How To Send Just Married Announcements While You Are Still Traveling

By Patrick Banks

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When it comes to married announcements, there are many people who have been asking about the best way to go about sending them while you are still traveling. While this can be tricky and you’ll need to use some of your own creativity, it can also be done with ease and grace. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll find yourself on the road to getting just married announcements sent in no time at all.

Post your wedding pictures on social media now while you are still in your destination

Taking the time to post your wedding pictures on social media and wedding placement cards while you are still in your destination is a fun way to share your happiness with people who could not be there with you and it can also give them peace of mind knowing that you made it back home safe. 

Plus, you are going to want friends and family to know as soon as possible so they can start sending their congratulations! There’s no better way to share than over social media because of how fast news spreads through this platform. 

It’s free, easy, and accessible for anyone who has an internet connection – perfect for quick announcements. With Instagram Stories or Snapchat Live Story features available on both platforms, now you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the traditional story feed where posts disappear after 24 hours. 

Share today what you did yesterday and tomorrow too! Snapchat stories allow you to create multi-media content with video, images, text, and drawings that last only one day. When you create a Snap story everyone following your account will see it- all at once. The great thing about using this feature is that you can upload pics from other sources like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and then add captions to go along with the photos. 

The story will stay visible for 24 hours or until you delete it if you prefer. No need to fret if something goes wrong either- If something doesn’t work out quite right, just shake your phone and delete whatever mishaps occurred during the recording process.

Send out save the dates asap and let people know that you are going to be traveling back home

If you are the one who is going to be traveling, consider sending out save the dates asap and let people know that you are going to be traveling back home. This will give them time to adjust their travel plans accordingly. 

It would also be a nice gesture to send an update once you have made it back home so they know you made it safe and sound. – Another option, if someone else is going on your behalf, is to ask them to send photos while they are gone in order to keep everyone updated on how your life looks now that you’re married.

If you are going to be heading off on a honeymoon straight after your wedding, it is important that you consider how long you will be gone. If possible, try and arrange to get married during a time of year when it doesn’t overlap with any big events that people may have planned. This way they will know in advance when they can make plans to attend. 

Remember that for many people this won’t just affect the person’s ability to physically attend, but their schedule will need adjusting too. For example, if your wedding was on Christmas Day then someone might not be able to come because they would need to book holidays around this time which may not be possible. If you know friends or family members who might struggle to come because of these things then offer them tickets for another day instead.

Most people will understand that there are times when work commitments or distance could prevent them from attending. But remember, asking for help is not a bad thing, and letting others know what they can do to help you on your special day will always be appreciated.

Follow up with an email blast for those who didn’t see your first announcement about traveling 

If you have family or friends who weren’t able to catch your just married announcement about traveling, send them a quick note about it. Include details about where you’ll be and when so they can make sure to look for your social media updates while you’re gone. 

They won’t want to miss out on seeing all of your gorgeous new wedding photos either! Let them know what kinds of updates to expect from your travels by listing some popular destinations and also by telling them how often you’ll post photos.

Consider including a picture of yourself and your new spouse to help capture attention. Keep your message brief, direct, and positive so that you don’t lose anyone’s interest. Send out a social media post just before you leave: Planning on traveling immediately after getting married? Make sure to let your friends and family know when you will be leaving so they can tune into your social media updates from home while you’re gone. 

Stay in touch with people by tagging them in posts and making videos, but try not to overwhelm your audience with too many messages. You might even want to consider posting an update a few days before you leave so people will see it if they come back to your page after reading the previous one. 

Sending just married announcements before you get on the plane is something of a courtesy for those who didn’t get to attend your celebration and can only wish you well in person later. It’s never too early to think about sending cards with congratulations as well.

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