you some adverse health issues without helping your voice at all.
  • Reduce your caffeine intake as it lowers the energy level and causes dryness especially in the throat. So avoid caffeine rich diet like coffee.

Some Immediate Tips

This section is designed to help you on the day of your performance or speech. But these are not the permanent ways and avoid trying these on a daily basis.

  • Gargle with salted water after your every rehearsal and take light foods on the day of your performance.
  • Mucous is perhaps the biggest bugbear to a performer. It causes a congestion and you have to hmm your throat again and again. As a quick solution, gargle with Alkalol as it helps avoiding mucous for 3-4 hours.
  • Massage your throat with tiger balm once or twice a day. If possible, keep your neck area covered with a cloth so as to keep it warm.

A Friendly Advice

  • Yes, of course, these are not the necessary steps but I advise you, as a friend, to follow these. Don’t shot in the dark or you will be fed up. Must keep your voice samples recorded time to time. It will help you keeping track on your voice improvements and make you much more aware about your mistakes.
  • Secondly, don’t use your new voice in the public. It will take you some time to master your new voice and you may be making mistakes during the start. Don’t you think it will be embarrassing to stammer or sounding awkward among the public? Once you have mastered your new voice, you have a full life to show it off.:). Make the mirror as your only companion during the start.
  • Don’t have a “get overnight” mindset. It needs dedication and consistency to learn a new trait. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to start seeing improvements.

Is It Worth It?

Of course, more authority more girls and overall more influence over the whole society. It can all be achieved with a stronger, deeper and profound voice. This is not a rocket-science to achieve this sort of voice. All you have to do is to make a little lifestyle change and being more aware towards your voice.

Hope you have clearly grasped the idea and are filled up with enough information to start your journey towards a deeper voice. Remember, It is more important to take actions. Start it now and BEST WISHES From My Side.

If you have any unresolved query, just let me know in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you.

About the author Ajay Verma

I am Ajay Verma, a full-time blogger at I provide tips on self-improvement, especially, tips on voice and public speaking. I firmly believe that voice is the medium to influence the society and gain authority.

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  1. Dear Ajay,
    Can you please give a detailed description of this entire process – how exactly to do whatever you have suggested?
    I’d give you a brief about myself here, for a more customized solution. I’m 50, male, having a deeper natural voice than most males, but I’d like to have it still deeper, similar to Subir Ghosh, who did the voiceover for Swami Vivekanada’s Chicago Speech of 1893 ( or like that of the Great Satyajit Ray ( – start listening from 34:27 onwards). Watching the second video from the time mentioned would give you a much clearer understanding of what exactly I’d like to have. Further, I wake up a bit late as I work till late in the night. My routine includes having a glass of warm water with lemon the first thing when I wake up. I don’t take tea, coffee, alcohol at all and have a reasonably good physique.
    I’d eagerly wait for your advice based on the inputs that I’ve shared above.
    Thank you and regards,

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